Nat Geo Wild’s “Secret Garden” a timely spring special

Here where I live, in southern Wisconsin, we suddenly started experiencing the first taste of spring over the past week. Temperatures in the 50s and 60s rapidly melted off about a foot of snow that had held firm on the ground for the previous six weeks, getting us ready for the official first day of spring this Friday. Amid the first stirrings of spring, it was timely that I was able to screen Nat Geo Wild’s new special Secret Garden, a lovely little program that similarly chronicles nature awakening to new seasons, and also timed in its airing near the first day of spring.


Secret Garden uses primarily time-lapse photography to show the incredible world that exists in everyday backyards and gardens, a lot of which people may not realize. The special races through the seasons that affect the garden, but not so quickly as to be unable to enjoy its secrets. At the start of the hourlong special, we rapidly see snow melting and giving way to warmer weather, much as it has here. As the seasons progress, we are introduced to a variety of plant and animal life, both nocturnal and diurnal, many of which are probably unseen by most people — from male lizards fighting over a female, to wily weasels pursuing mice, to kestrels feeding their chicks, to bees, snails, caterpillars, snakes and more going about their business.

It’s a mesmerizing and fascinating presentation, whether you have a garden or not. Like spring itself, Secret Garden is bright, colorful (make sure to watch it in HD if you can) and full of life, and a great way to kick off the season.

Secret Garden premieres March 22 at 10pm ET on Nat Geo Wild.


  1. I wish I knew, Kay. The end credits didn’t say exactly where it was filmed, but I agree it was lovely!

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