Dance Moms Season 5 episode 10 recap: Upsettin’ the Apple cart and robbin’ the cradle


First of all, Dance Moms nation, I’m sorry for botching the blog post six ways from Sunday last week. Bad case of the donna-mos, I guess. I’m back on track, I swear.

We open with Gia at the front desk greeting dancers and mothers, including Ashlee and Brynn. Yay! Ashlee’s back! Ain’t that right, Jill?

dance-moms-season-5-episode-10-jill-ashlee Right.

Everyone’s in shades of green as we gather for pyramid and Abby’s bangs are in fine form…because I know you’d want to know.

Bottom of the bottom is Nia, because her dance was dumb and Abby’s knows it and that wasn’t Nia’s fault. Then Jo Jo, who didn’t stand out in the group routine. Abby says that’s a good thing, though. Rounding out row three is Mack and she gets a compliment to go with her crummy placement, too — way to grasp the choreography, young’un.

Row two begins with Kendall. It’s her birthday AND Abby thinks her solo was outstanding. Then some nonsense about staying the age that Maddie isn’t that everyone looks bored with. Next is Maddie, who has mastered her poker face this season. It’s probably the “I’ve got Sia and I don’t need you” face, but apples to apples, I say.

Kalani gets top of the pyramid. Her solo was the highest scorer of the day.

This week, we’re going to Sheer Talent in Wayne, New Jersey, which everyone seems excited about — until Abby mentions that Cathy and the Apples will be there, too. Holly says it’s weird that they’ve seen so little of her, so something is sure to go down.

Maddie gets the first solo because, one, we are going up against Cathy and, two, because the “Chandelier” video got nominated for four Grammys. Well, not quite, Abby. “Chandelier” the song got nominated for three Grammys and the video for one, but there’s no arguing that Maddie made that thing mesmerizing.

Abby’s so excited that she’s going to the Grammys! Except for one teensy problem.



<chortle> Atta girl. No wonder your mom is sucking her teeth so much these days.

The next solo goes to Brynn. It’s called “Diamond in the Rough” because that’s what Abby thinks Brynn is. She just needs a little ALDC polishin’.

The group dance will be called “Dance in the Rain.” Because we can’t wait for the storm to pass. We dance in the rain. Because the rain never stops when Abby Lee Miller is your Mother Nature, children.

Oh and one more thing. Mackenzie and Nia are both national title winners at Sheer Talent, so put your crown and your banner in your suitcase because you get to wear them when you hand out trophies … to other dancers. Abby wonders why Nia isn’t smiling. If she can’t smile about this, she shouldn’t ask to compete for another title.

Oh fer God’s sake, says Holly (who either has something weird going on with her hair or has a power cord coming out of her head these days).


The kid is just standing there! Enough with the nitpicking! Even Melissa nods along. It gets the moms excused into the dancers den, where we talk about how unfair Abby is to Nia. Brynn didn’t smile either when she got a solo, so what’s up with that?

Oh haaaayyyyyy, Welcome to Ohio sign! Where you been, my roadside bestie?!

dance-moms-season-5-episode-10-ohio-signNice to see John and Mary still have jobs.

At the home of the Apples, Cathy tells her dancers that she’s been observing the ALDC carefully and their trip to L.A. didn’t go so well. Ain’t that right, Erin Babbs, who is standing beside her, ready to bust out some Abby-beating West Coast choreo.

Nuh-unh, says Abby. She has dancers at Radio City Music Hall and group dance choreography that’s feminine and pretty because that’s what wins. Unless Nia screws it up.

Up in the Mom Loft, Ashlee wants to know if Abby’s attitude toward Nia is still about the Aubrey O’Day Recording Artist thing and the Pitt Crew moms say pretty much. Holly says she isn’t sorry one bit, but she IS sick of fighting. Jill asks if that means Hol would have a little peacemaking chat with Abby?


Uh, no.

When we come back from commercial, Abby is talking to Brynn and Maddie about competing with each other and Maddie admits she’s the nervous one because of Brynn’s technique. Melissa cackles from on high.

