Dance Moms Season 5 episode 11 recap: All For One and None For All!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Dance Moms nation. If you’re not out there getting your corned beef and cabbage on, grab a green beer and let’s talk about what happened tonight.

We start in the Dancers’ Den where everyone is pretty cheery about beating the Candy Apples and what it might mean for pyramid. OK, almost everyone.


Let’s get her mind off her troubles and ask Jo Jo what she thought of Cathy, which should be entertaining. Jo Jo was expecting a little crazy, but she got THIS crazy instead.


Huh. It doesn’t appear to be the answer Melissa was expecting. Or maybe Jill tooted. One or the other.


Before we can think too hard about it, Abby bellows and the girls go running, mystery pieces of paper in hand. We relive our victory and slam Cathy a little bit more, with Jill leading the show.

Holly says yes, we won, but nonstop lyrical isn’t going to get our girls anywhere out in the real world of dance. And why did we start out the season by stepping out of our comfort zone only to head right back into it. Abby says Nia is the one who isn’t successful at lyrical is why. Jill steps in to moderate, saying that what Hol really meant was that we can’t always sacrifice expanding our horizons for the sake of a win.

Abby says it’s her studio and she can do whatever she wants. Which is to win. Which means lyrical. So shut it. Let’s move on.

Turns out the sheets of paper are the ladies’ homework assignment. They were instructed to write down positive reasons why Jo Jo should become a permanent part of the competition team on one side of the paper and reasons she shouldn’t on the other side. I’m going to wait to see how this exercise goes before I fully commit to hating it, but I’m pretty sure I hate it really, really much.

Abby prefaces the readings by saying that since Jo Jo doesn’t seem to hear criticism or correction when it’s coming from Abby, maybe it’ll sink in when it’s coming from her peers. Or maybe she’ll just feel bullied by the only friends she has in PA.

Mack goes first. And she starts with the negatives. Jo Jo is loud. Off in the group dances. A little too crazy. Melissa nods nervously. The good things are that she’s kind and a hard worker.

Maddie goes next. Bad things are Jo Jo’s timing issues and the loud thing again. But she is dedicated and hard-working. Clearly Maddie had help with her homework, because Melissa mouths along as she recites her list.

And back and forth we go between shots of Jo Jo, her composure slowly giving way, and her fellow dancers forced to do Abby’s dirty work.

Nia says Jo Jo takes opportunities from people who have been hear longer, but she is nice and a team player. Kalani says she lip-syncs on stage and we don’t get to hear Kalani’s good things.

Kendall says Jo Jo respects the other girls (good word, says Abby), but she’s still getting used to learning dances in two days. And also she’s pretty nuts in public.

jojo cries

Can we be done now? Please?

Holly says she’s impressed with how well Jo Jo took the abuse. And it pays off, when Jo Jo earns her ALDC jacket. At least for the rest of the season. Jessalyn solemnly swears to cause no trouble, legal or otherwise, so who wants to start the pool for how long until she breaks it? I call dibs on “this episode and maybe half of the next.”

The pyramid is actually a line-a-mid, because Abby says everyone did equally well on the group dance. Well, except that Maddie is at the top because of course she is. Maddie does her patented poker face.

This week we will be going to Philly for New York Dance Experience where Abby expects the competition to be fierce. Also, the judges will be critiquing the dances and dancers right there on stage. The girls think that sounds scary.

Three solos and a group dance will compete. The group dance is a musical theater bit (put ya hands up, victorious mothers!) called Decadent Darlings. A 1920s kind of thing.

First solo goes to Maddie — a contemporary piece called Mannequin. The news makes Melissa waggle her fingers in a way I cannot interpret

Solo No. 2 goes to Kendall. It’s also contemporary and will feature props. Abby says she’s doesn’t intentionally give Kendall all the mother-freakin’ prop dances … it just works out that way. This week, Kendall will be dealing with a steamer trunk.

Last solo goes to Nia and it is called The Color Purple. If she doesn’t place, she shouldn’t expect a solo for a long, long time. I don’t think Nia ever expects a solo for a long, long time … but anyway.

