1. (stretching arms and opening eyes and yawns!) Well well well, is it Spring already?!?!?! Well not according to looking outside, still looking like a white winter BUT it is time for our sow Ruthie!!! I feel like it’s been so loooooonnnnnggggg. Hope all is well and I am so ready ad excited for your recaps and let’s just delve into head on shall we??

    I kinda wish there was another 2 big openings (hehe) thing happening on this episode as well because I do have to say when it’s smaller groups, you DO get to know the girls a heck of a lot better, I didn’t realize it til I watched the premier that 14 is a LOT of girls to get to know at once BUT in the same note, if you stick out, you stick out so that puts you in a great spot!

    I like Miss Fame out the bat at least asthetically because she kinda reminds me of when Jinkxy (my forever queen) stepped up her game in her the make-up department and when she’s playing evil or smizing (yes I said smizing, I used to watch ANTM!) plus her looks on great so far, and as confident as she seems in her interviews she hasn’t been shown to be mean to the girls so I can appreciate confidence but not a**hole-ness!

    I also LOVED Max…I’m a theatre gal so anyone in2 the 20’s automatically goes to the top of the list for me, plus how sweet does he seem? I hope he doesn’t get knocked out the race by the rest of the girls however, because he’s more for comedy but not completely, seems more vaudeville and I dig it, I want to see more.

    Trixie just cracks me up…reminds me of Willam with the ditziness of the character but not the conceited ways of Willam in the work room…well at least yet, but she seems cool and her Barbie doll thing is interesting…someone who’s doing that white eye liner thing right! Katya seems to fall into this ditzy kinda category too and yeah I like it that she came in hard core Russian and ten was like “I speak English ya’ll”! Her personality is great so far so I’m interested to see what she brings!

    The big girls Ginger and Jaidynn’s looks are fantastic so far, I love it whe the big queens come in2 compete, they’re lke forget what size I am, I am here and I am great, love the confidence. Ginger as a boy has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes, I could see that from screen, I was like wow! Jaidynn is cracking me up, I bet if she had to LSFYL nad they had a Beyoncé song, she would go MENTAL!

    I like Jasmine’s personality, I feel like I know, her asthetic reads a little 90’s In Living Color to me but I like her so far and her runway idea was original and that definitely goes far in this competition! I want to see Kennedy dance since she apparently is the dancing kicking flipping queen, I love all that and wanna SEE that, not smar with the green on the runway but she’s still adorbz !

    Mrs. Kasha : I dig the housewife thing and she’s the first to brand herself as a mrs,

    Violet : I didn’t dig her runway looks but all her other looks were giving it to me, although her completely unbothered attitude kinda turned me off and she was giving me too much sassy comments in the workroom meetings and I don’t think she deserved to win..apparently Michelle agreed with me!

    Pearl reminds me a bit of Milk, high fashion but a androgy tweak to it, seems nice to me and I like her, but I want more, she ran in the middle of the pack to me. Sasha although she cracked the code, also ran middle of the pack but she seems nice, I hope she sticks out to see if she really does know what to bring since she knows the CODE!”

    Now the bottom…I feel bad for Tempest, giving birth upon entrance can’t be easy and considering she is a costume designer and not having her “nude body” in check was really her downfall, too bad, I would have liked to see a vet in the game stick around! Unfortunately her LSFYL left a LOT to be desired so it’s not just that she wasn’t great on the runway, she also didn’t do amazing at the entertaining part, so yeah if I was a judged between the two, she would have gone home too.

    Not digging Kandy right now…she’s giving me a little too much attitude for someone who doesn’t know how to paint for the show yet…we haven’t seen a beard issue since the Willam days, even Jinkxy didn’t have beard issues, she needs to get it together if she’s gonna be so sassy to the other queens, I do think she did better in the LSFYL , but only cuz Tempest didn’t do that much.

    I wasn’t HIGLY impressed with the LSFYL BUT all in all, I do think we have an interesting bunch of gals and the claws are already out and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings. I’m REALLY ready for the snatch game, I know we don’t get in2 that until like episode 5 and up BUT I can’t see what the girls would be out the gate so I’m ready. Color me hooked on this season already!

    Side Notes***: I feel bad cuz I didn’t really care that Santino was gone, but I love me some Carson and Ross so…

    I LOVED Alaska on the runway, that lightpink suit with matching pink pumps was FANTASTIC!

    I’m so excited Ruth, I missed my weekly dose of queendom!

  2. We enjoy watching RuPaul drag race and looked forward to seeing the new season premier. What a BIG, BIG disappointment it was! We know the show needs to be changed from season to season, but the bare illusion part was too much. Make it work differently!!

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