Brynn’s solo looks a lot like a Maddie solo and she is a well-behaved little soldier like Maddie, too. The other mothers tell Ashlee not to get too excited about the effusive praise because everyone has had a honeymoon phase — and everyone has seen what happens next. Ash wonders if they’re just feeling threatened. Jess says au contraire —she’s tickled Brynn is there, because new toys make Abby happy and she’ll lay off Jo Jo now.

Jill handles the obligatory “why does the new kid get a solo” spiel, so we can get that out of the way and move on. To Abby telling Ashlee that God made Brynn special. However. If she goes to the competition as Abby’s next big thing and screws up, she’ll face the wrath of God — whoops, nope, the other mothers.

And we’re back in Ohio, where Erin Babbs’ group routine, “Torn,” requires McKenzie Morales to dance with the world’s largest taupe bedspread tied around her waist. Or maybe it’s a drop cloth. Did we paint recently?


Cathy says the concept of the dance is good versus evil, because, you know. But her dancers aren’t stepping up, Lucas especially. Brigette says that’s because he thinks Cathy favors the Morales family. Cathy says whatever it takes to win, man — especially against Abby. Tell your kid to toughen up and be a team player.

Back in Pittsburgh, the dancers are wondering about Nia’s absence and Maddie says she feels like the thing between Abby and Holly has gone on for far too long. Kalani says, yeah, and it must suck to have your dance teacher be constantly mean to you because of something your mom did. Maddie says it’s reaching Christi/Chloe proportions. We get a little look back at Christi telling truth, and Maddie says she gets it, but if you mess with Abby, nothing goes well. Ever.

Oh oh. Looks like someone found out she’s not going to the Grammys.

Abby is suddenly fretful that Maddie has too many irons in the fire and isn’t focused on the most important thing in the world, which is beating Cathy. She even yells at the kid in front of the other dancers. She yells at Maddie.

Then she says that Brynn has everything Maddie doesn’t — the legs, the feet, the flexibility. Am I awake?
<rewind, rewind, rewind>
Yes, she really said that.
<rewind, rewind, rewind>
She said that about Maddie.
<rewind, rewind, rewind>
About Maddie Maddie.

Someone hold me. I’m scared. And I’m not the only one.


Hang in there, kid. This is almost over, I promise.

Let’s see what’s shaking in the Mom Loft. We’re hazing Ashlee is what’s going on. The Pitt Crew moms say it’s very nice that Abby thinks Brynn is straight from the hands of Jesus, but ain’t no way on Earth that she’s going to let her Maddie get beat. Even if she’s being a meanie right now.

Ashlee, who is a whole lot less ballsy than she was in L.A. with Tracey by her side and gossip in her pocket, looks entirely unsure of what’s going on. Or what she should say. Or … what.

Meanwhile, the group dance is a hot mess.

Moving on, the mothers decide that if we’re bringing Ashlee with us, we may as well help her survive, and begin prepping her for her first experience with Cathy.

And it’s time to head to Wayne, where screaming throngs — and Cathy — await.

Heeeeey, wait just a minute! Shenanigans! I call Shenanigans! We’re recycling screamers. This kid was in Woodbridge in episode 6. Wearing that. Standing next to those guys wearing that. I know because she was my favorite part of the episode.


I’m all for a second look at little miss sunshine, but c’mon editors. Lazy. Can someone look in the editor room and make sure someone’s still in there?

Cathy has a white fur coat, Jackie O shades and a megaphone for the occasion. Erin looks a little embarrassed to be part of the proceedings, but Abby is clearly annoyed. And it gets worse. Cathy follows the Pitt Crew into the ALDC get-ready and when Abby bumps into her megaphone, trying to escape, Cathy bellows like she coldcocked her.

With Cathy hollering and pointing in her wake, Abby tears off her mic pack and makes a break for it, saying that she’s done. She’s not done. She comes back saying that she won’t give Cathy the satisfaction of running her out of the competition. But another Apple lurks — Brigette, coming to offer her good wishes. (Abby isn’t about boy dancers, Brigette. Don’t waste your time.) Cathy comes to collect her little runaway and say no-no!

Lucas feels about it like this.


I miss Victor and Angel, too, Lucas. A lot.

