NBC Ends “Allegiance” after 5 Episodes

Allegiance-Cast2The cancellation axe has Swung at NBC. It’s modern-day Russian spy drama, Allegiance was cancelled after 5 low-performing episodes. In its episode from Thursday, March 5, the show attracted 3.4 million viewers, a distant third place finish in the 10pm (ET) time slot behind the series premiere of American Crime on ABC, and Elementary on CBS. Allegiance even followed NBC’s hit The Blacklist, which was moved from Mondays to Thursdays in an attempt to help launch the series, but to no avail. This was clearly a case of too many good shows on one night.

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The drama was about former KGB spies (Hope Davis and Scott Cohen) called back into service by the Russian Government. And now, Mother Russia wants to enlist the help of one of the couple’s children, a brilliant young CIA analyst with a brilliant — yet mysterious — mind. The genius, Alex O’Connor, was played by Gavin Stenhouse and his role was incredibly interesting, but it may have been his portrayal of a character that was repeatedly referred to as “special,” that was the show’s undoing.

Gavin Stenhouse as Alex O’Connor

I had the pleasure to chat with Stenhouse about the show and he is a delightful chap who is a wonderful actor. I found the show’s premise was incredibly promising: a bright guy solving crimes with his intellect while being spied on by his family. The pilot that I saw featured espionage and intrigue around every corner. And the show has a rich bunch of baddies who did terrible stuff like put someone in a furnace — alive! That’s an incredibly intense way to premiere a series.

One glance at Stenhouse and you know he’s a great looking man. And as the show’s star/hero you want to be attracted to him for his mind as well as his face. But here was where I felt a bit conflicted: throughout the pilot, we’re repeatedly told how “special,” Stenhouse’s character Alex is and that “his mind is different.” We also heard statements that implied he’d undergone some terrible trauma or experience that may have harmed his psyche. Of course, the references were shadowy enough that I worried more about what had happened and I then felt creepy for finding his character hot.

Of course, I start worrying: was he exploited? Abused or neglected? Does he have Aspergers? (because whenever someone on a TV show says someone is “special” and gives that look while the subject is solving a Rubik’s cube, or doing an intense math problem, or in Alex O’Connor’s case, rolling a squash ball obsessively in his hands while blundering through human interactions — that’s the TV message I’m receiving.)

While wanting to know what happens next, worrying about Alex became my focus, which was too bad, because it distracted me from how bad-ass Hope Davis was as momma bear, Katya O’Connor. And Margarita Levieva should keep her phone on; she was heartstopping as Alex’s big sister Natalie — a sexy, slinky, spy. Her services will undoubtedly be requested elsewhere on TV.

To fill the time slot, NBC will move The Slap from 8pm to 10pm, which seems a better fit for that series anyway. Nobody wants to watch a family fall apart at 8pm on a Thursday. But the move means that Allegiance is gone, not simply moved to a better, less competitive night. No word from NBC as to what will air at 8pm or what it will do with the 8 episodes of Allegiance yet to air.

UPDATE (3/11/15) :

I contacted NBC to find out the fate of the 8 unaired episodes of Allegiance and was told that the episodes will be available on NBC.com. The network is unsure of the rollout schedule, but at this moment, the next episode will be available on Friday, March 13.
Here’s the episode description for  Allegiance: “Liars and Thieves”

Natalie (Margarita Levieva) must rely on an outsider to hunt down vital information on Black Dagger and risks Victor (Morgan Spector) discovering her plan.  Anxious to detain an SVR source before he escapes the country, Sam (Kenneth Choi) and Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) set up a risky sting operation in broad daylight.  Meanwhile, Katya (Hope Davis) asks Alex to help throw the task force off track, and the outcome brings him face to face with Victor.  Also starring Scott Cohen (Mark O’Connor) and Alex Peters (Sarah O’Connor). Guest starring Floriana Lima (Michelle Prado), Robert John Burke (Special Agent Brock), Haaz Sleiman (Scott Tolliver), and Aleksander Mici (Oleg Zhulov).

