Recap: Grimm Season 4 episode 14 “Bad Luck” — “Rabbit, Run!”

Juliet and Nick can’t seem to catch a break. Between her finding out about his secret life and then getting involved in that secret life – e.g. having her memory erased by a cat, having to trade places with Adalind etc., – and now, when things finally seem like they’ve reached equilibrium, the scales get tipped..

After last episode’s much-needed ass whupping of Adalind, poor Juliette barely gets time to breathe (and maybe gloat a bit) before Nick comes home. In the interest of full disclosure (something neither she nor Nick seem particularly good at, or even inclined towards) and because the house is tore up, Juliette has to finally break the news that she is a Hexenbeast.

Nick, being the understanding guy he is, pulls his gun on her, assuming it’s Adelind pulling her usual tricks. Juliette calms him down but delivers the shocking truth: not only is she a hideous monster, it’s permanent. Nick assures Juliette that he would never hurt her, but the look on her face say’s she doesn’t quite believe him, and I can’t say I blame her. Of course there is a silver lining that Nick can’t see, namely, had his beloved Juliette not been a Hexenbeast she would have been dead three episodes ago. Nick goes out, because poor, poor Nick.

Meanwhile, in a quieter part of Portland, a mom and her two kids are just wrapping up the dishes. The boy, Peter, feigns exhaustion, and goes upstairs to rest. Instead, however, he sneaks out to meet his girlfriend in the woods behind the house. Just as they start to get frisky, the boy hears a noise, interrupting their fun (lately, Grimm seems to be into punishing sexually active teens). He sends the girl away, as a mysterious tune starts to play. Peter follows the sound and comes across a concertina laying on the ground. The boy is assaulted by a creature that comes out of the darkness welding an ax. The boy Woges into a rabbit and tries to flee, but is felled and the creature, that resembles a werewolf, amputates Peter’s foot (that’s the thing about a rabbit’s foot – it’s lucky for everyone but the rabbit). His mother hears that her boy is in trouble and rushes out to save him, but she’s too late.

Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Richard Brake as Nigel Edmund — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Nick wanders the streets trying to get a handle on Juliette’s news and reflects on the twists of fate that have brought them to this place. His phone rings, snapping him out of his reverie. At the crime scene, it’s revealed that the boy’s foot is missing, so not only do they have a murder, but a theft to deal with. They question the boy’s mom, Mrs. Bennet, and she reveals that they’ve only been in town a few months and that she’s a rabbit Wesen.

At a creepy old cabin in the woods, a couple hand a big pile of cash to a very shady dude, a dude who is likely good with an ax. They swap the pile of cash for a big furry foot, which they take home and put under their bed as some sort of very creepy marital aid. “Let’s start a family,” says the man getting all snuggly. I can’t help but think that I don’t really want people like that breeding.

Nick wakes up on the couch because he didn’t want to wake Juliette, but she knows he’s creeped out by her. With her consent, Nick pays her Hexenbeast adviser, Henrietta, a visit to try to get to the bottom of the whole mess. To be honest, Nick seems unfairly put upon after all the crap he’s put Juliette through, but then again, he is a Grimm, and befriending Wesen is one thing and sleeping with one, especially a scary, telekinetic one, is another. Henrietta gives Nick some fairly sage advice: if he’s got a problem with Juliette he can either kill her or get used to it. She also warns him to keep his distance, because Juliette is a very powerful Hexenbeast.

Back at the station, Hank and Wu have discovered a similar case to theirs from three years prior. That time it was a man, involved in a “car accident,” who also seems to have lost a foot. Wu, of course, gets the lucky rabbit’s foot connection right away – unlike Hank, Wu is a natural at monster hunting and after being left in the dark for so long is gleeful when the cases involve Wesen. A trip to the trailer reveals what we already know: that the rabbit’s, Vilhara, foot is part of a fertility practice that dates back thousands of years, and there is a rabbit hunter, Lepus Venator, on the loose in Portland.