Maddie’s up first. The dance and lyrics are clearly designed to ring Chandelier-ian bells, but Abby scowls and says her star’s training has suffered for all the frittering here and there.


Brynn’s next. Jill says Abby stacked the dances in her favor. Could be. Lots of moves to make the most of Brynn’s long legs, grace and ouchie-ouchie-ouchie flexibility, but she still kinda looks like a little kid out there.

One more year and she is going to be a marvel.


Come group dance time, a twenty-something dude in a hoodie and construction boots appears, running through the dancers and looking like he’s trying to avoid the cameras. Oh. Cathy says it’s Abby’s new boyfriend.

That guy? Is he even old enough to drink? Did his mom drop him off here? Cathy tries to get him to talk it over, but he can’t seem to decide if he wants to be on camera or not.


Cathy has a poem about it:

He is young
and he is hot.
What’s he doing
with that snot?


Come group dance time, Dance in the Rain goes first. It’s very pretty and they dance it beautifully, but there’s nothing terribly original about it. Abby says it was poetry, so there.

Newfangled, fancy-pants, West Coast choreography and costumes have never worked too well for Cathy back here in the Abby Belt, so let’s see if this time’s the charm.

Hmmm. It’s a lot of waving Mckenzie’s even-bigger-now dress — like parachute time in grade school gym class — and trying to wrangle it and get it the hell out of the way at the end. Loads of showmanship. I’m not sure how much dance, especially on behalf of the boys.

Pretty cool, Holly says. She’s worried. But we’ve been worried before. Let’s see how this thing turns out.

Abby’s back on Maddie’s side come results time. Abby says Brynn’s green but has plenty of potential.

Brynn gets second.
Maddie gets first. Mack in her tiara and sash hands her sister her prize.
The announcer sounds like a junior Lawrence Welk.

Cathy lips off in an aside, so you know she’s going to lose. And she does.
Abby says she should just quit trying.

Out in the hall, the Candy Apple moms are good sports. “Your dance was nice,” Melissa says when Cathy comes strolling up, but Jill insitigates. Where’s the megaphone? she wonders.

Let the sniping begin. Same stuff as usual, except we seem to have a traitor in the ranks. Clearly looking for an exit route, Brigette stands up to Cathy and gets herself and Lucas thrown off the team. Except I’m pretty sure they were leaving anyway.

Mama Traina tells Lucas he should go back in there and tell Cathy he planned to quit before she cut him loose. Lucas says this.



You tell ’em, little brother.



Cut back to a constipated-looking Cathy.


Click click click click …whose heels could it possibly be?

steal-the-megaphone Oh.

melissa-jill-megaphone I don’t blame you for beating a hasty retreat, Gia. No ma’am.

“It’s not very nice, but I did it anyway,” says Jill. That’s how I feel about every one of these recaps, honey.

Though Brynn did well, Abby says she and her mother need to go home and get their ducks in a row. The little dancer looks pleased as punch with that.

Mack just has one question. How did this thing get here?


Let baby sister show you how it’s done.



Next week on Dance Moms, let’s make the kids be the bad guys and it’s moms versus moms until Holly walks out. Again.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Happy to have the Apples back in the spirit of the devil you know? Do you think Brynn is the heir apparent to Maddie or another one-ep wonder? What did you think of “Torn” — too awesome or too much drama? And what about Abby’s boooooooyfriend? Sound off in the comments section below.

New episodes of Dance Moms premiere Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.


  1. It is about time someone comment on Holly….she needs to get off her high horse about how much class she has, how much pressure is on Nia, how everything she doesn’t agree with is wrong.
    While Nia seems like a lovely young lady she is obviously the weakest dancer on the team and is fortunate that she is kept on a team with much superior dances. Abby has changed things for her constantly because she cannot do what the other girls can.

    Time for Holly to watch the episodes and see how poor and petty her behavior is.

