Catfish Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Shy Catfish or Moocher?

catfish-ep4-tylerThis week on MTV’s Catfish, YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley helps Nev uncover the truth. Daisy wrote to MTV asking for help in finding out who her Instagram crush truly is. Daisy met Marcus on Instagram during the summer of 2013 when he asked her for her phone number. She willingly gave out her number and the two began texting all the time. Even though the two have each other’s numbers they still haven’t actually spoken on the phone yet. It’s also strange that Marcus does video production work but can’t manage to video chat with Daisy. For Nev and Tyler, all signs are pointing towards Marcus being a catfish and more likely a female since he won’t talk on the phone.

Daisy has gone through some of the hardest losses in her family, including losing one of her sisters and, soon after, her father. The worst part is that Daisy’s family blames her for her father’s death. Daisy’s parents weren’t happy to find out that their daughter had been dating another girl. When the time came for Daisy’s girlfriend to meet the family, her girlfriend had second thoughts. Everyone went with Daisy to pick up her girlfriend from the train station except for her father. Once her girlfriend realized how scared she was to meet Daisy’s family, Daisy was dropped off while the rest of her family went back home.

When they got there, they came home to the horrific scene of their father laying on the ground. He had suffered from an aneurism and stroke at the same time which ultimately took his life. The family blames Daisy that if they weren’t on their way to take her to the station to get her girlfriend her father would still be alive. I cannot imagine the pain that Daisy has gone through, but luckily she had Marcus to help her get through it. However, now Daisy feels like Marcus isn’t physically there for her and it’s not enough for her to just receive his texts.

catfish-ep4-daisyI don’t blame Daisy for wanting answers. What I do blame Daisy for is being naïve for not noticing how Marcus was using her. Daisy had bought Marcus a camera that was over one hundred dollars. She also gave him money and other gifts totaling around two thousand dollars. Marcus never thanked Daisy for the more than generous gifts or sent photos of himself with the gifts. Marcus now has a brand new camera thanks to Daisy but can’t even send a thank you photo? I guess not since he wouldn’t even send Daisy a birthday card like she asked him to. That would’ve been enough for me to dump him. What’s even worse is that Daisy’s mother has given her money to help finance all these nice gifts to Marcus. In my mind, either Daisy needs to pay her mother back all the money she owes her or forget all about Marcus.

Nev and Tyler start looking up who this moocher Marcus could be by starting with the phone number he uses to text Daisy. It’s registered to a lady named Sandra, which might not look too promising — however, she is associated with a guy named Marcus along with two other guys. So it makes sense that Marcus would have a phone number registered under his mother’s name along with his two brothers. They then realize that the last name associated with this number is also found on the Marcus Instagram account. This confirms that the Instagram is for Marcus, but that doesn’t mean Daisy has been talking to Marcus. She did put her number in the comments section which is public for everyone to view. Nev thinks that one of the brothers or even the mother could be the one actually talking to Daisy. Lesson learned: Never put private information in a public place because anyone can take that information and use it against you!

Nev tries calling Marcus to set up an appointment to meet with him. Just like Daisy suspected, he doesn’t answer, so Nev leaves a voicemail. Nev gets a text from Marcus later that night saying how he doesn’t want his private life out on TV and would meet with Daisy on his own terms. Basically Marcus seems like a coward playing with Daisy’s feelings once again. Instead of waiting on him, the gang head out to Ohio in order to surprise Marcus with a visit since Daisy has an address. Before they board the plane, Nev gets a call from Marcus. Seems like great news since the voice is a male’s and he agrees to meet up with them, but things quickly change from good to bad one they arrive in Ohio. Marcus calls the next day to tell Nev once again that he’s not ready and too afraid to meet. I’m not sure how Daisy was okay with the way he was treating her emotionally by promising to meet and then canceling. Once again, Nev gets a text later that night from Marcus saying that he’ll finally agree to meet with them but it has to be the next day. Marcus has had a few years to prepare, I’m not sure what a couple extra days will do to help?

