Interview: Meet Lila Call of “Little Women: NY”

If you watched the second season of Little Women: LA, you undoubtedly saw promos for the franchises’ first spinoff: Little Women: NY. Six tough women (and one man) brave the bright lights of New Work where they live and love as people of short stature. Like their LA counterparts, their stature is what brings them together, but their love and friendship keeps them together.

Lila Call was featured in Little Women: LA when she paid a visit to her friend, Christy McGinity-Gibel. Call was previously in a relationship with LWLA star Terra Jole’s boyfriend Joe Gnoffo, and Call’s visit took the series’ tension to new levels. She was definitely one of the season’s most interesting plot twists, so it came as no surprise when the sassy lassie was announced as a star of Lifetime’s new series. I chatted with Call during a break in the shooting of Little Women: NY and we chatted about her time in LA, her new male castmate and why NYC rules.

LWNY_LilaCall_fullLila, what was your experience like on Little Women: LA?
The girls there aren’t my friends. I’m friends with Christy, and she introduced me to all of her friends, so I was an outsider coming in. I did have a little baggage with Terra, because I’d dated Joe in the past and they’re a little insecure in their relationship, obviously. So it was a huge stress for me to be there and they showed it. And they weren’t happy. Instead of being adults and grown up, and saying, “Yeah, we’re moving on, we’re having a baby, we’re doing great, you’re doing good. Congratulations on your sobriety,” it was a lot of smack talk. And so now, I come back to New York with my girls, and we’re close and we’re like a family, we still have our drama, but they have my back. It was like being released into the Hunger Games in L.A., It really was.

Tell me about the drama we’re going to see in Little Women: NY.
We’re girls, we get jealous, we get hormonal, we get angry. I’m sober, so a lot of drama happens when everyone else is drunk and I’m sitting there like a third wheel and not having the best fun. And I’m looking for a boyfriend; everyone else has someone in their life, so a lot of times, I’m the outlier. I’m trying to find my way into a relationship and in the meantime, a lot of things happen —a lot of misunderstandings. A lot of girls just being girls — jealous and catty — but we love each other and it’s worth it for us to make up and move on and move past and learn from it. So, you know, it doesn’t stop, it just doesn’t stop. When you put out one fire, another one will start.

And in this series, the show has a male cast member!
Jason, yes, he’s the only one who can tame us. He puts us in our place. A man’s perspective is very different from than a woman’s perspective because he can be very blunt and neutral. It’s annoying to them, they basically let you know this is ridiculous, they try to nip it really quickly and try to show you how ridiculous you look. “Hey girls, get it together. You look pretty mental right now.” He’s like our voice of reason but there are times when he does take sides, saying, “You’re being a total bitch to Dawn or to Misty, or to Jordanna. You’re being completely out of line.” It’s nice to have the male perspective on a female problem, but he gets his little butt in trouble too. He starts exploring territories he shouldn’t be exploring and gets his little nose bloodied now and then.

What is it like being a little person in New York City?
We’re tougher, we’re grittier, we’re not in this superficial Tineseltown, the “plastic fantastic.” We’re just making our way, we’re catching the subways, we’re getting our hands dirty on the banisters. It’s not all beautiful here, it’s very tough, and you deal with it being the biggest city in the country.

New York is a melting pot and diverse, and people respond to you in different ways depending on their culture. One day, you can have someone look at you and say something that’s completely out of line, and you can have people who don’t even care. They’re too busy! They’re on their way to work or on their way to catch their train. I think we blend in a little better here. Nobody cares; nobody has time to pay too much attention to us. In L.A., it’s like; “Ooh!” — you expect to see the oddities and that sort of thing.

So are people in LA in an insulated bubble?
Exactly! We’re on foot, we’re navigating through people and legs and stairs and turnstiles and catching a train and jumping through the door and sliding our train pass. We’re on it; we have to keep up. Otherwise, we’ll get … you have to navigate the city; you can’t be intimidated.