  2. Thanks John Paul, for telling us how it really was. I wondered if that whole scene in the hall with Lucas was staged. Didn’t seem real. My husband was home sick last night and said, ‘why are you watching this crap? This woman is such a bully!’ I gave him my time worn answer that I have come to care so much for the girls over the years, but I have to admit now that most of the girls I really cared about are gone or have been so ruined by Abby that it’s hard to care as much anymore. I guess the truth is just watching now to see what I knew would happen next…that Abby would turn on Nia and to see if Nia would hold out or if Holly really would have enough and pull her out of that freak show. Despite my remarks about Nia last week, I really do care a lot about her. I was just trying to point out last week that she would probably not have the same opportunities that Chloe had after she left because Nia isn’t quite as well rounded a dancer. When watching the ‘choreographer’s cut’ (such a laughable title) of last week’s show, Nia had a bad dance all the way around. She fell out of at least one turn and missed another step obviously. I think that all of Abby’s horrible treatment of her has gotten to her more than she will admit. I mean, for crying out loud! The kid is only 13! Abby did one of the worst things I think I have ever seen her do…at least in a long time. She bad mouthed Nia in front of not only Maddie, but Brynn as well. That crappy remark about Nia not being able to get the step in 15 tries and to keep having to do it over and over. Gah! Abby knows no shame and is the most despicable woman I think I have ever seen. I am not sure I can handle much more of it. Now to learn that it was much worse than I thought with Abby’s mechanizations. I am stunned that the people that film the show don’t have any more scruples and don’t say anything, but then I guess they would be out of a job. I remain stunned that someone doesn’t do something about it. I read online that Abby had some BIG announcement coming up and it was within the last week, so I don’t know what it is yet. Something in L.A. Well…I guess that indecency is just the name of the game anymore. I am finally done watching the actual show and will keep up here and watch the dancing on YouTube. I liked the idea of the older girls going on to the senior level and being featured every few weeks. I agree that Sarah should be brought onto the team. Most of all I wish that Abby would just say to the older girls, ‘Sorry…you are too old to be on this team anymore and we have to bring in younger girls,’ instead of her trying to kill their love of dance and their self esteem. I think that the bottom line is that she is sort of like a spurned lover with her older girls. She doesn’t want them anymore, but doesn’t want anyone else to have them either (her bullying tactics and her trying to sabotage Chloe’s career now after the fact). She hates it when one of HER dancer’s goes off and becomes successful using HER training. The fact that she would have the gall to say that Brynn needed to fine tune her abilities with her. HAH!! That kid is great despite never having been trained by Abby. I would bet money that she still considers Chloe’s successes as hers as well. I hope Brynn’s mother doesn’t allow Brynn to join. The occasional guest spot to put the kid on the national stage of TV, but keeping her out of the actual mess. That is what Kira should have done with Kalani. Kept her off of the team and allowing her to keep training with her own studio. Abby is trying to ruin Kalani now, too. I have no respect for Kira for bringing Kalani into this mess as a permanent member. Abby will have to keep removing her from the group numbers or bringing in extra performers (like last night) to keep the average low enough for juniors or ‘pre-teen.’ It is no coincidence that she brought Brynn in this week. Adding her to the group kept the average age down. Her treatment of Nia is part of the same thing. It isn’t just about Holly. It is about the fact that Abby considers Nia the weakest of her dancers, and also if she gets rid of a 13 year old, that brings that ol’ average down again allowing Kalani to keep dancing with the group. Abby does nothing that doesn’t benefit Abby. Once again I say, ‘Poor Nia.’ and I hope against hope that Holly will see the light and hightail it out of there. I was an abused child both physically and mentally, and consider what Abby is doing to those girls almost on par with that. Shame on Lifetime. I have to give in and say what my husband said last night…’shame on me for continuing to watch.’
    P.S. John, you are also right about Maddie not completing her movements. One of the judges at the Joffrey audition way back when said the same thing about her. That she needed to be taught to complete her movements and not to rely so much on theatrics. I also have found that Lifetime removed the clip of Maddie throwing the fit when she found out Chloe had won the scholarship. If you watch that clip now, it just shows scenes from the audition, including Chloe doing 32 true fuetes (sp), which the swan queen does in Swan Lake (by professional ballerinas) and is considered one of the most difficult phrases in ballet. No wonder Chloe won. Still sickens me she didn’t get to go…

    • This would be why I just stick to what happens on my TV. The idea that all of these talented kids are stuck in the middle of this stuff makes me want to seize.

