Recap: Little Women: NY Episode 1

Hooray!! New series! I’ve been waiting for this series to premiere since I first received a press release from Lifetime. In fact, it may have been before the press release, I think I received an e-mail from my press contact at the network, and as soon as I saw the subject line “Little Women: NY,” with the below image, I was amped.



I’ve been watching and recapping Little Women: LA since the beginning (I took a few weeks off during Season 2 because it just got so nasty) so I’m excited to meet a new group of people who hopefully have a little less baggage. I like the way the show is put together by Kinetic Content and after I interviewed Lila Call and Jason Perez for a magazine article, I really liked the cast.  (And who didn’t love the show’s promo? I loved the use of C. Lo Green’s song, “Bright Lights, Bigger City”.)


Little Women: NY, Episode 1
Lila is looking for someone to water her flower

“I’m Lila and I’m a big hot mess,” proclaims Lila Call, the self-professed leader of the group. Since she’s saying the’s the leader, expect her to be the center about which all drama revolves. Lila’s newly sober and looking for love.  Very much looking, and as we learned when she went to Catalina Island on Little Women: LA,she does’t mid taking things into her own hands. I love that she’s so outspoken about her sexuality. But I think there are few subjects that Lila’s no outspoken about.

According to Call, Jason is “My Filipino sidekick.” But this charming 27 year-old is ready to stand on his own…maybe. Jason lives at home because in his culture, you live with your folks until you get hitched and “Since I got no boo, I’m living at home…my cats will be my loves.”  Oh Jason, I heart you!

Little Women: NY, Episode 1
Jordanna and Jason on their weekly ballroom dancing “date”

Jason goes dancing with His friend Jordanna, a fellow performer. They both has such vibrancy and personality. It’s such a welcome relief after the negative drama of Little Women: LA.

Jordanna = bad a$$!!  She doesn’t mince words: “I’m 4 feet tall, so if you want to have sex with me because I’m on your bucket list, then F@#$ you!” Jordanna lives with her average-height boyfriend, is a total hilarious — and gross — tomboy, and I adore her!!

FYI- Elena is visiting New York and will be staying with Lila. Lila hope sot mend fences with Elena, but basically, Elena’s a plant brought into stir up drama.  Who knew that foliage could stir? Get it, “plant” “foliage”  Sorry, it’s late, and this is the second recap I’ve done tonight!  Aaaargh!

Little Women: NY, Episode 1
Aerial Yoga … because doing yoga on the ground is soooo 2012!

In the first episode of Little Women: LA, the group went to a dance class, so in the first episode of Little Women: NY, Dawn, Jason and Lila take an areal yoga class.

Later, we meet brave and brash Dawn. She has brittle bone disease like her adoptive parents. She is 3”8 but claims that she’s 7 feet tall. Unlike many of her castmates, she’s not a performer and is proud to be a career woman as a paralegal.

Jazmin is married to Dawn’s brother David and this Bronx-born Latina is ready to start a career as a performer. Dawn gives Jazmin grief gives about trying to become a performer because many of the roles available to little people promote stereotypes.

Jordanna calls Misty a “Ding dong.” Misty is a blonde beauty and she says it’s just a coincidence that she’s blonde and an airhead. Misty is dating Joe, a sexy, average height athlete who is a college student in Boston.

Elena is introduced to the New York women and the topic quickly becomes her recent butt surgery. Dawn, who has undergone numerous surgeries due to her brittle bones, can’t understand why a little person would choose elective surgery. But, I guess to each his own; because Elena decided to take something that she didn’t like about her self and change it. I think most people wish they could have that bravery.

Lila says, “My fried Kristin is a hopeless romantic. She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.” Kristin has been divorced since 2008, but she’s looking forward to a happy life. She’s currently dating Josh, who is also a little person and he’s 11 years younger than she is. You go, Cougar woman!

Jason comes in to the restaurant and instantly, Elena asks Jason if he’s gay or straight.  Jason chooses not to discuss this aspect of his life, but from the looks of the show’s trailer, I’m sure he’ll have “A very special conversation” with his parent soon. But c’mon Elena, it’s completely rude to ask about someone’s sexuality!

Lila gets so awkward with Jordanna’s boyfriend, Anthony. Why is she asking him if there’s anyone else in the group that he’s interested in? Lila, stay away from Jordanna’s Man!! This is not the way to win a a man, or keep a friend!

Dawn, in addition to being a paralegal, writes a blog called, Little People Fashion: No Hemming Needed about buying clothes off of the rack. She also dresses pretty conservatively, but in her line of work, it’s probably the rule. Elena says that Dawn dresses like she’s an old woman and Dawn retorts, “I’d rather be double my age, than half naked!” Obviously, Elena’s a performer, she needs to look sexy and glamorous, and Dawn works in the legal profession, she needs to look trust-worthy. There is plenty of room for everyone in the rainbow of fashion! Jazmin nails it when she says, “This is just a difference of opinion, not a pissing match…Calm your t@#s!” Preach, sister!!!

Once Lila takes her shoes off, everyone agrees that barefoot at the table is a crime worse than anyone’s fashion.

Elena asks Kristin about the affair that caused her divorce in 2008. Kristin got extremely upset to have her very painful past brought up. Even though the events happened a long time ago, and she’s in a committed and happy relationship, I’m sure that she’s not proud of the way that her marriage failed.

Basically, Lila needed to keep her mouth shut. She shared some kernels of info with Elena that she should have kept to herself (and probably revealed for the camera’s sake.) And while I’m pretty confident that Elena was flown in fro L.A. to ask the embarrassing questions about Jason’s sexuality, Kristin’s divorce and even talk about Dawn’s clothes, she could have said “No.”


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  1. I just want to comment on the latest show I saw tonight on Dawns response the burlesque dancing and slavery… To sum it up my struggle is not her struggle for them to go out and dance and have a good time has nothing to do with slavery… If she new the definition behind slavery slaves didn’t have the freedom to work for free it is not one in the same and wasn’t a good metaphor. Moral of the story be comfortable with whom you are and don’t bring anyone else down because of your own misery in life

  2. I watched the show and it seems to have started with a bang. I do however wish to correct a statement made by Dawn regarding her condition. She said Osteogenesis Imperfecta, (OI) was a form of dwarfism. That is not correct. OI is a brittle bone disorder and it has nothing to do with dwarfism. Dwarfism and Osteogenesis Imperfecta, (OI) are two completely different disorders. This article is correct but Dawn’s comment is not. I’m surprised she even said this as she appears to be well educated. Maybe it was a error on the writers end and she was just following a script. Never the less I’m surprised they didn’t brush up on the facts a bit more… It’s still a good show.

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