Long Island Medium new season begins with one of the most heartbreaking readings ever

TV’s favorite medium Theresa Caputo returns for a sixth season of her TLC series, Long Island Medium, on Sunday, March 8 at 9pmET. The Long Island Medium new season kicks off with an hour-long episode that finds Theresa and Larry taking a trip down memory lane sharing home videos and pictures from their last Long Island Medium Season 629 years, including wedding images and short video clips. The season premiere also features one of the most heartbreaking sessions we’ve seen, which was actually with the winners of the Long Island Medium Tweet To Win contest. A couple from Minnesota won the contest and their tragic story involving the loss of their 4-year-old son Oliver will leave you shattered, yet somewhat hopeful that they can find peace and begin living their lives. Other segments include a daughter surprising her mom with an ambush-style reading from Theresa that left her in tears, a spiritual connection with a father who was killed in the 9/11 Twin Tower collapse, and Theresa and Victoria enjoying a comical day zip-lining. Can Theresa do it???

Later episodes this season also take viewers on the road again, this time with visits to South Texas, Savannah, Richmond, Charleston and Miami. Plus, Theresa will spend more time explaining her process, both before and after readings. Besides the premiere episode, Season 6 will continue to celebrate Theresa and Larry’s 25-year union via a special trip to Miami, where the couple turn their road trip South into some surprise stops along the way.

We will also see a special behind-the-scenes look at that Knock and Shock stunt from last season that got kind of mucked up. Press materials tell that we will see more of what happened with the process leading up to the “shock.”  Included in this episode will be more background on the winner through sit-down interviews and a closer look at the crew as they planned the logistics that led up to the live surprise.

Season 6 of Long Island Medium returns Sunday, March 8 at 9pmET.


  1. I watch your program from South Africa. I so wish you were closer and would come here on a tour. Id love to get a message from my loved one.
    I am a mess without him . I have nothing to live for .

  2. I love you. I cry every show.
    I’d love to meet you. Thank you
    for helping soooo many people.

  3. Thank you for your gift. I adore seeing you change peoples’ lives with it. God bless you Theresa.

  4. My sister has been so weighed down since the loss of her son 19 years ago. There’s a catch, she would not want to know I wrote in for her because she hasn’t spoken to me for several years. That’s ok with me but I would love for her to be able to move forward.

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