  3. Lori another winning recap and it was even better than the actual show. Good for Lucas, he can do better than this tripe on t.v. Holly looks great lately, her stylist is doing a great job. Nia, girl needs to leave this group and go hang out with Chloe and the others. And finally Maddie ought to be afraid, Brynn has talent and facial expressions. Like I said Lori, funny and entertaining.

    • Damn straight Maddie should be afraid, Brynn has more grace in one little toe than Maddie could ever hope to have. And Abby should really be careful what she wishes for, she “groomed” Maddie to be a triple (or quadruple or quintuple, sextuple) threat and his getting the work. Of course her dance training is going to suffer because of her schedule, Abby has no one to blame but herself for that. And as much as I LOVED Brynn’s solo, she really didn’t show much expression, but give her some time and experience and she will be a force to be reckoned with. I think that was the first time that I remember in which Abby wasn’t furious with a second place finish that wasn’t Maddie. What happened to “second is the first person to lose”? I actually didn’t mind CADC’s group, it was very different and people may not realize it, but it is crazy difficult to work with a prop like that tarp thingy. I thought the kids did great and that little Mackenzie was amazing. Not sure what the other girl was doing there though, she just was…..there……I didn’t get what her role was in the number. The other group, meh, I could take it or leave it, good but more of the same we’ve been seeing for years. I really hope that Holly has an ah-ha moment soon, when Abby was laying into Nia for not smiling or being happy about her title, what did she expect? OF COURSE she’s going to think Abby’s picking on her, and nothing is good enough in Abby’s eyes…..DING DING DING!!!! Maybe this was how Chloe, Brooke and Paige felt!!!!!

      • I hate myself for admitting it, but I think Maddie’s performance was better than Brynn’s this week. There’s a caveat though–they weren’t exactly on an even playing field. Maddie was in her regular studio, with her regular teacher, doing almost the exact same routine as she has done for years–give or take a flexed foot or two, some Sia-esque jerky moves, and an angry face rather then a constipated “longing” face. She also had a gorgeous, expensive costume. Brynn has been yanked from her home, her studio, and her teacher. She was given choreography that didn’t quite suit her (too uptempo, compared with some of her youtube videos). Also, there were some cutesy-Kenzie-like moves thrown in, which don’t compliment Brynn’s gorgeous, controlled movement. Add to that, a tacky costume that looked too tight on her. Were those recycled Christmas decorations tacked onto her chest and hip? And what’s with the Disney Pocohantas headband. Not a fair competition–and Abby/Lifetime make up the results they want anyway!

        • Yeah the costume for Brynn was definitely nothing compared to Maddie’s, but that’s always the case when someone is competing against the golden child. I thought Brynn was closer to Kenzie’s age than Maddie, she definitely looks younger and smaller. I still think her technique is better than Maddie’s, and her lines are gorgeous, very similar to what Brooke’s must have looked like when she was little and before she hit puberty and got curves. I suspect that when (or rather if it seems) Maddie goes through puberty, it will definitely affect her skills, she can only be waif-like and tiny for so long before her body goes ape-shit on her LOL.