Pictured: Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)
Pictured: Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

A visit to Rosalee and Monroe at the apothecary confirms their suspicious about the use of rabbit’s feet. It is an illegal practice that was supposedly eradicated, but has simply gone underground. Rosalee volunteers herself and Monroe to go undercover to see if there’s a doctor who might be sanctioning the horrific practice. They decide to hit up one Dr. Redfield as a likely candidate.

The two remaining Bennets, Mom and Chloe, are hiding out at a hotel until the funeral arrangements for Peter are final. Then they are heading to Calgary. Unfortunately for them, their car has a tracking device on it and the foot thief is right behind them. When her mom leaves the room to use an ATM, He grabs Chloe and takes her to the cabin in the woods.

It doesn’t take long for Rosalee and Monroe to glean that Dr. Redfield is not only not their guy, but is upset they would even think of participating in such a barbaric practice. His nurse, on the other hand has no such compunctions and offers to put Rosalee and Monroe in touch with her fertility specialist, For $10,000. Rosalee offers $15K to get bumped to the front of the line. The offer is accepted.

Hank and Nick arrive on the scene of the kidnapping where Nick tells Mrs. Bennet that he knows what’s going on and that he’s a non-lethal Grimm (relatively speaking). She admits that the Lepus Venator has been hunting her family for years.

Monroe calls with some “good news:” the deal for the foot is going down that night, which is a problem because nobody knows where the killer is hiding out. Monroe and Rosalee detain the nurse (with a sweet right hook by Rosalee – I love Rosalee) until Nick can get there. In order to discover the whereabouts of Chloe, Nick and Hank pay a visit to the Nurse’s previous hookup, the Spinelli family, the lovely couple from the beginning of the episode. Like the nurse, the Spinelli’s see what they’re doing as victimless crime. They have a need for a baby and she fulfills it, neither think to wonder where the human-sized rabbit feet come from. Nick finds the foot under the mattress and returns the luck foot to Mr. Spinelli and warns him that while he can’t arrest the man (wait, what?) the Wesen Council will find out. That foot ain’t so lucky after all.

The Lepus Venator has Chloe at the cabin but needs her to Woge before the amputation (human feet apparently have no fertility powers), but Nick and Hank arrive just in time. They bust down the door, but the killer has fled into the woods with Chloe, where he ties her, bound and gagged, to a metal fence post. Hank and Nick trail them into the misty woods but can’t find them until the haunting sound of the concertina can be heard. They dutifully follow the sound but only see the button box laying, as in the opener, on the ground. The killer tries an ambush, but the boys are too quick and too…. Grimmy for that and a fight breaks out. The Lepus Venator manages to get loose so Nick and Hank chase him into the woods.

As the killer flees with Hank and Nick in hot pursuit, Chloe ambushes him, breaking his stride with a metal fence post to the head. She gets another whack in and impales the killer’s foot with the post. He is unusually tough and he manages to get free, but just before he can kill Chloe, Hank knocks him off his feet with a shotgun blast. And they apparently just leave him in the woods.

Nick returns home and plays the big man and admits that he’s willing to work things out with Juliette. “You learned to understand me, now I have to learn how to understand you,” he admits. Juliette is not buying this at all and to test the poor guy she Woges and asks him to kiss her, which is unfair because she is totally out-of-bounds hideous and she doesn’t even appear to have lips. Nick is disgusted, and she, feeling all martyred, stalks out.

Adalind, confronts Henrietta about their mutual “friend” Juliette and Henrietta springs some sick news on old girl. Adalind is KNOCKED UP, and it is likely Nick’s.

The End.

Final Thoughts:

I have said this before (and will likely say it again): the stuff with Adalind is terrible. I love the show and have been watching it from the get-go, but every time her sub-plot comes on I feel like going into the kitchen to make Pizza Rolls until it’s over. I can’t tell if she’s not a good actress or the writers simply can’t be bothered to give a damn, but it’s boring and needs to go.

As for Nick and Juliette, I am glad they’ve gotten around to making Juliette less of a doormat, but did they have to do a full 180 and make her a badass Hexenbeast? I do love that she has powers and some agency, but the relationship between the two has never been satisfying and I, for one, hope they break it off. I don’t mind her sticking around, but I don’t care about their relationship and I never have.

See you next week!

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