Moms are excused to the Mom Loft, where Jessalyn celebrates her entry to the Pitt Crew club, whether the others welcome her or not.

Abby (who has either resurrected the Flotsam Necklace for these last couple episodes or scored herself a new one — recap veterans, feel free to weight in) bops along to the ragtime-y group dance music and says it’s important for the girls to learn dances from the way, way back. Abby says they’ll probably lose because they only win with lyrical, but she’s willing to do that to make a point to the moms.


Melissa and Jill are summoned to go get props, which gives Jess the opportunity to commiserate with Holly about their kids suffering the most B.S.. “Is it because they can handle it?” she wonders, throwing in a little cray-cray face for good measure.


Kira says that even though Abby is nice to Kalani, she gets where they’re coming from and Holly says the new moms have her back more than the old, ass-kissing moms she’s known forever.

Things you can’t unsee:


Because Abby is going to milk this Sia thing as long as she possibly can, Maddie’s costume is a Chandelier-ian nude unitard and the dance features Chandelier-ian, robot-like movements. Melissa burbles that every week Maddie says her dance is her favorite, but she thinks she might mean it with this one.

Turns out Kendall has her steamer trunk because she’s Waiting On A Train to Paris. Is she doing well in practice? Huh uh. Huh uh. Huh uh. Huh uh. So sayeth Abby. Maybe some public humiliation in Philly will do the kid some good.


I know, Hol. I know. If it helps, I deeply love your sweater.

Also Nia hasn’t done one step of her solo yet. Let’s commiserate with Holly’s new besties. Kira says she, Jess and Holly are like The Three Musketeers of Pittsburgh! Jess-amis says the fact that Holl-thos has her back can only help her and Jo Jo.

Jill and Melissa return and Holl-thos freely admits that she and Jess-amis and Kir-athos were talking about the non-Musketeers, namely how weird it is that Holly’s now better friends with the newbies than with Jill and Melissa — especially with Jess, whom she labeled disgusting and an awful mother not too many episodes back. Water under the bridge. Jill says Jessalyn is temporary, but she and Melissa are forever. Plus, Jessalyn isn’t about Holly — she’s about what is best for Jo Jo.

Jess-amis says the Musketeers must reveal the All for One pact. Melissa says it won’t make a bit of difference because if Holly would just get off her high horse, maybe Abby won’t whip Nia so much. Plus, Jill says, she doesn’t believe there’s an actual pact to begin with.

Jess wants to know why they wouldn’t be part of a pact that would benefit everyone’s kids and Melissa, who clearly had a tough time in high school, says because it’s too much like high school. Like high school! High school! Now leave me alone to chew my gum.

Finally time to practice Nia’s The Color Purple solo, which is the kind of expressive, contemporary jazz piece that the girl does best. Except when she gets too caught up in the performance and forgets her technique, snarks Abby.

Kira and Jess assure Holly that Nia is a tough cookie and can take anything Abby hands out, and Jill says they’re just kissing Holly’s ass … and we all know that ass-kissing is wrong, ain’t that right, Jill? Downstairs, Abby tells Nia that she can’t keep rewarding her with solos if she doesn’t place … and also if Holly keeps giving Abby hell. Nia smiles proudly and asks Abby why she can’t put that aside when they are working together if she herself has done nothing wrong.


Abby responds with this: “So if somebody is a murderer, I should just put that aside and teach them a dance and forget that they murdered somebody?”

Congratulations, Abby. You just murdered common sense and good taste all in one exceptional kid-bashing bit of idiocy.

Nia shrugs it off and says Abby’s still bitter about what happened in L.A. with the singing thing and all. It’s water under the bridge. But Abby calls her out on it, anyway, and Nia says her time with Aubrey O’Day Recording Artist is separate from what happens here at ALDC. Abby gets in her face and says it is not either.

Nia and Holly talk it over in the hallway and Holly says that if Nia wasn’t a part of the studio for a full decade, she would pull her right now. I think it has more to do with contracts, but anyway … Nia says her fellow dancers keep her going, so at least there is that.

