Lifetime Delivers New Series Based on Pregnancy of Little Women: LA Star, Terra Jole

Terra-Joe-bumpTerra Jole and Joe Gnoffo’s high-risk pregnancy has been one of the main focuses of this season of Lifetime’s Little Women: LA. Now, the couple has decided to document the arrival of their first child in a new unscripted program, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family. The 10-episode series premieres April 8, at 9pm ET and will be shot in near real time as Terra approaches her due date later this month. Before the series’ premiere, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family Special will take a look back at Terra and Joe’s pregnancy journey so far on Little Women: LA.

The series looks like a sweet peek into Joe and Terra’s relationship and will offer incredible insight into the challenges that parents of short stature face. And with Terra’s frank, no-holds barred personality, I’m sure it will be incredibly blunt and revealing (and hilarious).

Terra and Joe, both people of short stature, have decided not to undergo amniocentesis during the pregnancy to determine if their child has any form of dwarfism. Both choose to love their child for whoever he or she may be; including if the child inherits genes for dwarfism from both parents. This condition, called “Double dominance” occurs in 25% of all cases where both parents have a form of dwarfism, and the condition is usually fatal for the baby.

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Terra and Joe are both performers and have been together for seven years. Terra has toured with top celebrities including Miley Cyrus, recently released her own single “Booty Bee” and is currently working on her new album. Joe, a musician in Mini Kiss, is now playing drums in a Nirvana tribute band, Nirvanish.

Little Women: Terra’s Little Family Special > Lifetime > Tuesday, April 8, 8pm ET
Little Women: Terra’s Little Family > Lifetime > Tuesdays at 9pm ET, beginning April 8


  1. The change in Joe is amazing; Terra is her usual self and their lovely little angel is adorable; I cannot wait to watch Terra’s little family when it airs here in South Africa.

  2. I fell in love with this show the first time I watched it. Terra was so strong thru this pregnancy and all the fears that come with not juat the pregnancy, but what was to come after Penelope was born. She was amazing. As for Joe I am completely in awe at the changes in him as a partner. He has completely changed everything about himself. He is there body and sole for both his girls and it’s heart warming to watch. You have become a role model for all men and fathers. You both are very blessed with such a beautiful little Angel. God Bless your family.

    • I could not have agreed with you more; I thoroughly enjoy watching the program and I am so excited to watch Terra’s little family.

  3. I think terra got pregnant because whomever got pregnant first got the new show. I think all she’s after is the money you pay her and Joe too is the same!!! She wanted a baby for the show and the money and Jose to marry her. He only wanted the money from the show and would do whatever for the money. They make me sick!!!!!!!!

  4. I am proud of all the ladies of little wishes are to be their.friends Idon;t miss the episodes show every wensdays on lifetime well wish you ladys the best and hope from you all ut my hello goes to lila.

  5. This would be a boring show. No offense by Terra Jole is not a star and she acts like she is, she is a mediocre singer and dancer. I like the show as it brought awareness and was entertaining but she acted as if she were a big star and she is not at all. Her attitude and personality and lack of talent was a big turn off and I will not be tuning in to the pregnancy show.


  7. I love the show and all the great little person in the show.The only Reality show that shows what little person goes through and real life drama, Real relationships,friendships and love for one another through the up and downs. The truest Reality show on Tv. I would to see this great Reality Show to continue…..

    • I love this show and i love all of the characters. I would love to see these same characters come back. It seems like everytime a show comes out and it get good they always seems to take it off the air and do not return with it. I would love for this to come back.

      • The majority of the characters were entertaining, Terra Jole was a big turn off. She is very fake and let you see only what she wanted you to see imho.

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