catfish-ep4-daisy-marcusThey agree to meet with Marcus at a park and await his arrival. Once the man arrives, it’s — shockingly — the real Marcus in the photos on Instagram. I think everyone was pretty certain the person who was going to show up wouldn’t be Marcus, but it somehow was. Marcus starts to explain how he doesn’t like going out of his comfort zone and that’ why he would only text and didn’t want to meet up. As far as the gift situation, Marcus gives a ridiculous answer saying that he told Daisy from the beginning that he wouldn’t be able to return the favor. He was quick to receive the gifts but never wanted to even pay a few dollars to send her a postcard. Sounds like a real man…not! He also tells them that he only sends photos of his work and doesn’t like sending photos of himself. I might understand where Marcus is coming from on this thought. I don’t like taking selfies or even photos in general. However, if I were to be in a relationship with someone online, I’d want to make sure I know they’re real and they know I’m real with a photo. It’s common sense, Marcus.

The two seemed to hit it off pretty well, but decided to just remain friends. Daisy wanted something more, but Marcus was quick to push her into the friend zone. Poor Daisy. I think it’s better that Daisy isn’t in a relationship with someone who is only going to use her for material items. Being just friends with Marcus and talking on the phone is the best relationship for Daisy.

What were your thoughts on episode four of Catfish? Do you think Daisy was quick to jump into this fantasy relationship because she needed someone to talk to at the time? I think since Daisy’s family doesn’t communicate much talking to Marcus was a way for her to get her feelings out. Do you think it’s right for Marcus to have accepted the gifts Daisy sent? Sure she sent them but he could’ve told her he didn’t need them and sent them back. He also mentioned how he was struggling with money so I bet the money she sent was easy to take. Did you think Marcus was going to be real? I thought for sure it was going to be one of the brothers. Leave your thoughts below.

New episodes of Catfish premiere Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. I thought Daisy was being the pushy one.
    To me, it was clear that she lived to far for him and also that he was young and didn’t want to be in a relationship.
    Watching that scene in the coffee shop, she was forcing the issue. Even Nev caught on and that’s why he told her to take it slow beforehand.
    I lost my dad too and I exhibited the same behavior of being clingy. It wasn’t until my bf broke up with me that I realized my clinginess pushed him away.

  2. Did anyone also think that Marcus was high on drugs??? His eyes, slow talking, movement… Maybe not, but it looked very much like it.

  3. I thought it was going to be the mother. Like she was mentally sick about her boys growing up n leaving her alone. Daisy. If he is struggling now, run. By the time he is 40 you’ll have nothing but bad credit, no $, and bored. He is a bum.

  4. Daisy is so freakin HOT!!! I like the style,I like the personality and I love those eyes.
    Daisy if your out there,You have a fan in Cincinnati.

  5. I would love to know DAISYS real name, twitter, facebook or hell even her instragram page because Id be glad to show her my real pictures, name, who I am etc.. She is a EXTREMELY stunningly GORGEOUS YOUNG WOMAN… He (Marcus) doesn’t even deserve such a sweet loving person like Daisy…
    Ive been thru a lot of the same things as Daisy besides being Catfished.. I do agree that she needs to quit mooching & playing the victim like she does but we all have faults…

  6. I understand were Marcus is coming form in regards to not wanting to talk on the phone, but would rather text. I hate talking on the phone as well, but then again I am not good a maintaining a conversation and hate the dead phone silence. Easier for me to text. But Daisy is a knockout and Marcus didn’t even show much interest in her and in all honest the way he was acting made me thing he is a closet homosexual. Daisy needs to get a grip on her life as well and seemed to fall for the first person that paid attention to her.

    • I also don’t like talking on the phone that much because I personally don’t like the way my voice sounds. While texting is more comfortable, if I were talking to someone that I cared about or would possibly have a relationship with, I’d make sure we talked on the phone! Definitely didn’t think about the possibility of Marcus being homosexual, that’s an interesting take on the subject!

  7. Daisy annoyed me – how she plays the victim card. Not only did she lose her dad, so did her sister. Her mother also lost her husband. And why do you use your parent’s money to get someone a gift you can’t afford and don’t even make the effort to pay it back? Daisy’s the mooch.

  8. I thought Marcus wasn’t going to be who he said he was. I was a little afraid for daisy. Her situation with life was a little hard and if he was not the guy that could have messed her up.
    I would so like to meet her. She is an encouragement to me as well as others.

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