Holly tells her daughter that she should focus on how well she handles herself in the face of Abby’s negativity and use it to make The Color Purple the best dance Abby has ever seen her do.

Let’s go to Philly.

Abby says the only reason she is going through with this group number is to teach the moms a lesson, which begs the obvious question of why she herself believes — and is admitting, mind you — that she is a one-trick pony. If you say so, Tootsie. If you say so. And now we got it on film for posterity.

While the soloists prepare themselves, Abby says they also have to prepare themselves for the on-stage judging and to not lose their composure if the remarks are not kind and humiliate her in the process. The idea that the dancers might have to speak, too, gets under Nia’s skin, but her mom tells her to go out there and not leave the stage with an ounce of regret and she’ll be just fine.

Oh haaaaaaaay, judge Rachelle Rak, my Abby’s Ultimate, apple-biting favorite! This should be fun. You get to judge her dancers and Abby gets to sit there and take it. Look, Kalani, it’s Sas!

Nia’s costume and makeup are absolutely stunning and her solo is mature and powerful. Do I wish she had been allowed to perform this solo in a competition where she stands a chance of placing? I most certainly do. Do I think Abby would ever allow that? No.


Let’s hear from the judges. Judge #1, who shall be Red Dress Judge until I figure out her actual name, says Nia’s expressive eyes are gorgeous and she should use them more often. But nice work overall. Rachelle says Nia did great work, too, and her movements say, “Watch me and listen to my story.”

It’s up to some stagehand dude to tote Maddie out to the stage, which amuses Abby and Melissa to no end. The dance is even more Chandelier-ian than I suspected, but she dances the bejesus out of it.


In the audience, Abby grins fit to pee her pants.

Red Dress Judge, who is actually Lydia Haug, says she loves Maddie’s facial expressions, but she needs to watch her leg position on her chainés turns. Judge Jessica, whose eyebrows deserve their own show, says Maddie needs to relax her facial expressions and get smaller before she explodes … or something like that.


Abby looks miffed. Maddie’s smile lasts long enough for the host to loosen her death grip on her and then she solemnly marches off stage. Jill and Melissa bolt from the audience, but it’s not to comfort Maddie — it’s to assist the lady Waiting On A Train to Paris. Jill says she knows it’s only a matter of time until the other shoe drops on Abby’s kindness toward Kendall.

I’m a monster fan of this dance for Kendall, which makes the most of her body, her talent and her charming acting ability.


Judge Joshua Allen (who won So You Think You Can Dance in 2008) says Kendall has great stage presence and danced beautifully, but he would have loved a little more connection with the audience. Rachelle makes no sense whatsoever, in a very supportive way. And that’s about that. Melissa and Jill hustle out to remove the props.

In the audience, Abby’s lipstick is starting to bleed upward. Because I know you’d want to know.

Back in the get-ready, Jess decides to bring up the “little pact” again and Jill grouses, “Of all the times we have spoken up, you’re going to remember the one time we didn’t.” Holly says she’s completely missing the point. But at least she admits it, Hol. At least that.

The argument is broken up by the arrival of the girls who must sew some really unfortunate wigs into their hair. Abby says she hopes that she and Gia don’t hear the same old same old from the judges.

The dance is so blasted adorable that I watch it three times in a row, part to cleanse my emotional palate from the mom nonsense and part because it’s just so blasted adorable.


Rachelle, whose Farrah Fawcett hairdo thrills me to no end, says the girls breathed new life into the old-timey dances.


Lydia compliments their teamwork but reminds them not to rush the accent moments and use the floor a little more.

Awards time. Nia looks remarkably composed given that nothing good will likely happen here.

The first four solo awards go to no one in the ALDC, spelling some kind of bad news for Nia and Kendall (and speaking to the quality of the field, given the quality of the girls’ performances). Maddie takes the win and even she looks surprised for it.

The group gets third.

Let’s make it worse. Back in the get-ready Abby enjoys herself a big ol’ “told ya so” and says it’s back to no solos for Nia and all lyrical for group dances and that is that. She is the queen. The naysayers are mere dance moms, so “Get in your car, go home and make dinner.”


