Recap: Little Women: LA Reunion, Part 1

After last week’s sweet baby shower and the real-time news of the birth of Terra and Joe’s baby, the claws are out in the first hour of the Little Women: LA Reunion, Part 1.

Little Women: LA Reunion Part 1

The special was obviously recorded before the birth of Terra’s baby, and she was big and bumpin! Host Tanika Ray is here to ask the awkward questions that we’re all dying to know.

Little Women: LA ReunionTerra’s still aglow in maternal bliss, and first we take a look back at her “pregnancy journey.” But we’ll get to see this footage about 100 more times when Little Women: Terra’s Little Family premieres on April 8th. Terra and Joe reiterated that they didn’t know if their baby has inherited double dominance. If she does, it would most likely be fatal to the baby. Regardless, she hand Joe love their baby for whomever she is.

Tonya is still meg-bitchy that Terra told Elena of her pregnancy before she told Tonya or Joe. And people are still may that Christy told Traci that Elena knew first. Because seriously, who cares who knew first, second or last!

And, all of the women kept calling Christy “fake” and she looks like she wants to cut these bitches.

Little Women: LA Reunion Part 1Then we’re treated to the intimate details of Traci and Christy’s efforts to get pregnant including Traci’s heartbreaking miscarriage. Brave Traci revealed that she’d had another miscarriage on Christmas Day. It’s so sad to watch these two women compete to complete their families.

And then we got to rehash every second of the numerous fights that we witnessed this season. I’m a little tired of Terra using the phase, “My unborn child.” If you want to pretend you’re made of glass, try to act with a little class.  Do you want your daughter’ earlier internet searches to result in her finding your prodigious use of profanity? If you’re gonna claim to be a saint, at least act beatific.

It’s a shame that every fight keeps being Terra pointing blame at Christy. She seems to be the only one who is trying to diffuse the situation.

I had the good fortune to interview Lila Call for Little Women: NY and I found her fun and funny. The things that the L.A. cast is saying about her are terrible. Even Christy, who is her friend, kind of backed away from supporting her during the reunion. Perhaps some of Lila’s past transgressions and questionable texts were due to her alcoholism. She’s newly into recovery, so perhaps people need to give her time to follow the program and get to the point of apologizing for her past transgressions.

Lila revealed that there’s more to their relationship with Joe than Terra says; she visited Joe on a movie set and their relationship extended beyond their one month status as “F@#$ buddies.” Terra admits that neither she nor Joe have been perfect in their lives, but they love one another and are committed to their family. (But, remember last season when Joe hit on Elena? Shady.) And just before the end of the hour, Lila says, “He’s not the guy you think he is… Joe likes women —do you think that’s a noble man to be a father?” Oh Snap! Next week, give those ladies some gloves and let’s have some foxy boxing to solve these problems! (Just kidding, Terra’s pregnant. Wait a few weeks, and then let them solve their differences a little more creatively — like a knitting contest!)

Basically the reunion was a rehashing of the season’s lowest moments and we realized that even after the cameras stopped rolling, the bad feelings didn’t end.

Next week on Part 2 of the Little Women: LA Reunion: cheatings, beatings, and name calling… plus, more Lila!


  1. I can’t believe how horrible most of these women are.

    Tanika isn’t guiding the show or having any sort of control over the “conversations”. She is basically reading questions and just waiting for drama to ensue. It seems very sloppy. And, I have to agree with some other comments, Tanika appears to be “Team Terra & Tonya”. Whenever anyone so anything she looks over to Terra as if she is looking to her for direction of what to do next. It was horrible that as Lila walked off (after being bullied), that Tanika just kept saying “we want to hear what you have to say about Joe”. Seriously?

    Tonya & Terra are big hypocrites. They are definitely bulldozers & bullies. Terra says she just wants support from Joe, then says she is very secure in her relationship. Things don’t flip flop that quickly in a 5 year relationship. Terra, Tonya & Joe are very selfish and self-centered (& like a previous comment – mean!). They are backstabbers and get each other riled up (like when Todd apologizes).