  4. I read the reviews of the show before I wrote my impressions. This changed my focus for my comments. I am OK with Cathy’s use of a megaphone as the ALDC arrives. While a little annoying it get the attendees involved and shows some spirit. (On a side note I used to coach a high level youth basketball team and loved to play against the “Wolves” because their fans would howl like wolves when our team came on the floor for warm-ups. A lot of fun.) I like Erin Babbs but she did seem embarrassed by all of Cathy’s antics.
    The discussions between the ALDC moms is just more blab, blab, blab. Nothing new. Brynn’s talent brings up a real challenge / opportunity for direction for the DM show. I would like the show to refocus on the next group of dancers while letting the original girls go into the senior level. The show could do a segment showing the senior dancers every 2-3 weeks. Just using the kids that have on the show (and there are more kids at the ALDC) I would be interested in watching the development of Sarah (great dancer, great face, and a heart focused on dance not fame), Brynn (a true star in the making), along with Mack/Jojo as the older experienced dancers (the role that Brooke/Chloe played).
    I did not like Torn. A good try but the prop limited what the dancers could do. The best dancer spent most of the dance standing in one spot. I was OK with Dance In The Rain. I found it to have different choreograph than previous dances. Cathy in one of rants said that Mack, Nia, and Kendall where in the back row. Du Cathy, the reason the ALDC wins is that ALL of their dancers could dance in the front row for most studios. None of these dancers needs to be hidden from the judges; they do their job no matter what spot they have in the dance.
    I am disappointed in the bashing of Mattie’s skills. As I watch the dances I find myself watch her because she just has: 1. A natural flow to her moments, 2. In synch with the music, 3. Makes very few technical errors, and 4. Dances like it’s her last time to dance. She does not have a superior body for dancing; some examples would be Kalani’s grace/legs, Brynn’s flexibility/legs, and one of my favorite dancers – Sophia Lucia’s stunning flexibility/technique. Not to bring up bad times, I always thought the Paige was going to grow into a diamanic dancer with a great look, great dancer’s body, and vivacious personality.
    Let’s all hope that Holly can find a way to keep Nia on the team. I think Nia has a niche in the dance world and has the maturity to show us her personality in her dancing/singing performances.

  5. Nia shouldn’t be blamed for looking bored. That kid has gone through enough from Abby. She’s such a nice girl. I wish Abby will stop picking on Nia all the time and her mom should just rest this feud between her and Abby. As for Maddie, I agreed she OS very good and talented but she’s just too overrated, other girls are just as good. She’s such a pretender, I meant Maddie. Got a question, Did Nia eventually wear her Banner and Tiara?

  6. Silly John Paul, or is this really your name or another fake account of that crazy mom??? We all do know the truth and nobody cornered her believe that child! There are people in life you like to make up stories and play that “oh poor me” sympathy card. I tell ya… The things some people will do for attention. Although I guess that dance mom who tried to play the sympathy card this episode didn’t really work out well for them. Karma is a beautiful thing and always prevails in the end.

    • Nice try brigette, but the truth is out. We know what happened. As for karma, you, miller, and melissa should be running scared.

    • And shame on you for trawling the social media pages of tween fans and berating them for what they post! What kind of adult does that?!? Telling kids that they are not “classy” or “good fans” if they don’t post pictures of your kids?? I happen to know one of the kids who you bullied on instagram for cutting Lucas out of a picture – so what if she’s not a Lucas fan? Not everyone is, and you stalking kids on instagram yelling at them for not being fans reeks of psychopathy. There’s something seriously wrong with you!!!

  7. Abs is living in a delusional TV time warp. Instead of leaving her birthday wish to Kendall at “Happy Birthday”, she has to turn this into an opportunity to blame the girl for something or other. Instead of turning 12, it would have been “safer to stage the age that Maddie isn’t”. Bad Kendall, should have known better than to have a birthday in Abbyland!

  8. The single most genuine moment this season so far: “They all treat me like crap and I’m tired of it!”. Go Lukas, you’re speaking for all of us.

  9. OK, this one didn’t take much effort, but I just had to be post it:


    Wake up Abby I think I got something to say to you
    It’s late November and I really should be back at school
    I know I keep you amused but I feel I’m being used
    Oh Abby I couldn’t have tried any more
    You lured me away from home just to save you from being alone
    You stole my heart and that’s what really hurt

    The morning sun when it’s in your face really shows your age
    But that don’t worry me none in my eyes you’re everything
    I laughed at all of your jokes my love you didn’t need to coax
    Oh, Abby I couldn’t have tried any more
    You lured me away from home, just to save you from being alone
    You stole my soul and that’s a pain I can do without

    All I needed was a friend to lend a guiding hand
    But you turned into a lover and
    Mother what a lover, you wore me out
    All you did was wreck my bed
    And in the morning kick me in the head
    Oh Abby I couldn’t have tried anymore
    You lured me away from home ’cause you didn’t want to be alone
    You stole my heart I couldn’t leave you if I tried

