Shameless Season 5 Episode 9 recap: “Carl’s First Sentencing”

Last week on Shameless Carl set Chuckie up for a nice fall. Er, should I say Frank convinced Carl to set Chuckie up for a nice fall that Frank himself called in to get his revenge on overbearing control freak Sammi. Here’s what happens this week on Shameless Season 5 Episode 9: “Carl’s First Sentencing”

Frank tells Bianca this is the best place in the city to yell at God

Frank: Back at the hospital for a checkup on his arm his doctor flips out and runs out of the room. Frank chases after her and she confesses to him that she was just diagnosed with cancer and needs a drink. Frank’s favorite thing so he takes her to the Alibi and she proceeds to tell him – she has never done anything illegal as far as drugs. She also happens to have lots of money. Frank likes doing drugs and has no money. Match made in heaven! Off to buy drugs they go and spending the day/night/next day/night with each other just talking about life, punching old enemies and having fun. Finally on a bus ride Bianca passes out on Franks shoulder. He decides to ransack her wallet and steal her money. Turns out he looked up her address and took her home, and didn’t take the money. Awe that Frank does have a sweet honest side. Never thought I would see that.

Fiona inspecting a beaten up Carl

Sammi, Carl and Chuckie: Carl’s still in the clink from the drug bust and the cops are trying to hound him to give up a name to his guy. Carl refuses to do so because he’s no snitch. He also seems quite proud that he is such a bad boy too. Fiona is trying hard to get him to understand the seriousness of his crime. Meanwhile, Sammi is with Chuckie doing the opposite, trying to get him to understand he needs to harden up. Getting back the results of his IQ test we find out Chuckie is not to bright but I think we figured that out by now. Sammi in turn explains to him that he needs to learn how to “please” the guards. On her way out Sammi goes to have a little chat with Carl and in turn beats the crap out of him. At the hearing we see a beat-up Chuckie who tells Sammi the other boys did it because Carl told them he was a snitch.  Chuckie’s sentencing is up first and he shows his lack of smarts to the judge and is pretty much clueless. Sammi speaks up for him trying the woo the judge. The judge then gives him the minimum amount of time in juvie and early release for good behavior. Carl on the other hand, looking all cleaned up and dapper, does not heed Fiona’s advice, goes off on the judge and wants the maximum. He feels that he will get a better education and life living in juvie. Before they get on the bus Sammi goes to visit Chuckie and gives him a new prison tattoo to boot. Getting on the bus a still very clueless Chuckie is grabbed by a group of guys that proclaim he’s with them now. That’s when we see he has a swastika tattooed on his head. Oh boy! Why the heck would you do that to your kid, Sammi? Carl then takes a seat and a guy sits next to him, says he knows what he did. He knows that Carl could have snitched to make things easier for him but since he didn’t Carl is now in with their crew. Poor Chuckie is going down.

Fiona: Seeming like she has resorted to the fact that her & Gus are over takes the ring off. Which of course Sammi then rubs that in her face too. Trying to kick her out of the Gallagher house isn’t working so swell either. Later at work her boss Sean is very distraught because he finds out his ex is moving out of town and taking his son with. She manages to squeeze in asking if she can get Ian a job and he tells her to bring him by the next day. Going to Patsy’s to meet him he’s not there and she then tracks him down at his house and finds out he had a meeting with his PO. Turns out because of his probation he can’t move to Pittsburgh and is quite distraught about it so she stays to console him.

Lipp: Still trying to figure out his tuition, he decides to sit in on one of his classes so he doesn’t fall to behind. Turns out his professor, Helene, is smoking hot. Going to speak to her after class they end up having a little rendezvous in her office. Later, back in the dorms, he is encountered by a mad student that he got his pot stolen out of his room. He demands Lipp track the guy down since he is after all the RA. Lipp finds the guy, and it turns out he is a computer science major so he asks him if he can hack into financial aid to say his tuition is paid. After a failed attempt he goes to talk with the financial aid guy and finds out that the guy has an extremely rich friend who is willing to give him a loan to pay for school. Yay, Lipp can stay in school! So he goes to Helene’s house to tell her and she ends up seducing him because he looks like some Austrian painter she really likes. Laying in bed we hear her husband comes home. Lipp, rightfully so, is extremely freaked out by this and is trying to bail before he finds out. Helene just laughs at him and doesn’t seem to care. Apparently they are one of THOSE couples because the husband was very pleased to meet Lipp. Even offered him some food. I almost thought for a second that the financial aid guy was her hubby…

Rape Walker Kev

Kev and V: Kev, still living the college dream, has become known on the campus as the “Rape Walker” — you know, the guy who walks home drunk chicks so they don’t get raped. So after numerous rescues and several sober propositions he gets a call that is a set up with some of the campus guys. They accuse him of messing up their lives and to go get a wife. Kev in turn tells them he does have one and shows them a picture of V and they can’t get over how hot she is and don’t understand why he’s getting with the college girls since he has her. After spewing out out his feelings about the situation he realizes how much he misses V and decides he’s done being the rape walker.

A whacked out Ian

Ian and Mickey: Ian clearly needing to get on some meds has a major freakout that the MP’s are coming grabs a bat and almost takes off Debs head with it. Luckily Mickey can persuade him  to calm down and to go get back on his meds. At the clinic they ask a ton of questions, like how long he needs to be on them and the nurse tells him in some cases people can go off them after a certain amount of time. Ian asks how long and she says 30-40 years. It finally sinks in to him that he is now on these for life and it doesn’t seem to be sitting so well with him.

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  1. Nice recap. I’m still a bit confused by the whole Frank and doctor pairing. Quite an odd couple, albeit entertaining. I especially liked when she punched the woman in the nose since she stole the boy she liked at prom from years back! I guess if I had pancreatic cancer, I’d do crap like that too!

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