Tyler Perry celebrates his OWN series with a “Too Darn Hot Party”

oprah-winfrey-tyler-perryTyler Perry and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network both have reason to celebrate. Perry’s four series for the network — The Haves and the Have Nots, For Better or Worse, Love Thy Neighbor and If Loving You is Wrong — have become hits, and have recently been renewed for more episodes.

To celebrate this success, and their partnership, OWN and Tyler Perry are presenting an event called Too Darn Hot Party. Perry hosts this event at his home, and the special offers an exclusive look behind the scenes.

More from OWN:

“From the intense pre-event planning to candid moments with celebrity guest attendees (such as Oprah Winfrey) to a surprise performance by superstar Mary J. Blige, Tyler grants OWN’s cameras unprecedented access to document all of the festivities. In addition, the special is full of surprises. A “superfan” is stunned by Tika Sumpter (Candace Young on “The Haves and the Have Nots”) with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the party.  Also, magic occurs more than once during an after party “jam session” with Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holliday. The special also includes fan videos, memorable scenes and interviews with cast members from Tyler’s OWN shows, as well as reflections by other celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Ava DuVernay, Iyanla Vanzant, Niecy Nash and Loretta Devine.”

Too Darn Hot Party airs March 17 at 10pm ET/PT on OWN.


Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry at the Too Darn Hot Party: Credit George Burns. Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios


  1. The “Too Darn Hot Party” was fabulous, I made up my face, sipped on some light spirits and day dreamed like I was there as I watched with my mom and hollered in the other room to my sister when something exciting was shown! Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry, you two have built dynasty’s that I enjoy supporting. Thank you both for positive entertainment!

  2. I love everything Tyler Perry creates. When I know I will not be at home to watch his series I DVR them. However, I did not know that his Too Darn Hot Party was going to be aired on OWN network. May you PLEASE show it again?

    B. C.
    Detroit, Michigan

  3. Mr. Perry, I have been a fan since your theatrical live plays in Sacramento. I work part time in a Hair Salon and we all love you and talk highly of all your productions, there’s so much we can talk about with high regards for your work. However, your party that was seen on OWN was exceptional making me wish I could have experience such a moment. I know its only for your family, cast and close friends but, do you ever consider inviting a few loyal fans also, and giving some a chance to experience the moment. The comments from your cast made me cry they truly appreciate you and Oprah.
    God Bless you and your future in film and television.

    A loyal fan,
    Regina (aka, Reggie) Hicks
    Sacramento, California

  4. Mr. Perry, look where God as brought you from. Stay humble, continue to seek God first and know HE AIN’T THROUGH WITH YOU YET. I enjoy the shows, I laugh, cry, giggle and feel better just watching your shows, they all touch my heart and spirit…..Much love and blessings to you.

  5. Last night was exciting, I had so much fun watching the party Tyler made me feel like I was right in the middle of everything such an awesome time can’t wait to see what is next. Mr. Perry you are such an awesome person and humble. My God be the Glory.

  6. Hail to Oprah and Tyler. I have never in my entire life (even during maternitiy leave) watched soap operas, but I can’t miss an episode of these evening once-weekly shows. I record and watch episodes over just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. They are all awesome. Keep up the good work! Love you both!!

  7. I love you very much Mr Perry and Ms.Winfrey. However, I must say that yes The haves and the have nots is a great seat edger but the best show that my family loved for years is The House of Payne it would be very wise to bring that show back to the forefront of television trust and believe you won’t go wrong with the best sit com ever on TV. Love your number 1 Fan

  8. I adore all of the celebrities, my thought is there are many fans that will give an arm or leg to be able to attend one of those parties. I know this is a celebration for you all, but boy what would I give, and I probably wouldn’t know what to say, but the opportunity. I know you have received a lot of these message. Not looking for special treatment,(I lied), but the thought is nice. I will always enjoy Tyler, and his plays, which is where I got started, he, his cast, his support for other is awesome. my bag. I don’t expect to here anything, but I did post. Love and God bless.

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