1. I’m reading back through the recaps that I missed and I’m so glad you noticed Sasha losing a boob because I thought I was the only one who caught that — how did no one notice?

  2. I have to say, although I LIVE for the show; I do NOT like the new “UnTucked” format. It seems so…cheap, so…Season One (like, NO budget!).

    • That’s what i said…just like season 1 with a bigger garage and no Vaseline on the lens but still…kinda cheap.

  3. Yeah, Sasha thought about things too much, but didn’t think enough about the challenge at hand. The more I see of Katya, the bigger Katya fan I’m becoming. She needs to stay around for a good long time.

  4. Hey Ruthie!

    First things first, OVERALL I did enjoy flying with Glamazonian Airways, and could honestly see that as being a thing although velour/velvet skirts would probably have the girls on fire which would make the irritable and you don’t wanna ride with a extra grouchy queen on your trip to NY! hahahaha That being said, Team Ginger’s team clearly won if they had went by teams, might be because the songs were a bit better! But in all fairness, it really fit them, I couldn’t imagine the first team doing the 2nd song or vice versa so it all worked out perfect!

    I think it was Sasha’s time, mainly cuz she was kinda forgettable in the whole performance, and they had the title with her name on it, but just not memorable at all, not in the first episode either, she just kinda went towards the middle which is bad for this kind of competition. Even when you’re awful you’re noticed and can improve, but floating doesn’t work. And honestly with the lip-sync although she did good, a jumping split usually demands attention and I don’t know what it is but I want to see more of Katya than I did Sasha so it was the right decision…I have a feeling she may be back though so no worries.

    I Like Miss Fame…I have a feeling once she loosens up around the girls and becomes more relaxed, she’ll be more comfortable to let the guard down.

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