Shameless Season 5 Episode 10 recap: “South Side Rules”

Karen Ruud

Last week we saw Carl wanting the book thrown at him and clueless Chuckie sporting and new swastika tattoo, Frank made a new friend and Lipp was hot for teacher, here’s what happened this week on Shameless Season 5 Episode 10 recap: “South Side Rules”

Frank professing to Bianca he can be her chauffeur to the afterlife

Frank: After getting tossed aside by a dying Bianca Frank wants to worm his way back into her life since he seems to be having feelings for her. At the Alibi he tries to get advice from V and Kermit, getting no help at all he leaves behind a full glass of beer to go find her. It must be real. Frank then spiffs’ up to go see her, even picks someones flowers but Bianca’s over bearing sister won’t let him in. So he comically tries to climb the fire escape which is a huge failure, but enough to get her attention. Proclaiming he can’t offer her much but a good time and a fun limo ride til the afterlife he is encountered again by her sister. He states that he will be waiting in the alley with a bottle of vodka and once it’s gone he’s gone. Bianca finally comes out with a a crying sister to boot and sees a still waiting Frank. She opens up to him about her feelings of not wanting to pursue treatment for the cancer and how her family just can’t understand it. Being the huge shoulder she needs right now, Frank says he will never make her do or say things to her that she doesn’t want.

Fiona trying to cheer up Sean

Fiona: In effort to still try and patch things up with husband Gus, she calls him and they set up a Skype sex date which he seems to miss. Frustrated at this she in turn calls Sean who is in the process of shipping his kid off to Pittsburgh. Going to console him, Gus then calls then but she ignores it. Being a supportive friend to Sean for the night, he starts attacking in on her on her need to always be worried about other people’s problem’s rather then concentrating on her own. He also tells her how she can’t take no for an answer and feels she is just there to pounce on him when he is vulnerable to finally get affection from him. As the conversation starts to get a little heated a lovely bar patron steps in to try and save the day. Sean nicely tells him to mind his own business and not heeding Sean’s warning the guy beats him up. They then get kicked out of the bar and Fi still refuses to leave his side because she’s worried about him and his safety to himself. So of course they kiss… Afterwards he tells her to go home so they split up. Clearly can see the feelings they have for each other.

Lipp a tad uncomfortable with his new situation

Lipp: Uncomfortably waking up at Helene’s house, her sweet as pie husband is making him breakfast. He feels out this strange new situation and they ask if there is anything they can do to make him more comfortable. Proclaiming nothing he can think of at the moment he goes off to school. While studying in his room, Amanda comes to visit wanting some action so he tells her about his new professor friend. This relationship seems to be over now so she asks for her car back. Amanda also notices all the people tripping out in the halls, Lipp comments it must just be a Saturday thing until he here’s the screaming in the halls. Checking out what is going, on a girl tells him it’s from the synthetic weed Kev sold them (see below). Lipp wrangles them all together in his room for now, finds Kev to get his help with them. To late, one of them jumps out the window. Not knowing what to do since the can’t call 911, he takes the injured window jumper to Helene for help. Turns out her husband is not a Medicine doctor, just a doctor in Theology so she calls an ambulance. Lipp is freaking out about this and then spills the beans to her that the kid is on drugs and fears he and Kev will get busted. After lecturing him to quit being such a thug, she devises a plan that she just came across him in the street. Later back at the room everyone seems to be calmed down so Lipp tells Kev it’s time to move out and it’s time to go home and make up with V. Lipp goes to visit the sun man, er the jumper. He messes with Lipp that he told the cops everything and then informs him that he said nothing and that Lipp is in the clear. Phew! Bullet dodged.

Ian and Mickey out having some fun
Ian and Mickey out having some fun

Ian and Mickey: Feeling the effects of his meds by NOT feeling anything and a new overbearing nurse of a boyfriend, Ian is trying to do anything he can in order to “feel” something. At the diner he decides to fry his hand up like a burger. Once a nice scalding burn sets in, he pulls his fried up hand off the burner. The cook so nicely bandages it up for him for now. Back at the house Sammi helps bandage up his burned up hand when Ian proceeds to tell her about how he went AWOL from the army and a laundry list of other things he did. Still on the high of needing to “feel” things, he grabs some beer out of the fridge and tells nurse Mickey that he is either coming with him or he can stay home. So off to the park they go. Cracking open a beer Mickey goes off on Ian on how he can’t drink on his meds. This doesn’t sit well with Ian so he punches him and goes off on him that he doesn’t need a caretaker. He needs his white trash, thug, south-side boyfriend that he fell for back. After a huge brawl ensues between the two, they shotgun beers, kiss and makeup, oh, and get drunk. Realizing they have never actually been on a date they set up a nice date night and head back to the house to clean up. Walking into the house Sammi gives Ian this big speech on how awesome he is and what potential he has. However – thanks to Ian coming clean to her about him jumping ship on the Army – they come home to MP’s waiting to haul him off to jail. Sammi then proclaims to them “It’s a shame when someone you love get’s taken away, isn’t it?” Any revenge she can get I guess.

Awe, young love
Aw, young love

Debs: Things are getting hot and heavy fast with  new boyfriend Derrek who proclaims he wants to have sex with her. Debs — seeming a little shocked by this — is all in. So they set up a date for that evening after cookout with Derrek’s family. Ahead of this date she asks Fiona to take her to get birth control. Reluctantly agreeing, Fi takes her and the nurse is very clear to tell her that the pills won’t kick in for 48 hours. Later bonding with Derrek’s family at the cookout they head back to her house. Ready to take that next step Debs tells him she thinks she loves him, Derrek says she’s sweet, plays it safe and pulls out a condom. Debs informs him she’s on the pill and they won’t need it. Now do your math here, it hasn’t been 48 hours. I have a feeling Debs will be having a baby real soon!

Kev and V having a soulful stare down


Kev and V: Still living in the dorms, Kev has his crying little angels there for the night that has the students on the floor in a tizzy. After hearing that they want to turn him in he offers up some cheap weed at a discount that has everyone running to him in a flurry. Turns out to be synthetic weed that has everybody tripping. Lipp enlists him to help babysit the tripping college kids since it’s his fault. Once Lipp returns from taking care of the leaper (mentioned above) he kicks Kev out of the dorms and tells him it is time to go makeup with his wife. Returning home, he goes to lye down with a sleeping V and babies who stares so sadly into his eyes. Hopefully they can make amends.

On a side note kind of sad not to see how poor Chuckie is adapting to juvie. Or no return of Shelia…. Or Jimmy.

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