Let’s make it worse still. Since she got in a little trouble about the lyrical deal, Jill decides now would be the perfect time to tattle about The Three Musketeers’ pact. Explain it, won’t you, Holly? Jill can’t quite find the words. Holly realizes that nothing she says would get her out of this fix, so she half-heartedly takes a stab at it and then waits for hellfire to rain down.

Abby keeps herself in check and says either you support her unfailingly (and then go home and make a pot roast) or you find another team. Simple as that. Holly pushes back and says she supported Abby through losses and various other humiliations in L.A. and even through the lawsuits, but when Abby compares her kid to a murderer for going on a go-see that has nothing to do with dance, that’s another matter entirely.

The ridiculousness of the situation seems to be catching up with everyone. Well, not everyone


— but almost.

Unable to suppress a smile, Abby says she may perhaps have been going to extremes and Melissa says no duh — Abby always goes to extremes. Holly’s had her fill. She gets up and walks out, smiling all the way, and a stressed-out Jill — perhaps realizing that that leaves her alone in the line of fire — implores her not to leave. I love you! I hate you! I love you! I hate you! You are an emotional murderer … even if I started it. On purpose. Don’t go!

Melissa and Jill follow Holly into the hall, but she doesn’t really even need words to shut them down. Do what you will, ladies, but don’t expect Holly to support it. Or you.

Next week on Dance Moms, we’re headed back to L.A. soon — squee! — but not before we go one more round with Cathy (and yet another version of the Candy Apples).

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Was Abby not expecting what she got in the City of Brotherly Love? Which appalled you more — the group teardown of Jo Jo or Abby’s assessment of Nia? How long will the All for One and Three for Five pact last? What else is on your mind about this episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. I do not like Abby and the way she abuses the kids with the exception of Maddie and Makenzie. I only watch this show for Nia and the others (this does not include Maddie & Makenzie) as I feel they are all being verbally abused by Abby. I can’t believe that their mothers allow this to happen. No amount of fame and/or money is worth having someone call my child a liar, a looser and/or any thing else negative. That is not going to happen.

  2. I found Lori’s blog a little over a year ago after the first time I saw the show. Lori’s blog was on the first page entry of my Google search for: “Dance Moms fake”. If I hadn’t included “fake”, I never would have found Lori.


    She was more like a flabby queen from a TV scene
    I said don’t mind, but what do you mean, I am the one
    Who will dance on the floor in the round
    She said I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round

    She told me her name was Abby Lee, as she caused a scene
    Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
    Who will dance on the floor in the round

    Agents always told me be careful of what you do
    And don’t go around playing young girls’ parts
    And mother always told me be careful of what she does
    And be careful of what you do ’cause the lie becomes the truth

    Abby Lee is not my teacher
    She’s just the horror who claims that I am the one
    And this kid will not lose one
    And says I am the one, and this kid will not lose one