So do you think this cast is more courageous because of that?
Yes, we’re a little grittier. We don’t take shots at each other. We don’t need to team up and fight each other’s battles. We have a lot of heart, but we’re gritty. We can take care of ourselves.

The press release for Little Women: NY calls you the ringleader. How do you react to that?
I’m very intuitive to other people and their behaviors and personalities and I do my best to bring out the best in each of my friends. Like, if you’re really funny, I’m going to set you up for really good humor. If you’re sensitive, I keep that in consideration. I’m just very intuitive when it comes to my friends and when s@#$ hits the fan, it’s easy for me to assess everything with each of them. I understand them individually very well and you know — again — I’m not bogged down with a relationship, so I have a lot of free time to maybe stir up some drama… or diffuse it. I’m a little more available for everyone on a full-time level.

Since your available to your friends, do people come to you with ideas and problems?
Exactly, my opinion matters.

You can see Lila Call on Little Women: NY airing Wednesdays at 10pm on Lifetime.


  1. I’ve NOT enjoyed watching what’s on t.v. for so long — but I LOVE Little Women of NYC! All of the women are great, and I especially love Lila AND Dawn! (After Dawn opened up about how much pain she’s in over the death of her “best friend”/mother . . . I was able to see her as a REAL warm-blooded feeling person.) I wish them all the best, and wish I could meet them.

  2. Dawn Lang is the worst person on the show. She is so miserable with herself and hates her life you can tell, by the way she treats her suppose to be friends even the way she treats her sister n law it’s disgusting! She is the only part of the show that makes it suck! Other than her the show is really good and besides dawn all the ladies are sending a good message to little People showing them that they are like everyone else and no different than normal size people. If they do another episode I hope they leave dawn off the show! She isn’t a nice or good person and even when she is acting nice it seems so fake! She just tries to bring the other ladies/gent down Cuz she is miserable. She also thinks she’s better than them and she’s not! I don’t even know how they are her friends or can even stand to be around her!

    • She acts as if she is ashamed of her dwarfism. She gets very upset, and condescending, towards the others if they draw attention to themselves. She thinks it will reflect on her and she doesn’t want that at all. I feel sorry for Dawn. In reality, I think she must be a very unhappy person. Misery loves company.

  3. Jason pushing jordana? Your close family didn’t teach you not to put your hands on women? Discusting! He’s so angry all the time deal with your issues come out the closet and maybe you will be a happier nicer more descent person

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Women NY and Little Women LA. Lila makes the show on Little Women NY. She is witty and so funny. Please AIR MORE EPISODES NOT RERUNS

  5. I think Lila has a great sense of humor…..I think she has a very big heart and wants to find love. .i think if she did she would be the kind of person who would go all in with her love..I hope she fines a really nice GUY….who would support and love her for who she is and will become…..he is out thu lila good things happen for those who wait….

