March Madness: 2015 Sweet 16 TV schedule

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament enters the Sweet 16 Regional Semifinals on Thursday and Friday, March 26-27, with games in Cleveland (Midwest), Los Angeles (West), Houston (South) and Syracuse (East). Winners advance to the Elite Eight Regional Finals on Saturday and Sunday. CBS and TBS share coverage. All games are available live on computers and mobile devices through NCAA March Madness Live.

2015 NCAA Tournament Schedule At A Glance
Selection Sunday 2015 March 15 (CBS)
First Four March 17-18 (truTV)
Second Round March 19-20 (CBS, TBS, TNT & truTV)
Third Round March 21-22 (CBS, TBS, TNT & truTV)
Regionals March 26-29 (CBS & TBS)
Final Four April 4 (TBS, TNT & truTV)
Championship Game April 6 (CBS)

March Madness: 2015 Sweet 16 TV schedule

All Times Eastern.

Thursday, March 26th
Gm # Game Site Time Net Game/Show
6:00pm TBS Infiniti NCAA Tip-Off
53) Cleveland 7:00pm CBS Notre Dame vs. Wichita State
54) Los Angeles 7:15pm TBS

North Carolina va. Wisconsin

55) Cleveland 9:30pm CBS

West Virginia vs. Kentucky

56) Los Angeles 9:55pm TBS

Xavier vs. Arizona

12:30am TBS Inside March Madness
Friday, March 27th
Gm # Game Site Time Net Game/Show
6:00pm TBS Infiniti NCAA Tip-Off
57) Houston 7:00pm CBS

Gonzaga vs. UCLA

58) Syracuse 7:15pm TBS

Louisville vs. NC State

59) Houston 9:30pm CBS

Utah vs. Duke

60) Syracuse 9:55pm TBS

Michigan St. vs. Oklahoma

12:30am TBS Inside March Madness
Saturday, March 28th
Gm # Game Site Time Net Game/Show
3:00pm CBS NCAA Division II Champ Game
5:00pm TBS Infiniti NCAA Tip-Off
61) TBA 6:00pm TBS Teams TBA
62) TBA 8:30pm TBS Teams TBA
11:00pm TBS Inside March Madness
Sunday, March 29th
Gm # Game Site Time Net Game/Show
1:00pm CBS Road to the Final Four
63) TBA 2:00pm CBS Teams TBA
64) TBA 4:55pm CBS Teams TBA
Saturday, April 4th
Gm # Game Site Time Net Game/Show
1:00pm CBS Reese’s College All-Star Game
3:00pm TBS At the Final Four
4:00pm TBS The Final Four Show
65) Indianapolis 6:00pm TBS Teams TBA
Indianapolis 6:00pm TNT Teamcast TBA
Indianapolis 6:00pm truTV Teamcast TBA
66) Indianapolis 8:30pm TBS Teams TBA
Indianapolis 8:30pm TNT Teamcast TBA
Indianapolis 8:30pm truTV Teamcast TBA
11:30pm TBS Inside March Madness
Monday, April 6th
Gm # Game Site Time Net Game/Show
8:30pm CBS Championship Central
67) Indianapolis 9:00pm CBS Teams TBA
11:30pm CBS Championship Post-Gm Show
12:00am truTV Inside March Madness


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