  3. Back again…suckered in again…in bed all day with a TV that only gets 3 channels…whatever reason, I watched…and thought that this was one of the worst episodes ever. From beginning to end. First the cruelty of having to write and then say bad things about JoJo and seeing a strong girl crushed down to quiet tears to Abby comparing Nia to a murderer. I mean…in what context could what Abby said have anything to do with Nia. Even her calling Nia a liar. It is Chloe all over again. She called Chloe a liar, too…for nothing. I mean, really!! It was finally too much for Nia, strong as she is and she was practically incoherent trying to tell her Mom about it. ‘Great opportunity’ or no, Holly, the time has come to mean it when you leave. Then Holly briefly feeling a little bit better that someone might back her up (even though I can’t ever see it really happening), but as fake as some of the show might be, those were real tears from the two strongest kids. Watching Abby do it to Chloe for 3 years wasn’t enough for Holly to speak up, but she is absolutely right that Jill and Melissa will never back her up. So there is Holly feeling a teensy bit better about the Mom loft, even after her talk with Nia and the murderer analogy and Jill tattles not like a teenager, but like a 10 year old. Gah!!!
    I always wondered if some of these competitions were staged. I just couldn’t imagine ALDC really winning as often as they appear to. I live in Lancaster, PA and have never once heard about them coming here, although they seem to a lot. I would have liked to have gone to see it live just once when the whole team was still together, but not now.
    Did anyone watch Dance Mums? Now that was a fun show! Reminded me of when this show started except even then Abby had the makings of the ultimate bully which has reached full fruition since her Mother passed. I think that knowing her mother was watching kept Abby in line just a teensy bit, but all bets were off afterwards.
    I found it interesting that Lifetime tried to bring legitimacy to the show with having people that we recognize from dance television there commenting on the dancers. After they praised Nia so highly, I thought for sure that she’d at least place. I did like Maddie’s routine this week, but think that should be the last Sia based dance. I noticed that Nia was still there in the previews for next time, so Holly’s dramatic exit was just that….dramatic with nothing behind it. I thought the group dance was super cute, too and sometimes wish we could see the other dances that win. They always show excerpts of the clunkiest dancers when they show ‘other performers’ so it’s really hard to tell. I agree that I’d like to see more of Kenzie and JoJo now that she’s a regular. More duets.
    I don’t know why Abby keeps giving Kendall solos. She hasn’t won in a long time. Even without Maddie dancing. Have to admit she always does the same solo, though so…anyway last night was another ‘best of Abby’s dance moves’ even on the cutesy number. That bit where they are on the their hands and do a walking with pointed toe in mud bit. Been away from dance long enough not to recognize the name of the move even if there is one. It was a move that was in almost every Chloe dance for the last 2 years. Sort of looks like they are going to do a squat thrust, but like they are stumbling to get up with pointed feet. I don’t know why they are going back to CA. Things haven’t changed any since they came back,. Maybe they put too much money into the new studio. Well we will see. I also have to wonder how long Maddie will keep Abby as a manager (if she really is her manager) with all that is happening for her.

    • As much as I want to like and respect Holly, she always just makes me mad with her hypocrisy. She has NEVER stood up for anyone but NIA. I can remember moments where Christi stood up for every kid who needed someone in their corner; Maddie never had that need, but if she did I absolutely believe Christi would’ve had her back. So when Holly starts whining about no one standing up for her or Nia, I remember how Holly never stood up for Chloe, Brooke, Paige, Kendall, or Mackenzie. I remember her voting for Maddie when Abby bullied Chloe by having everyone vote after a competition. And I remember everything she said about Christi and Kelly at the beginning of this season. Holly is reaping what she has sown.

      • Yup, I completely agree. You should see her twitter feed, full of excuses and “they never show what really was said or happened” blah blah blah…..karma works every time.

  4. Thanks Lori for the link info, now the judges comments make much more sense, they’re more in a mentoring role than actual judging. I too LOVE Rachelle Rak, she’s a class act.

      • I wish that Blake McGrath had been on the panel of judges, just to see what his opinion of the girls would have been, especially after working with Cathy those weeks….still not sure what the hell he was thinking when he agreed to that.

  5. This was a filler episode, not much happening. Will Nia/Holly go? From the previews it looked like Nia was excited about going back to LA. The Holly / Abby fight is the ongoing battle of “give my daughter more competition dances” versus WIN baby WIN. The discussion about lyrical group dances is really the same question – WIN versus give the girls more experience with a wider range of dances. This brings us to the split personality of Abby. She wants the kids to be well rounded and expand their performance skills but “it’s her name” so winning is the only goal. I guess it’s whatever side Abby wants to be on per episode.

    I was actually OK with the Jojo feedback. You either get Jojo or you dislike her. I love her spirit and performance skills. When not on the dance floor she doesn’t hear feedback from others. When she had to stand there and listen she heard it. It also served to develop the bond with her peers, now everyone knows the positives and negative of working together with Jojo.

    I liked the format of the dance feedback. The judges seemed respectful of experience/skill level (I projected this for all the performers) to give their comments. I loved Mattie’s performance. Yes, it reminded me of the Sia performance, but costume, hair, and facial expression was off the charts. The feedback from the judges was great for Maddie to hear and she will use this to spend more time addressing these issues. Kendall dancing was OK, but her performance was great even if limited. Better choreography and more performance opportunities would have helped. Nia is Nia. She is limited in her dance skill set but has found her niche. She has moments of great contact with the audience, story, performance with her eyes and her walk/body performance. Her dance was good enough to warrant more opportunities from Abby.

