Seeds of Yesterday on Lifetime: James Maslow explains the art of Bart

James Maslow as Bart Winslow in Seeds of Yesterday

Seeds of Yesterday, the fourth movie in Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews Dollanganger series, premieres Sunday, April 12 at 10/9CT on Lifetime.

What It’s Based On: The follow-up to Thorns hit bookstores in 1984 and marked a 15-year leap forward in the Sheffield family story.
Lifetime of a Lesson: Sometimes your brother is a really lousy keeper.

Seeds‘ most notable swerve from the novel is its omission of Corrine’s devious sibling Joel; instead, the now grown Bart (Big Time Rush’s James Maslow) remains deeply influenced by his zealot great-grandfather Malcolm Foxworth and turns his home into a re-creation of Foxworth Hall. Bart invites Cathy, Chris and the now married and expectant Jory (Anthony Konechny, Fifty Shades of Grey) and Melodie (Leah Gibson) there to celebrate his 25th birthday and hear the long-awaited reading of Corrine’s will, which Bart believes will give him the power over his family that his grandmother intended. When things don’t go to plan, Bart’s need for revenge reaches cruel new heights.

James Maslow as Bart Winslow in Seeds of YesterdayAnd brace yourself, Big Time Rush fans. You’re about to see a whole new side of James Maslow in Bart Winslow.

“I warn Rushers: It’s a little darker,” laughs Maslow of moving on from the Nickelodeon-created boy band’s mop-haired cutie James Diamond to the chilling Dollanganger scion. “Big Time Rush was very plastic and over the top — and awesome! But this is a cool opportunity to dive into something that required a lot more thought, a lot more emotion, a lot more difficult emotion getting into realms of betrayal and obsessions and even possession throughout the movie.”

We mined the mind of Maslow about what it was like to enter clan Dollanganger.

Channel Guide: The V.C. Andrews’ books were a huge part of my generation’s teenage years. Now these films are spreading that lore to a new era of fans. Cool to be part of that?

James Maslow: I didn’t realize just how cool it was until I mentioned to a friend of mine who is a little bit older than I am, and he goes, “No way! That was my favorite novel for years growing up!” It made me realize just how cool it was to have the opportunity to portray this character onscreen — but also it’s a little bit of pressure. I was like, “Oh, great! A lot of people have a lot of expectations of how Bart is. At the very least, I’m going to do my damn research and give this Bart a chance.” And I did.

CGM: This Bart has some seriously warped Jesus issues.

JM: He was basically raised by an evil person who based all of these almost sadistic beliefs on his version of the Bible — on Malcolm’s journal. It’s strange, because he’s such an intelligent character. He grows up and graduates from a wonderful college and inherits all this money. He’s articulate and he’s obviously smart. But Bart grew up in this very twisted family. He thought the remedy to all of the negativity was this extremist religious view — but it’s only based on one man’s crazy ideals.

JM: Er, he’s not a very good brother either.

The one battle that I had in playing Bart is that I believe Bart genuinely loves Jory. I do! I have an older brother so I was able to draw on some personal experience with this. There is always going to be a sense of jealously because, at least growing up, they’re the most immediate competition you have. I think it’s similar with Bart, but he takes it so much further because losing is simply not an option for him.


CGM: Did Bart follow you off the set when the film wrapped?

JM: I’m definitely not going to say that I’m a method actor, but throughout the process of the film, I did notice myself, on occasion, feeling a little bit entitled, being a little bit short with people. You spend so long diving into a character that believes he’s the best at everything and deserves everything and is impatient and has zero respect or regard for anyone else, and I don’t think that you can go around all smiles and hugs and then jump into that and give it the authenticity that it deserves. Throughout the movie I spent quite a bit of time by myself because I didn’t want to accidentally slip up and be a dick — because Bart, in large part, is a dick!

Seed of Yesterday premieres Sunday, April 12 at 10/9CT on Lifetime.


  1. I’m si excited and proud to ser James un Seeds Of Yesterday! I remember when I first ser him con iCarly and BTR, and BRB, oh How dar oír James is now!

  2. As a fan of VC Andrews early book series, I was excited to see not only a retelling of Flowers in the attic; but to see the entire series brought to life was an long overdue treat!!
    Seeds of Yesterday was always my favorite book from the series; with Bart being the star of the book & my favorite character.
    I was not familiar with J Maslow prior to this film; but I thought he was perfect as Bart. Excellent casting by the producers. James as Bart is what sold the film; allowing the series to end on a positive note.
    Hopefully this would leave room for another of Andrew’s series to be made for TV; preferably the Heaven series.
    Sidebar: Maslow is a real hottie!!!

  3. I’m so proud of James, of how he’s growing up as an actor. He’s absolutely incredible and he’s doing an amazing job as Bart on Seeds of Yesterday at least from what I’ve been watching in the videos that were already published. Keep going the good work Jay! Rushers are always here to support you! Oh, by the way, we miss Big Time Rush! :c Much love!

  4. I am going to miss Joel, Corinne’s musical brother who allegedly died in an avalanche on a ski trip in the book. He came back to his family as an old man and said he did live through the avalanche and was discovered by these monks who took him and nursed his broken leg. Joel lived with these monks and had peace while he learned about the Bible. Joel brainwashed Bart to think Cathy and Chris were sinners and to think Darren and Deirdre, Jory’s twin son and daughter were the devil spawn because they resembled their twin aunt and uncle Cory and Carrie!

  5. I’m so excited to see James in Seeds Of Yesterday! It’s gonna be interesting to see James in such a dramatic dark role; it’s much different than what we’re used to seeing, but I’m looking forward to it! Its been amazing to watch James grow up and start pursuing more mature projects(like Seeds Of Yesterday)! James is extremely talented both as an actor and a performer; he’s got the potential to do incredible things! I’m so proud of how far he’s come and I’m proud to call myself one of his Maslovers! I don’t plan on missing a single moment of this journey he’s on!

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