UP Premieres Epic Original Film, “Noah’s Ark”

Noah's Ark
Noah (David Threlfall) searches for signs of the impending flood.

Sunday, UP premieres Noah’s Ark, a spellbinding movie about one of the Bible’s most epic stories of one man’s faith and his unrelenting belief in a message from God. Noah, a farmer and family man, is instructed by an angel to build an ark in the middle of a desert in order to save both his family and the faithful from a devastating flood. Noah’s seemingly impossible quest tests his faith in God and everything he believes in. This obsession also leads to the fragmentation of his family, as their faith in their father is questioned.

Noah's Ark
David Threlfall as Noah.

Noah is powerfully portrayed by David Threlfall (Tommy Cooper, Shameless, What Remains). And from the moment he read the script, the actor felt the role within his soul. “The story jumped off the page at me from the first reading. It’s not just a family saga, but the first family saga,” he says. “It takes its inspiration from many faiths and speaks of values which should be shared across all cultures. It was something I immediately wanted to be part of.”

The production filmed in recent-filming hotspot, Morocco and features an almost exclusively British cast. Joanne Whalley (The Borgias, Jamaica Inn) beautifully plays Noah’s his steadfast wife Emmie and Nico Mirallegro (The Village) is Kenan, one of Noah’s sons.

The special, co-produced with the BBC, also co-stars Ashley Walters (Top Boy, Truckers), Emily Bevan (In The Flesh), Hannah John-Kamen (The Hour, Death In Paradise), Georgina Campbell (One Night), Ian Smith (The Syndicate), Michael Fox (New Worlds) and Andrew Hawley (Hinterland, Borgia).

I will admit that at first, I was taken aback to hear the actors speak with British accents, but after a few minutes that surprise melted away. The film is wonderfully produced and in this season of many biblically-themed specials on TV (The Dovekeepers, A.D., Killing Jesus), Noah’s Ark is a good addition to any family’s faith-based watching. And instead of relying on special effects like a recent cinematic blockbuster that dealt with the same subject matter, Noah’s Ark focuses on the central message of the story. I particularly enjoyed an exchange with his young son (or perhaps foster son) Kenan where Noah counsels his son about the existence of God.

“You can say, ‘I don’t know,’ at least that’s honest — not anyone has faith. But only an idiot will say, ‘there is no God,’ because to say that, you must first surely understand everything, and only an idiot would think that he did.”

Noah’s Ark > UP TV > Sunday, March 22 at 7pm ET/ 6pm PT


  1. Very disappointed in this movie and in UP for showing it. This is not a Biblical account of Noah but rather an Islamic account. Seriously- if you study the “Islamic” Noah account you would see more similarities with it than with the true Biblical account of Noah. Very sad they would promote this false narrative and false Noah.

  2. Wow I couldn’t even make it past the first hour. What’s wrong with this picture is it is not the least bit accurate. I’m disappointed in -UP NETWORK. Where is God in all of this? Isn’t that the point of the Bible to read know follow God’s Word? So how can you get so confused with your story line. Very poor example of the great message and powerful story of Noah. It doesn’t need ad lib to entice and please people, we are meant to please God. Your in the wrong business if you feel your movie did that. Botttom line Noahs Ark F-

  3. I really wanted to like the UP Networks “Noah’s Ark” (March 22, 2015). I was praying there would be no exploding rock monsters from Russell Crowe’s NOAH. No rock monsters. I was hoping there would be no “thee’s” and “thou’s” like in John Huston’s “The Bible” from 1966. No Shakespeare. But once again I was disappointed. Caution “spoiler alert.”