    I did miss Brynn (and would like to see Sarah again) and her amazing skills. Should be time for our younger stars to get to dance – Jojo and Mack Z.

    Non Dance Moms – In my humble opinion the link below leads you to one of the best performance/choreography I have seem. It’s Brynn Rumfallo and Jaycee Wilkins ages 11 doing Alexa Moffett’s choreography for My Conscience. Only 21,000 views?????

      • I couldn’t stand Jojo or her mother on AUDC, but they’ve both grown on me. Jojo is a little trooper for not letting Abby’s treatment the first few episodes get to her, she still smiles and does her thing and I can respect that. She reminds me a lot of Asia, amazing little performer but when it comes to group routines, she can’t keep up with the other girls. But really, how could anyone expect them to, those girls (with the exception of Kendall, and even she’s a beat behind most of the time) have been dancing together from the time they were in diapers, of course they’re going to have chemistry and that innate sense of timing together. I don’t understand why Abby focuses so much on groups anyway, duos and solos are much harder and judges remember individuals who do them well, you don’t see that in groups. Besides, if Abby expects those kids to ALL make it big (or at least she did back when the show first started), they have to rely on their OWN individual talents, not on groups. And wasn’t it that guy from Joffrey who adjudicated the finale of the first AUDC, that said competition kids usually don’t do well professionally?

  6. The lipstick remark almost made me laugh out loud at work! Genious recap. Now I can go watch the episode on demand. 🙂

  7. Does anyone know if the 2 group dances that placed First and Second this week were lyrical dances? If so, then maybe Abby has a point about only doing lyrical group dances. Regardless, I sure would like to see the 2 group dances that were better than ALDC’s group, because I thought it was blasted adorable, too!!

    • I’d like to see ALL of the dancing and none of the fighting. And as much Rachelle Rak as possible.

      • There’s an idea, Lifetime. Give Abby the boot since everyone hates her and have Rachelle Rak teach these girls, plus a younger team. And have them in front of real judges that give them critiques. That’s a show I would enjoy watching!

  8. I think the judges critiques were spot on, and there are plenty of competitions out there that do the same thing. I loved seeing Abby squirm when they dared to criticize Maddie’s exemplary “technique” – hah, I’ve always said that Kendall had better lines than Maddie and was a lot more graceful, and the judges confirmed it. I was also happy that they recognized how passionate Nia is when she really gets into a role, and that’s why she should be focusing on modern jazz/character pieces, her acting is better than Maddie’s will ever be, and it’s genuine, not over the top like Maddie’s is.

    • I agree with you on that. If you go back a little further Chloe was even a better dancer than Maddie, but because Chloe mom did not kiss Abby but and do everything she told her Abby put Chloe to the side and concentrated on Maddie and that is because Maddie’s mother is a push over and is only thinking of her self and her daughter. Christie even allows Abbie to abuse Makenzie and does not stick up for her. In my opinion if you are not Maddie you are not going to go anywhere on this dance team.

      • Do you mean Melissa allows Abby to abuse Mackenzie? I actually thought Chloe had better technique than Maddie, and at times, even Kendall was cleaner than Maddie. Maddie focuses so much on the “faces” and not completing moves, lots of judges (the Joffrey and now this panel) have called her out on it, but of course Abby has blinders on when it comes to her precious little star.

  9. @Anya, I agree with you that she is a sweet girl but I totally disagree on the fact that she doesn’t have a future in dance. Hell yes she does. She’s been dancing since she was three, if Abby invest more time on her like she did for others, Nia would be fantastic. I know she had a problem with her feet but other than that, she is a good dancer. She will go far in dance. I see her go far in dance than music. GO NIA (my opinion)

    • Absolutely I agree, as I said last week, there’s so much more to dance than those cheesy lyricals. Nia does amazing with character/modern pieces, and has proven herself several times that she is more than capable when given the right material.