    I suppose I could collect my books and get on back to school
    Or steal my daddy’s cue and make a living out of playing pool
    Or find myself a rock and roll band that needs a helpin’ hand
    Oh Abby I wish I’d never seen your face
    You made a first-class fool out of me
    But I’m as blind as a fool can be
    You stole my heart but I love you anyway

    Abby I wish I’d never seen your face
    I’ll get on back home one of these days

    • Darn you, John Linen, my older sister bought Maggie May as a 45-record way back when, and every time it’s played, it takes me back to being a teenager, rocking out to Rod Stewart’s sand-and-gravel vocals. Forever ruined–now I will see Flabby Abs gyrating along whenever I hear it. Flip the 45 over and give me back a “Reason to Believe”, would ya?

  10. It was weird that at the end of last week’s show Holly was giving Nia a pep talk about finally getting her chance to have a solo at “Nationals.” Then, surprise, surprise, she won one last summer during hiatus.

    I don’t even know what to say about the “four” Grammy nominations. It’s not Maddie’s song and it’s not Abby’s or Jeff Collins’ by proxy either. She should have praised Maddie for booking the Elastic Heart video instead.

    I wonder if Holly drew the short straw to be the new voice of dissent. Even thought the whole gift from God conversation felt staged, what felt even more scripted was the tired old line that she’s not Abby’s student. So now coaches can’t recognize and acknowledge talent in other kids? If given the opportunity wouldn’t a little league coach want to have their a member of their team practice with the best pitcher, even if the pitcher was on a different team? A little less of the same old tired trope and a little more reality in my reality TV, please.

  11. OK Heres the low down. It was Sheer Talent so its staged & faked. Did you notice any other teams? And the recycled screaming fans is so typical. Poor Brynn got set up to take the fall. Just watch her YT vids & its easy to see that there’s no way in hades Maddie can beat her in a legit comp. All this Maddie on a pedestal thing is annoying & stupid considering she dances the same lyrical #s as she did 3 yrs ago. Sometimes, like tonight, its just sped up to a frantically rushed pace.. Hey Abby, teach that kid to complete a move before rushing into the next step. I feel so relieved when Maddie’s dances are over. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Chloe always gave me peace. Speaking of, couldn’t help but notice the scripted dialogue between Maddie & Kendal. Way to display Abbys jealousy of Chloe girls then by implying Abby will ruin your year (cough cough to Chloe). Maddie dear, Chloe has done about 5/6 music vids, a TV show, filming a movie, assisting at VIP dance event this yr, and cranking out her YT vids at the same time. So I’m pretty sure she’s doing better than you in her dance career. Her videos are actual dances. But hey, Abby thinks her words scripted for those two will minimalize all her success & get in a Christi bash at the same time. End that rant. Last thing I’d like to mention. At this competition, Abby & Bridget cornered Mackenzie Morales, who also had a solo, backstage & bullied her bc Abby was threatened she might look better then Maddie. She danced better then both ALDC solos. Rumor had it Abby had her disqualified. When her mom Jo found out, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. And Cathy was so livid that Bridget would conspire with Abby to sabatoge her own team mate that she kicked Bridget & Lucas out & off the team. DanceMomJo spilled these beans when it happened but was quickly reminded of her confidentiality agreement & had to zip it. Lo & behold, much to our disdain Lifetime cut out the whole thing, including Kenzies solo & reshot some cheesy dialog in the hallway with Bridget pretending it was her idea to leave. Shame on lifetime for protecting psychotic bullies who terrorize kids. I hope they get their asses sued off when something bad happens. Its inevitable. I will never watch this stupid fake show ever again & watch that smug Maddie face. She’s ruined. I am much more at peace watching Chloe skate right past them all & Abby seething. I stopped watching after Chloe left but had to tune in to this episode to see how they edited it. Such a shame.

  12. The Chandelier video was actually nominated for two separate MTV Music Video Awards. Losing out to Miley in the top prize of *Video of the Year*, and in another category the video actually won for *Best Choreography* – this of course having nothing in the slightest to do with Miller.

    I wonder why Abby doesn’t congratulate Maddie for participating in the VMA winning video?

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