Recap: Long Island Medium Season 6 premiere finds us emotionally drained

Recap Long Island Medium: 25 and Counting (original air date March 8, 2015): She’s back. Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo begins the Season 6 premiere Recap_Long_Island_Medium_Season_6_premiereepisode in her traditional narrative style, this time explaining how she and Larry have been together for a long time — 29 years actually (they’ve been married for 25). Theresa recounts several memories on how they met (they worked together at an oil company), while Long Island Mediumsharing photos from their younger days. It was a great 1990s flashback — bigger hair and all (pay particular attention to Theresa’s hair when she’s pushing Larry Jr. on their driveway, yikes!). Honestly though, age has been good to them, as they both look even better today.

Then it’s flash forward to today, where Theresa and Larry walk through Little Italy looking for the restaurant where they had their very first date. They spot the brick décor and enter Puglia Restaurant, 189 Hester Street. Theresa reminds Larry that she doesn’t kiss on first dates. Larry recalls things differently, telling her jokingly: “You like attacked me.” They do turn their conversation to a more serious topic discussing Theresa’s earlier days where she was challenged with a lot of anxiety not understanding her talent.

“I was full of anxiety always feeling souls were looking at me not realizing what it was,” Theresa says. “Larry and I were together for nine years before I realized what I was sensing and feeling. I started going to these spiritual awareness classes. I came home one night and I’m like, ‘Larry! Do you know why I have so much anxiety and fear? Cause I see dead people.’ And he’s like, ‘Yah, that’s great hon.’”

PugliaThe couple kept Theresa’s abilities hidden between the two of them for years, as they didn’t know how people would react to it.  Dinner with Theresa, however, wouldn’t be dinner with Theresa unless a spirit interrupted. This time it’s the owner Joe (who passed away years ago), who was looking to connect with his wife Grace (pictured in yellow) who was conveniently siting behind them watching the filming, where they were able to make a good exchange of sentiments.

Then it’s on to the next segment where’s Theresa’s in her car on her way to a surprise visit with a fan in Long Island. Kristin wrote in to Theresa asking if she would do a surprise reading for her mom Liz. The group sneaks into the clinic while Liz is on a call with a patient where she takes one look at Theresa and almost crumbles. Kudos to Liz for keeping her cool with the caller, as she never  let on that camera crews and “THERESA CAPUTO”  just walked into her office unannounced. She put the caller on hold and freaked out, bursting into tears. “It’s a dream come true for me. I’m so excited,” Liz gushes. “My daughter and I need a reading, for closure, to heal. I just think that Theresa’s reading will mend the hole that’s in our hearts.”

Kristin, having arranged everything for the surprise session, sent her father a message prior to the reading asking him to bring up certain things that would help them both validate that it really was him. Squirrels was one of the specific things she asked him to bring forward, as it was so random and so bizarre (apparently he really loathed squirrels) and she thought that there was no way Theresa could guess on something like that. Well he came through and so did Theresa with her questioning on the significance of squirrels.

Long Island Medium Season 6Next up Theresa and Victoria meet for tea, where Victoria has plans for a mother/daughter day of zip-lining. Clearly anywhere Theresa goes these days she’s recognized. Here spirit interrupts so Theresa interrupts the other patrons and asks who is wearing the bracelet in memory of someone. A woman in her mid 20s named Emily admits she is (Emily’s mother sits skeptically nearby). Theresa starts to try and validate: how do you connect with the number 14? (my father’s birthday). Did you write a college essay on him? (He died when Emily was 4 and she wrote an entire essay about what life has been like without him). He keeps saluting -was he a police officer/fireman or did he die in 9/11? (He died in 9/11, he was on the 104th floor of tower 2). How do you connect with Paris? (They went there for Emily’s sweet 16th). Amazed, the women get some much-needed closure from Theresa.

If you are a fan of the show, you’ll recall there was a contest last year to win a reading with Theresa if you Tweeted about the show. The winners were Kimberli and Willi from Minnesota, who got to go to Theresa’s house for a personal reading. Oh, this one was so rough. They so needed this reading, as their story is beyond gut wrenching. Theresa started with the validation: How do you connect with the number 4? Do you have 4 children? (They do.) I want to talk about the son. You lost a son? (Confirmed.) He just stepped forward in cowboy boots. How do you connect with a cowboy? (We have his cowboy boots on my mom’s mantle, tells Kimberli. Their son Oliver died at age 4 ½) How do you connect with the white butterflies? (When they were walking in Kimberli pointed out there was a white butterfly, which Theresa said validates that they brought their son with them. On the day of Oliver’s memorial, Kimberli explains how a butterfly attached itself to their patio-door screen, and now everywhere they go Oliver makes himself known through some type of butterfly.) Theresa tells them that her head just hurts. The couple explains that there was an accident, and he had head trauma. Theresa tells them that she felt like something was on top of her and she asked him why he was making her feel that way. (He was run over.) Then Theresa asks Kimberli –  “was it your car?” My heart sank. Kimberli nods through the anguish of reliving this, that it was her car. This was almost unbearable to watch, as this couple was so horribly in grief. Kimberli explains how she had stopped at the end of their driveway to get the paper/mail as she always does and that Oliver must have crawled out the window and walked in front of the vehicle and she never saw him. Truly one of the most heartbreaking readings Theresa has ever given, she’s even struggling in the interpretation on this. “He says, he needs my mom to know that I knew she was holding me because all you keep hearing is this noise, and you can’t get past that,” Theresa said. “I heard him and that’s a noise I had never heard before and I knew that something was wrong,” Kimberli says.

He keeps stepping forward and saying “I look OK, right? Please tell my mom that.” He needs you to look at this differently, Theresa tells her. She tells Kimberli how Oliver says he always felt special. “I just want my mom to know that I hear her singing.” Kimberli used to sing to him every night. Theresa takes time to counsel the couple on the message that was given to them and the wishes of Oliver for them to move on. It’s incredibly emotional.

The episode ends on a more uplifting segment. While Theresa has it out a little with Larry Jr. who is moving out for good, and communicated so via email,  it was more tongue and cheek and the two playfully discussed what is to become of his boyhood room. Then it was on to the mother/daughter zip-lining adventure. Theresa didn’t realize the complexities of the harnesses or the heights of some of the course obstacles so it turned into a comical venture. A good way to end an emotional episode.


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  2. I would like to know how to arrange a meeting. My daughter and I watch you all the time . She was pregnant with twins and at birth lost one of hem we have never gotten over the loss but we are very thankful that his brother survived and is a blessing to us every day. She yearns to know how the little boy in heaven is doing and would like some closer if that is possible.
    Will be waiting to her form you.
    Thank You,

  3. Theresa, do you do readings online, or skype….

    You have comfort so many weeping heartbroken souls, I want to thank you for helping them and shareing the faith in that there is a Heaven…
    May be you could help me.

    Thank you and God Bless..

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