    Christy is an instigator, but I take that with a grain of salt because of editing and the fact that this is a TV show. She allows herself to get sucked into the drama Terra & Tonya create, but again, this IS a tv show.

    Traci needs to see a therapist. She lets Tonya & Terra bulldoze their opinions onto her, and can’t have an original thought of her own. Oh No! Someone else is getting married, or looking into in vitro, or getting pregnant? How could the world not bow down to Traci? Supposedly Terra is her best friend then sobs when she finds out she is pregnant before her? Traci is too old to be acting like she is in junior high school.

    Elena and Preston are the cutest couple. Elena, Preston, & Brianna are the only adults on this show. They appear to be having lives outside of this reality show. If the show continues to bow down to Terra & Tonya, then I guess I’m done.

  2. almost forgot – Love this show – but WILL NOT be watching stuck on herself Terra and the spoiled brat “little drummer BOY” Joe and their baby show!

  3. I agree. I was disappointed with the host. She was Team Terra and Team Tonya and attacked Christy and Lila and Matt throughout most of the interviews. They need to put an unbiased, a little more compassionate host, who’s not going to run guests off feeling so badly. It was uncomfortable to watch. Tonya said a lot of unnecessary things and she rarely told her that was wrong.

    • Tanika Ray is a RACIST! She was totally supporting stupid ghetto Tonya and dip -s*** stuck on herself Terra. She found fault and issue with everything Christy had to say. Would have LOVED to see Lila kick little miss big mouth boss’s (Tonya) a – -! Lila was right when she said that is she (Lila) had called Tonya monkey face – there would be protests and boycotts like crazy!

  4. Tanika Ray is a HORRIBLE host. If they don’t change hosts I won’t watch anymore. The reunion is supposed to tie up all the loose ends, but Tanika Ray is just another cast member voicing her opinion and taking sides. Who hired her??? It’s bizarre. I

  5. Please get a better host. That women is horrible and not professional at all. We were cheated out of a reunion because she made it about more fighting against Cristy and put herself in the reunion when we only wanted to hear what the cast member had to say not her opinion. If you have another season please do better with the next reunion. Get a host that knows what she is doing. GEEEZZZZZ

    • Exaaaactly what i was thinking! I feel like this host was picking sides, and even teaming up against people. She was annoying to me. Maybe she was trying to come off as laid back or whatever but she was way too opinionated.

  6. I agree. The host is the most unprofessional ever. She was there to host not get in on the bulling. Come on couldn’t they find a host that could do a good job. Terra and Tonya are just a couple of BULLIES. Very mean little women. They think the show is all about them and I think that is why Tonya is Terra’s minion so she can have more TV time because Terra is a producer. They are just plain mean.

  7. Horrible reunion show. One if the worst interviewing hosting jobs I’ve ever seen. So obviously one sided. Terrible that the host never called out Tanya and Tara about such aggressive, trashy name calling. Those two who think their shiz don’t stink are sooo wrong.

  8. Christy seemed a bit “off” in this renunion. Like maybe shevwasnt happy how the show was edited, or maybe something we dont know about. But something wasnt right.
    Thing is, i love this show!!!! I watch it all the time, everyday on dvr. I wish wish wish the writer, person whom edits the show dont take it in the directon with all this drama between the girls. A lot of it comes off as fake. (The new little people ny,) where Elina goes there and gets then riled up..came across staged and fake. I hope lifetime doesnt decide to go that direction with these shows, because they could be really amazing if they just follow them around, let them be them.
    did anyone else notice in the reunion where they show the “fight” between eric and joe, and todd….by Elina’s husband where they get up from the table to “stop the fight” it looks like toyna’s new man jah was there…did anyone else catch it?? Lol
    i love love love these shows. And beg lifetime to not take it down a childish path. These girls (and guys) all seem like down to earth people that you would love to hang out with, or reminds you of a friend you have, i dont know i just really love this show..
    i hope the little people ny grows on me, i just dont like the fakeness that seems to be going in

  9. Christy lied lied about everything, from why she brought Lilia to why she told Traci about Elena knowing first about the pregnancy. She only cares about the names she is called and not what she did that caused it. She even lied to her husband when he asked her not to buy the baby clothes because he felt it would jinx them from having a baby. She promised him she wouldn’t and then when he left she bought it.