    • Plus, I think Nia has made it pretty plain that she really wants to be a pop singer, but being a solid dancer is part and parcel of that aspiration. So good on her for staying committed to her training. Regardless of Abby’s opinion of her future as a dancer, Abby owes it to the girl — and to all of her students — to provide a solid dance education and set an example of proper, non-Whiplash adult behavior. That doesn’t mean she can’t offer corrections — she should. But cruelty, no and no.

      • Non-Whiplash adult behavior. I never realized Abby was the dance version of JK Simmons in Whiplash, but you have really hit the nail on the head there. I’m waiting for her to throw dance shoes across the room and slap Nia across the face next. I’m sure its, sadly, just a matter of time.

        • I’d be shocked if she lays a hand on anyone, given the lawsuits, and she does seem have found several ways to get criticisms said without her having to say them. Judging by the looks on everyones faces, lately, I think even the people on camera are heading for Over This-ville. (Get back to work now, Lori. Okaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy, Lori.)

          • Remember how, immediately after Kelly pulled her hair, she put her hands quickly behind her back? The brute has had lessons on how to appear non-brutish. She’ll push everyone else beyond the point of reason, then claim herself the “victim.” She is a despicable person through and through and I hope never to come across anyone like her in real life.

  10. What a colossal waste of episode. If ever anyone doubted this show is fake & staged, this episode proved it. NYDE is not judged or a competition of any kind. The professionals critiquing are not friends of Abby needing more airtime. I’m a bit surprised really that no one is reporting the truths of this show instead of the lies that this show perpetuates & the staged mom scenes to back up the fakery. Its really ridiculous to stage fake awards to show Maddie always winning. Since the kid hasn’t improved in years and Abby’s been banned from respectable legitimate competitions, this is what the show has become. LT setting up fake comps & fake awards. Its s scam & should be a cheesy Disney drama & not a reality show.

  11. I love Nia, and I think she is a sweet girl, but I think that there comes a point in every mother’s life when they need to gently guide their daughter into doing something else. I think Holly has her blinders on and I get it, I am a mother too but if my child was not spectacular at something, I’m not going to make her think that she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Again, I love Nia and think she’s a great kid, but I don’t think that she has a career in dance because she just doesn’t have the talent that some of the other kids do. This in no way condones Abby’s behavior, but I think that Nia needs to look at pursuing something else. Her solo was beautiful but not without errors, and in her group dances her flaws stand out more than before now the the dynamic of the group has changed from girls that have been dancing together since they were 3 to a bunch of strangers thrown together for the show.
    Why do I still watch??

    • I have to respectfully disagree with you – I really don’t think that Holly and Nia believe she is “the greatest thing since sliced bread” when it comes to her dancing – I think that for Nia, dancing is not the end goal. She is not a competition dancer, but she is still a talented performer. Competition dance is a beast unto itself, certain types of dancers do well in competition but poorly in commercial dance, others are great commercial dancers but don’t consistently win at competitions. Nia wants to sing and act, and with hard work she has the potential to succeed at both (her voice needs to mature and she should probably continue to get acting coaching) – she therefore just needs to have enough dance ability to complement her singing and acting, and continuing to dance can only help her, not harm her. I also think that just because she doesn’t win at competitions doesn’t mean she should stop dancing, dance is about so much more than winning. She is taking away from it lessons in perseverance, and team work, and discipline, and passion. Competing is teaching her performance, and confidence, and stage presence. Not winning is teaching her to be a graceful competitor, and to truly cherish those moments when she does win (Nia actually places quite a bit at competitions outside dance moms, and even when she doesn’t place, she is often one of the recipients of scholarships and other awards). All in all, dance is a big part of shaping her into a phenomenal human being and as long as she loves doing it she should keep at it.

      • You do know ALDC doesn’t attend real competitions right? Its all staged by LT for TV & the award placements are faked & staged to promote Ziegler’s. Have no idea why they think those particular kids deserve all the fake wins but I’m sure they expect ppl to believe it & hire them.

