Intriguing “Dolphins: Spy in the Pod” embeds hidden cameras with dolphins

If you saw the impressive documentary Penguins: Waddle All the Way, in which hidden cameras delightfully captured the lives of the aquatic birds, you’ll be happy to know that same production team is back, and this time using their filmmaking techniques to follow dolphins. Dolphins: Spy in the Pod premieres March 7 on Discovery Channel, and takes an hour-long journey into the waters of Mozambique, Costa Rica, the Florida Keys, the Pacific Ocean and Shark Bay, Australia, to discover the relationships and habits of bottlenose and spinner dolphins.


From Discovery:

“Using a new generation of cutting-edge, animatronic spy cameras disguised as sea creatures, DOLPHINS: SPY IN THE POD captures spectacular, never-before-seen footage of the dolphins in their natural habitat. These cameras, which included a robotic dolphin, nautilus, turtle, stingray and tuna, get within impressive proximity to the dolphins, providing viewers with an intimate, all-access view into their captivating lives and behavior including: the first-ever images from inside a spinner dolphin pod; exclusive film footage of a spinner dolphin leap; and stunning, never-before-seen footage of a dolphin superpod filling the ocean with glistening speech bubbles. Additionally, the underwater ‘Spy Nautilus’ camera recorded rays, cobia fish and dolphins swimming together, capturing the first film footage of this gathering.”

Dolphins: Spy in the Pod airs March 7 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.