    • She lies yes but that is no excuse to call her bad names. None of those females are innocent and they all open their mouths when they shouldn’t. Terra also lied and said Todd never apologized. They treat Christy ans Brianna like second class citizens so yeah Christy is pissed. Who wouldn’t be? Terra, Traci and Tonya are the biggest hypocrites on that show. They are bullies who like to dish out crap but can’t take it. It’s clear there are some deep psychological issues here.

  10. I see Traci got claws she’s not at all that “innocent” going after Lila the way she did and don”t forget Ms. I’m the last woman in this world to have a baby Ms Terra. lying her ass off, Todd did apologize to her. Tonya stop hanging on to Terra like she is the leader of the pack. I won’t be watching Terra’s little family.

    • Terra is a liar while in New Orleans Todd apologized to her and asked if he could talk to Joe and apologize. She said now is not a good time. Terra is soon to give birth. Terra your baby has ears and you should act more like a mom and Joe a dad. All four of you are guilty. Tanya, Traci and Elena need to not add fuel mind your business ladies.
      Kristy has already been a mom twice I don’t think its a race for her. If you all remember and grow up isn’t is possible since Todd’s baby passed at birth. Kristy wants to just give him a child.

  11. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who found the host disgraceful! She was clearly against Christy. Terra sat there and lied saying Todd never apologized. Um, why wasn’t that clip shown at the zip line when he apologized to Terra and Traci’s hypocritical behind? Christy has her issues but those other chics are horrid, spoil and fake! They say what they want and when the tables turn they play victim. Especially Terra and Traci. Tonya is a bully and I hope one day she gets all up in someone face and they lay her out. Also why does everyone assume Christy is competing with Traci to have a baby? Yeah she has two kids already so Traci needs to get over herself and act like a real Christian for once. I actually believe Lila about some of the Joe stuff. It’s clear he doesn’t really love Terra and even she knows that. That’s why she’s so sensitive about their relationship.

    • You are right about Joe. He is a wanna be. He thinks he is a movie star with his sun glasses and his long fur coat. It is just funny!!! LOL LOL I feel sorry for him in a way. But he is just a mean as Terra with his nasty mouth. He thinks he is a big shot. LOL LOL NOT

  12. Well, I agree with everyone, I could not stand the host. The reunion isn’t about her and what she thinks! She even said, “Chirsty, let Traci talk” all kinds of rude. Really lady… since when does the host join in the drama! #getyolife and let them talk out their crap.

    • Afree 100 percent except they want you thinking to myself I can’t believe how the host is attacking Christi not to mention she just was horrible I agree totally won’t be watching part 2

  13. I thought Tanika did a horrible job on interviewing the ladies, what was up with her? Since when does a an interviewer put her two cents in? She was supposed to be neutral. I’m not a fan of Christy…but come on. She was picking on her and so was everyone else. Most of these women are rude and not kind to each other, whatever happened to sisterhood and lifting each other up. Tonya is a nosy witch, Terra is a bully, Christy is an instigator, and Traci is an insecure little spoiled crybaby. Elena and Brianna are the only normal ones.

  14. I was looking forwardnto the LittleWomen L.A. Reunion show, but the woman hosting the show is extremely annoying. Its not about her and putting in her two cents. She is there to interview and ask questions and be non-bias. I felt that she was rude to Kristi….so annoying. I hope she doesn’t return. Ugh

    • I felt everyone was rude to Christy . The host even had her favorite . All because Terra is pregnant does not give her right to be so mean . Can she ever take blame ? I see her pass the blame on everyone but herself .
      I hope Tanika is not the host any longer . She needs to stop showing favorites .

    • I just googled “host was bias” and found this.. I am watching it right now and can’t stand her, I’ve never seen a “host” act like this to a cast, we don’t need her opinion or her telling us “things are about to get crunk.”

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