Catfish Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: “Armani Brown Still on the Loose”

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catfish-ep3-nev-angelOn this week’s episode of MTV’s Catfish, Nev recruits the help of hip-hop artist Angel Haze. Since Max is still missing for a few more episodes, Angel was able to bring her personal touch to the Catfish set. While she may not have been on the show before, Angel has been a victim of catfishing. She even went as far as going to meet the person until it was revealed that she had been lied to the whole time.

With Angel beside him, Nev gets an email asking for help from 18-year-old Harold from Illinois. He met now 21-year-old Armani online back when he was a freshman in high school. Armani lives only four hours away from Armani, but the two have only been able to communicate through texts and phone conversations. Armani told Harold that she works as a janitor at a local school, so at least that part sounds promising. The two messaged each other for a couple months, but Harold respectfully broke off all contact with Armani once he started dating a girl at his high school. I can already tell that Harold is a true gentleman, which means he’ll get a lot of fans from this episode. Harold has had other girlfriends, but he didn’t feel like anyone understood him quite like Armani did. They continued to talk almost every day soon after.

Everything sounded perfect until Armani started to sound fishy. For one, Armani always had an excuse for why she couldn’t video chat with Harold. She’d either say she didn’t have a webcam or something was wrong with the camera she had. Harold also forgot to mention that Armani has a baby boy named Jrue. Apparently he knew about Armani being pregnant while they were talking since she confessed the truth. She told Harold it was a mistake to be with the baby’s father and now he’s sitting in jail. One of the craziest things about Harold’s story is that he’s only seen one photo of Armani in the four years that he’s been talking to her.

I have a better imaginary relationship with my celebrity crushes thanks to all the images I can find on Google. I’m not sure how you held on so strong with just one photo of her, Harold.

catfish-ep3-haroldHarold has just started his freshman year at college and it’s already been a rough start for him. Sadly, he lost seven close friends the past summer due to gun violence. Having your friends with you to share the experience of getting ready for college is something all seniors in high school look forward too. Unfortunately for Harold he wasn’t able to experience one of the best summers of his life, but Armani was there to always catch Harold when he fell and talk with him through the pain. The last thing Harold needs at this moment is for Armani to be another struggle in his life. He needs to get down to the bottom of this fishy situation.

Nev and Angel try searching for Armani with everything they have but don’t have much luck. They decide to look up Armani’s old phone number and find that it’s registered to a man named Marcus Brown. This is a hopeful discovery since Armani’s last name is Brown. It’s possible that Marcus is her father. Nev takes the email address associated with Marcus Brown and finds a page for basketball recruitment. A girl named Tamila is shown linked to the email address but she doesn’t appear to be the same girl in the Armani photos.

They proceed to get in contact with some of Armani’s friends who previously tried to get catfish-ep3-nev-angel2in contact with Harold. First Nev contacts Deshyla who ends up telling him that she just got back from meeting with Armani. She confirms that Armani talks about Harold all the time and that Jrue is Armani’s baby. It was questionable who Jrue’s mother was since Armani’s other friend, Babay, posted a photo of the baby on her page as if it were her son. Babay also seemed to talk the way Armani did so it’s possible that Armani could be any three of these new girls they’ve discovered.

Nev sets up an appointment to meet with Armani but she acts like she has no idea why Nev from Catfish would be calling her. If this wasn’t a clear sign that the girl is lying, I don’t know what is. She continues to make herself seem like a huge liar once she tells Nev that all of her information and photos are hidden because other people would steal them. Her reasoning behind why she never sent Harold a photo was because he never asked and she just never took one. Everyone has an Instagram or Snapchat in today’s world. Taking and sending a photo is so easy it can be done blindfolded. How would she or Harold not think about something like this? Armani tells Nev she’s super nervous to meet Harold because she wants everything to remain perfect the way it is. Clearly she’s hinting that she’s been lying to him this whole time but I give her credit for allowing the crew to meet up with her.

They arrive at the address and wait for someone to come downstairs to meet them. Not catfish-ep3-meetupsurprisingly, Babay comes out to greet the crew. However, it is a shock once she tells them that she’s not Armani. Babay tells them that Armani is inside, super nervous to meet them. She asks that they’ll be really nice to her in order for her to come out. Right, because you haven’t been mean or rude to Harold for lying to him this entire time? Sure enough, Tamila walks out and reveals that she’s behind the Armani account. It’s clear that Harold is upset by this discovery and Tamila is upset by Harold’s reaction. Tamila, did you really think Harold would be running to you with open arms and be happy that someone he’s cared about for so long has been lying to him this entire time? This isn’t any Disney fairytale story that you’re in charge of writing, this is the real world that you’ve been hiding from.

Tamila and Babay seem to think this whole thing is a joke by the way the two are constantly laughing. Babay even mentions that Tamila is constantly on her Facebook account in order to spy on Harold. Tamila’s friend Deshyla — the girl that accounted for Armani being real — has been a part of the Armani account as well. Nev tries to have Harold and Tamila talk, but all Tamila seems interested in are some sexual favors. That’s enough awkwardness to make everyone clear out and leave for the day.

The crew tries to meet with Tamila again the next day, but she still doesn’t seem to understand that what she did to Harold was absolutely wrong. They leave without really saying any goodbyes and it seems that Harold wants to keep it that way. Tamila has tried to reach out to Harold after filming the show but he hasn’t replied to her. It doesn’t seem like Tamila minds, since she still has her “Armani Brown” account posted on Facebook. (Warning to all Facebook users: Armani Brown is most likely Tamila from Catfish.) Harold has moved on saying he’s forgiven Tamila but has no interest in keeping in contact with her. He’s been casually dating but still hasn’t found the right one. I know he’ll find her soon and she’ll be one lucky girl. Best wishes to you, Harold.

What were your thoughts on the third episode of Catfish season four? Would you be able to keep a relationship with someone if you only had one picture to look at for over four years? I’m surprised that Harold was okay with this since physicality was important to him. He was immediately attracted to Armani from her photo but fell for her even more once he got to know her more. Do you think Tamila feels sorry for what she did to Harold? I don’t think I ever heard her give him a sincere apology in this episode. The least she could do is give him a sincere apology. I personally loved seeing Angel on the show. I felt like we shared the same reactions throughout the episode and she kept me laughing the entire time. Did you enjoy her input on the show? I wouldn’t mind if she stayed for a couple more episodes. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

New episodes of Catfish premiere Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. That’s Kankakee for u we hood as fuck everybody like damn she made kankakee look bad no she didn’t that’s how kankakee really is hate to say it

  2. Really……tamila…….that was so low down and to top it off all she did was laugh it clearly looks like tamila has a mental disability….. No shade but I’m being honest…… And to Harold your are so sweet you will be blessed keep doing what you are doing best of luck harold

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