Recap: Little Women: LA “Friendtervention” Season 2, Episode 112

It’s the season finale of Little Women: LA but dry your tears, because Little Women: NY premieres next week. In addition, the fun continues with Terra and the gals; Little Women:LA will have at least 2 reunion specials and Terra and Jee’s new series, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family Premieres April 8!

(L to R, B to F) Tonya Banks, Christy McGinity Gibel, Briana Manson, Elena Gant, Traci Harrison Tsou and Terra Jolé
(L to R, B to F) Tonya Banks, Christy McGinity Gibel, Briana Manson, Elena Gant, Traci Harrison Tsou and Terra Jolé

Traci, Tonya and Terra (The three Ts) did a background check on Briana’s fiancé Matt. So shady. If Briana wants to do a background check on her man, she would. (And if she didn’t want to know her man’s past, she’s crazy. You gotta protect yourself, lady!)

Matt has several criminal complaints against him including Malicious Mischief and Domestic Violence. Also, according to the women, Matt recently filed for bankruptcy, which the women think that if he doesn’t move in with Briana, he will have nowhere to go.

Traci wants to have a whimsical tea party. Tonya says “Hell No.” It seems like Traci is trying to plan her perfect baby shower, instead of Terra’s. Don’t you envision Terra’s being punk rock?!?

Briana is moving into her new condo and Christy is supposed to stop over to help her unpack, but first — surprise! There’s a knock at the door and it’s the three Ts. They’ve come to let Briana know that her man is shady. Basically no one likes Mat: her parents refuse to meet him, Leiana hasn’t met him, her friends think he’s shady and dangerous. Don’t worry matt, I pass no judgement on you, Matt. It takes a special man to not only be willing to have reality TV’s all-judging eye pointed upon you, and also to put up with the crap you’ve witnessed on this show, so we don’t expect you to be perfect. Briana has been told Matt’s past, but she’s willing to let his past go. It’s crazy what people will forgive and forget when they are in love and maybe her friends should have been more loving and less judging.

Christy and Todd go out for dinner. Christy nags Todd about his weight for the millionth time. Both Christy and Todd have been trying to lose weight so they can be healthy parents. When I interviewed Christy last summer, she was really positive about Todd’s efforts to lose weight; I wonder what changed.  Todd, who should be sainted for his patience with his outspoken wife says, “Honey, I love you, but you talk to me like you’re a supermodel.” Christy compares Todd’s food addiction to her addiction with alcohol, which is a fair comparison. Perhaps Todd should attend Overeater’s Anonymous, which also employs a 12 step problem and they can work on recovery together.

Later, Todd promises that he will make his diet and health a priority. “I saw fear and love in your eyes,” he says. Christy calls this moment Todd’s bottom, and “The only way he can go is up.” I wish both of them as they struggle with their addictions.

ElenaFashionElena is doing a sexy photo shoot for her clothing line EG Couture (There is a bridal designer by the same name — but I leave the name-sameness to the lawyers to figure it out). She has decided to make deigns for women of short stature and women of average stature. Her fashion mentor thinks she should stick to designing for little women and so does Tonya, but Elena doesn’t want her clothing line to discriminate. Of course Elena’s body doesn’t represent most the body of most little people. And since she’s the designer, of course the clothes look amazing on her. Tonya tries on a pretty tunic and legging and of her three designs; it is the one that will fit the greatest number of body types. Also, I’m always amazed by Elena’s flawless makeup, and I just found her YouTube channel where she gives makeup tutorials! I will definitely be checking it out, I would love to have fierce smoky eyes like hers.

Matt comes to visit Briana. My stomach hurts for her. She knows what she should do, even though it hurts her heart. She’s starting to question herself. Briana says she’s looking for a love like Bonnie and Clyde. Someone who is “Ride or Die.” I don’t think that those two are an example of lasting love, no matter how romantic the movie seemed.

Briana makes the difficult and heartbreaking decision to end her relationship with Matt. She tells him, “I know that I love you, but I don’t know if I’m strong enough.” She hopes that eventually she and Matt can work things out, but she can’t now. Poor Matt, it’s so awkward to have your heart broken in a restaurant, but he just can help his tears.

Little Women: LA "Friendtervention"Terra and Joe have an ultrasound. As a high-risk pregnancy she gets more ultrasounds than most other pregnant women. I love seeing ultrasounds. Hi baby — we see you even though you’re inside your Mommy’s belly (Of course we know now that Terra and Joe had a baby girl. Congrats!) The doctor believes that their baby has inherited achondroplasia but he won’t know if it has potentially fatal double dominance until he/she is born.

Little Women: LA "Friendtervention"It’s the day of Joe and Terra’s baby shower, where they’re finally going to reveal the gender of their baby! And…it’s raining. Boo! But the party looks cute in an Alice in Wonderland-way. FYI- Tonya has been dating a guy named John on the sly, and it’s time for her to introduce him to the gals. After friends and family arrive, Terra and Joe arrive carrying a giant box that will reveal the gender of their baby. After enjoying tea and treats, Joe and Terra open the box and pink balloons come floating out. Terra is overjoyed to have a mini-Terra, but still concerned that her baby has a 50% chance of inheriting double dominance.

We will have to wait and see the next chapter in the story of Terra and Joe in their new Lifetime special, followed by the premiere of their new series, Little Women LA: Terra’s Little Family. The new series premieres April 8.

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  1. It’s a travesty and an insult to the little people community that Tera and Joe have a small show, no offense but its of no interest to me. Her personality, attitude, backstabbing is a turn off.. and this woman is going to try and raise a kid? THAT is scary. She is self centered and her focus is on herself only and its evident. She is NOT a star but in her head she thinks she is. She is laughed at in Las Vegas when she did a show 2 yrs ago and I felt very bad for her, she is not a good person.

    The show was interesting with the other characters and that is the main draw.

    • Stop hating on Terra!
      So what she has a show to continue her journey
      Of child birth so everyone can see…I feel that’s a great idea for watchers who’s already following the show. Terra and Joe will be good parents.

  2. Where does they shop at I’m a little person to I’m trying to find.there store anyone.can help me out with the website is

  3. I loved this series! I know they help-ed give a better understanding of the difficulties they encounter, but more important, they are just like everyone else, living to enjoy life, have fun while doing it, and accomplishing the same things everyone else does! They are all just great!

  4. I commend these women for their intervention. Thousands of women each year are destroyed by domestic violence. This was not a he said / she said thing at all. These were serious charges and I’m sorry but, where there is smoke there is fire. Drinking to the extent he does, only serves to uncover who he really is. A man put his hands on me one time and I left. Briana, the fear and terror you can feel when at someone’s mercy is simply unbelievable! I am so glad for you, now begins finding you…

  5. Please dont end show look forward to seeing more of them oh poor Matt did like him for Brianna

  6. I think since the women did a background check on Matt and ruined Briana’s happiness…maybe someone should do a background check on JAA! for Tonya!!! I’m sure he has a history…that isn’t perfect.

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