    First let me say that David Threlfall was excellent as Noah in a moving, uncompromised portrayal but that’s about it. The addition of an adopted son (Kenan from Islamic writings) was a major disappointment. Not only is the faithless Kenan or Canaan fictional but he was cast as a major character who was drawn to the nearby city of wickedness by a woman named Sabah who seduces him away from the family – Noah’s true sons are minor characters who think their Father is mentally ill. God sends a messenger to Noah (not biblical) who tells him of the flood and that anyone can go on the Ark (not biblical) and escape the deluge. Noah’s wife was portrayed as a chronic worrier with little or no faith but in the end helps her husband build the Ark because she believes in him (Noah) not Gods plan. Noah goes into town and is ridiculed by the locals who injure him. Noah’s wife becomes ill, recovers and scolds her sons into helping Noah build the Ark. The Ark is finished but no wild life has arrived except 15-20 locals who also want to escape the flood.Noah is confused about the lack of flood and animals. Noah’s frustration prompts God to send the deluge with many locals entering the Ark while Noah goes after Kenan who refuses to leave Sabah. The animals arrive (only in silhouette from a distance) who can’t be seen but only heard on the Ark. Noah arrives back at the Ark, enters with his family and prepares for the flood. The long awaited deluge lasts a whopping twenty seconds with bad CGI (translation: they must have ran out money). As quickly as the flood came it went. Noah sits alone in the desert (the Ark in the distance) and Gods messenger (again, not biblical) returns to talk to Noah. Ham, Shem and Japheth with their families symbolically scatter in the desert (similar to the cheesy ending of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” where the disciples scatter). Ham tells his mother that if his pregnant wife has a son they will name him Kenan or Canaan (a desperate attempt to reconcile Genesis 10:6 with the non-biblical Kenan/Canaan). The producers of this film definitely ran out of money. Rick Dack, Defending the Bible Int’l.

  4. According to Proverbs, it is a Curse to Add to or Take away from the Bible.
    I wondered what was going on with some strange Rebel son and a bunch of people that were not in the Genesis account.
    I’ll take this version as the “Cultural Marxist” version then.
    What a waste of my time.

  5. Very very disappointed in UP tv. This was not the story of Noah from the Holy Bible. I thought since Up tv is a Christian network we’d finally get an accurate portrayal of Noah. No longer will I trust or watch this network. Just wasted two hours of my life! And on a work night too!

  6. Enjoyed the movie overall…main message same in Christianity and Islam. Agree there were confusing elements i.e. bible story states 3 sons and wife entered ark. Quranic story states 4 sons. Quran also states wife not a believer therefore not on ark.
    I am a Muslim and choose to value my interpretation of the bigger picture: Believers are people of faith while disbelievers choose to live according to the nature of desires. I truly questioned the “Mixing” of the two accounts and was led here. May our faith in one God
    Be our ultimate guide.

  7. Very disappointed. No need to compromise the true story and the Bible for ratings. If you were going to make a biblical movie then by all means don’t leave out some of the most important parts of the story!!!

  8. I am so tired of people changing the
    Word of God just for ratings and a buck! What happened to the animals? and where did all those extra people come from? Very Disappointed…..oh btw Noah had three sons not four. To UP execs…if you do a bible story. Stick to the bible!

  9. Noah had only 3 sons. The bible states that, clearly. I will not be watching anything from UP anymore. So disappointed. Do not change what is in the bible to get ratings!!!!!!

  10. Kenan evidently comes from the Koran’s accounting of the story of Noah. I’d never heard of this adopted son, so I researched it during the movie. I found a reading of the death of Kenan from the Koran.

  11. After the disaster with Russell Crow I was really hopeful that this film would stick to the Bible. I agree with Roy – Noah only had three sons and the Bible is very clear that the only people who survived were Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives for a total of eight. Why is it so difficult to get the big things right. Other than the extra son it was pretty good until about the last 30 minutes when the film left the Bible and added to the number of people on the ark.

  12. Since when did Noah have 4 sons? I was so excited to see UP making, what I believe to be, an accurate portrayal of Noah’s Ark, I was very disappointed to see right off the story was in accurate! The bible clearly states Noah had 3 sons! If you’re going to make a movie based on a specific story from the bible, stay true to the bible! Inaccurate programming is NOT uplifting entertainment!

    • Noah only had 3 sons. That is clearly stated in the bible. Don’t know how somebody can miss such a big thing as this. Puts whole movie in question.

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