        • Can you site your sources? I’m not saying you aren’t being truthful but I’d like to see for myself rather than hearing it second hand.

          • If you click on the NYDE link in the blog, it takes you to its web site, where it it’s pretty plain that they are more about showcases than actual competition. Rachelle, Joshua, Lydia and company are listed as faculty, not judges. I think we can pretty safely consider this a scripted show with amateur actors, but it won’t make anyone feel better about the real emotional attacks and tears.

        • john paul, that is a two sided thing. You’re right, what is filmed on TV is staged in that each dance is filmed twice, the results can be skewed toward ALDC at times. But it doesn’t completely explain. And some of these are real competitions for sure. things like Chloe beating Kamryn that time in the overalls when Abby threw a total fit and tried to get them to change it. But yes, heavily skewed. There are ‘real’ competitions that they do indeed attend, and not just the junior elite competition team attends. There are competitions that will not allow them to film (like Nuvo) that are quite legit that the girls also do quite well at. The Ziegler girls ARE good dancers for sure, but so are the other girls.

          • I’ve come to suspect at times that Lifetime is running a “competition-within-a-competition.” That is, they take the girls to a real event with a real dance competition, then film their own “fake” competition, where they control the results, within that. That explains how 3 ALDC girls can take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and the group can win week after week. It also explains why websites that ran the real competitions do not show results for ALDC girls. And it explains the empty auditoriums and almost empty stages during awards, with close-in camera work on the ALDC girls. Just a theory.

        • I think Lifetime calls for studios who want to compete against the ALDC for the show and the pool of competitors is from there, not the general population and is separate. They do other competitions though where they do face the general population, they just aren’t filmed.

      • Agreed! Plus Albeit Nia is a performer, I’ve never seen her give Nia choreography in her solos that pushes her technique (which sets her score higher), she obviously has some skills since she is in the group lyrical dances and they score if not 1st with them then in the top 3. Nia could probably handle more mature choreo, she gets no where near the difficulty level of Kendall and Maddie and honestly Maddie is on a whole other level but the besides God given ability she also has a lot of practice with solos, duets/trios, and groups, and let’s be honest positive coaching reinforcement. Can’t get better if you’re never given better. Like I said, do I think Nia could perform a Maddie solo as skillfully, of course not, Maddie’s technique excels, but performance wise I do enjoy watching Nia, she has a presence on the stage and if Abby could incorporate a little more technique into these performance pieces, Nia could probably always place. Although I do see she often gets awards for entertainment, performance, energy, but if Abby is so concerned with Nia placing, a little more technique. HONESTLY I’ve been saying this for years, Kendall and Nia need to work with each other. Kendall’s technique is excelling but she often lacks the performance vibe that makes me wanna really know what’s going on, she’s gorgeous, but still something a bit lacking. With Nia, she’s al performance and can draw you in, but the technique is just not up to par and I bet if these too traded off a little what each other has they could be unstoppable. I’d love to see Abby give them a duet that she actually gives them attention to learn and clean!

        • Nia’s had some amazing solos, that one about Maya Angelou was stunning and she absolutely nailed it. Also the one where her head piece slipped right at the very end was one of her best performances to date. I’ve said it before and will say it again, someone get that kid enrolled at Debbie Allen’s studio in LA, she would be an absolute perfect fit and if anyone can bring out the best in that young lady, it would be Debbie. Lori, get workin on that interview lol, you have sources, what good are they if you can’t use them? LOL

  12. The teacher and parent sanctioned takedown of Jojo was one of the worst things I’ve seen on this show. I love watching the Dance Moms girls dance and grow up – it reminds me of when I was young – but this reminds me of the worst part of being a preteen and teen, when girls are bullied into letting go of the parts of them that are not ‘girly’ enough, the parts that are loud, fun, confident, silly, and creative. Instead, they are encouraged to be ‘quiet’, ‘hardworking’, ‘a team player’. That their teacher instigated this exercise, and all the parents nodded along, and Jojo was rewarded for taking it quietly… how terrible for all of those girls, and how horrible of the adults who were supposed to protect them.

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