Fans of the show are so outraged that they’ve even started an online petition to save the show. Will you Pledge your Allegiance?  Sign here
Gavin Stenhouse as Alex O’Connor image: Will Hart/NBC, © 2014 NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Allegiance Cast image: © 2014 NBCUniversal Media, LLC


  1. This is a very interesting show to stop airing. This is sad. Why can’t we keep good shows on air for so long.

  2. Please bring Allegiance for a 2nd season. Unfortunately the first 2 or 3 episodes were not the best, but still, intriguing characters were nicely highlighted. AND the last 9 or 10 episodes were incredible! I binge-watched in the evenings for 2 nights straight! I just couldn’t get enough of the story, and definitely want more of the whole family, plus “Victor” and “Sam”. I thought “Alex” was brilliantly played and of course “Katya” was super. But also very strong was beautiful “Natalie,” what a stunning and believable actress. I really liked “Mark”, but he was probably the weakest actor in his portrayal. REALLY do hope another network picks up this series if NBC continues to be that blind.

  3. Really!? I just watched Episode 12 and was bummed to see there’s NO MORE!??#$#@$^&
    I just do not understand who makes the decisions at NBC – The Slap is just NOT worth it.
    Never watched it and never will – Allegiance was great and in the same class as the Blacklist!!
    I hope someone is paying attention at NBC and reading the comments. The show is worth running.
    Scrap the Slap and SAVE Allegiance!!!

  4. The best series on TV.. Fabulous characters and acting kept me glued to my seat enjoying every second of every episode. Given a bit more time I know the ratings would have climbed. What a shame to cancel such an excitingly spell binding show. Perhaps someone at NBC will discover what a blunder they have made and bring it back. I will continue to watch the last 2 episodes on demand.

  5. Just watched Episode 111 of Allegiance. On my “Chart” I only see TWO more episodes listed (112 & 113). I can’t see a possible conclusion to this show in 2 episodes. Will Alliegance get a “second chance” as a Summer replacement?

  6. The show held me spellbound. What is wrong with the people at NBC. Just keep it going!!! Acting and story line is great. It reminds me of 24. What was 24’s first 5 weeks like? Look how long that lasted. Rethink what you guys are doing at NBC.

  7. Allegiance has been one of the best series in recent memory. For me it rivals The Blacklist. I didn’t start watching until later because I thought it was like “The Americans” series. For me it was a lot better. Fast moving and exciting. I can’t imagine why it would be cancelled after just 5 episodes. I also don’t know why the finished episodes aren’t being shown. I think NBC is making a big mistake.

    • More and More of my friends are looking for Allegiance to watch it!
      Word of mouth has spread and now you say it is off the air???
      Makes no sense!

      Please reconsider!

      This is one of the best shows. Keep it on after The Blacklist and your ratings will roar!
      To take it off the air is a MISTAKE

  8. Thank you for continuing with “Allegiance” … it is available after 7 pm on TWC Prime. I love this show..too bad someone at NBC didn’t. Please continue with the show…it would be cruel to leave it unfinished.

  9. I love the show and not happy about it being dropped. I’m a fan of the Americans and this is bettER. NBC should give it the whole season for a chance at increased viewship.

  10. I really enjoyed the portion of Allegiance that dealt with Alex and his CIA/FBI job. I felt the issues that surrounded the parents were a distraction. I watched all the shows that were aired and kept hoping they’d drop the family part of the story line.

  11. First Revolution and now Allegiance…for what??? The Slap??? I’m guessing there wasn’t enough skin in the latter shows to keep up the ratings. Well, NBC…not everyone wants to see trash, there are those of us who enjoy shows where the characters keep on their clothes. The Slap SUCKS. The only reason to watch you now is The Blacklist. Cancel that and I’ll have no reason, at all, to tune in.

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