  6. Lila is a great woman to have on the show despite what seems to be a good chunk of haters on here commenting about how much she is mental. But if you all really thought about it, no matter how much things can aggravate you about her..reality shows are never 100% real..producers are going to ask cast memebers & espeically cast members that are already blunt & not one the memebers that take a backseat on the show, one that already can put themselves out there without having to make more confident; they ask them to talk about things that are gonna stir up the shit, they make certain people start something or do certain things because if we litterally just watched everyone’s life, day to day, we would be bored off our asses here at home as the viewers. I believe that Lila is a great person, and despite her issues she deals with, it never dulls her shine. You can see that she is a true, beautiful hearted woman that’s not only help her friends in a heart beat but a complete stranger. She has the real issues that a lot of people deal with everyday. And for commenters to make a mockery of her addiction is cold hearted. Addiction is tough as hell, no matter the bumps she hits along the way she’s doing a lot better than most addicts that new to soberity. She talks about it a lot because it’s obviously a big part of her story line on the show that the producers want to see, it’s probably one of the biggest relatable problems, people can actually connect with. Soberity for an addict can be the hardest thing ever to deal with along with their friends and family so for her to talk about it often and it not be such a touchy subject for her and others is actually amazing because most addicts like situation push under the rug and become infuriated when anyone brings up anything about it. I give her props, she’s very strong and a beautiful soul. And you can still have a beautiful soul and fall on your ass and make ugly decisions…it’s how you pick yourself up and keep going on your journey that matters. The fact she hasn’t let this ruin her is seriously a wonderful thing, and I hope that she never does let it ruin her. For everyone that really wants to judge that hard hitting should let us all check out your life for awhile and let us be able to judge your life and how you are. Yes she did sign up for the show to give people the chance to do this, not saying people can’t have their say but for being so bruttle to someone with a severe problem in their life is disgusting and without even seeing inside ur life I am 100% positive of how disgusting of a soul u have, I feel terrible for ur friends and family as well..I’d hope that attitude only sits behind a computer screen like most rude asa commenters on blogs, because if u act that way in real life I can for sure say you won’t make it very far and one day will realize how much you lost and never gained from being so ugly and having no empathy for others.

  7. I am such a big fan of the show. I am only 4″10. I know that i am not as short as they are, but i am a leagel midget, I would love to Meet them and be there friend. And hang out with people close to me in size lol. And also where they get the cloths to fit. I seen there is one of the young Ladies doing a cloths line for the short and tall. I would love to shop there. So if there is any way to meet them, see the clothes line on line or even be in one of their episodes of them meeting a fan!!! I love them all, but for some reason Lila and Jordana I just love them!!! I hope they get to see this. If not, then i hope someone sees it that can tell them about Me!! Lol please!!! Gotta love us little people!!!

  8. Lila is so funny on the show, those crappy witches were so mean to her on the other Little Women LA, her friend, Christy should have had the backbone to defend her friend. Probably due to her upbringing, she seems like the naive friend trying to help solve the problems of her friends. Lila needs to have a boyfriend for a little while, a tall but probably short, dark, handsome bad-boy, whom she eventually crosses his bad-boy friends and their relationship and her friends come to her rescue. Lila is so funny and classy and she gets intointo mischief she doesn’t expect to. She is ideal for the shows

  9. If Lila was off the show it would be better… She’s a drama queen.. She starts trouble we’re ever she goes.. Lila karmas a bitch and its going to catch up to you.. Go get drunk and pass out so they can put another dog collar on you cause you are a dog…

  10. I can not stand Lila! She is a mental patient. And it shows she is off medication. She talks so much about her sobriety…God if she is this bad not drinking then she must act like the devils sister when she is drinking. I will NOT watch LWNY because I can not stand her! I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way. One season for that loser with big thighs. More like Ugly Women of NY.

  11. I just want to know what mental diagnosis Lila carries. She is so inconsiderate and mean and then she says (sometimes) that she is sorry and she wants forgiveness. Throw caution to the wind little women and do not share anything you don’t want the world to know and with a twist of Li”Lies” on top.

  12. I did not even read this page just wanted to say lila is a fake, annoying, attention seeking bleep. I won’t be watching little women NY because I can’t stand her.

  13. Lila is a crook. She used to have sex with a married man named STRATTI he would steal from the elderly and then give merchandise to Lila. I know this because my sister worked in a newspaper with her

  14. I grew up n went to school with lila. All that drama does not look fun, At least I know Lila has a good head on her shoulders. i do want to say however just below this comment box is an ad for and i quote ”
    Midgets For Hire – Rent $25-$100 Strippers, Oompa Loompa Leprechaun, Elvis, Mini-Me & More” what the f**k?! you advertise a show that sheds light on them living normal lives and not acting out like there victims or something, being empowered, and i love that. but then you throw that out. its shamefull. a little funny but shamefull.

    • Google serves its advertising based on keywords and we have hopefully blocked all future ads from that advertiser from our site.

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