Shameless Recap, Season 5, Episode 7 “Tell me you f**king need me”

Last week we saw Ian get committed, Frank land himself in the hospital, Fiona still struggling with the Gus and Jimmy situation and lots of other craziness. Here’s what happened this week with a William H. Macy-directed episode of Shameless Recap, Season 5, Episode 7 “Tell me you f**king need me”

Frank gets a rude awakening … in the middle of the street

Frank and Sammi: While Sammi is playing house and thinking she is in charge, Frank comes strolling in after getting sprung from the hospital. He promptly proclaims what an adult he is now and how he doesn’t need help from anyone. Sammi is upset after her attempts at getting him to leave don’t pan out — as Debs said, he’ll out-Frank you every time! Sammi tries to take the high road and make amends with Frank, who is clearly ignoring her by faking being asleep on the couch. Sammi goes  down the low road, flashing the garbage men outside so she can get a favor out of them: Moving a “sleeping” Frank and the couch he is on into the middle of the road. Franks wakes up covered in garbage with cars beeping at him and then holds a flipping-the-bird contest with Sammi. To get revenge for this stunt, Frank goes to visit Chuckie at school with bribes of cotton candy and soda in order to snap a picture of them being a big happy family. Once he gets his pictures, he, of course, steals back the goods for himself.

Episode 507
Smile for the camera…and then I am stealing your candy!

Back at the house, things get crazy. Frank comes back and is still ignoring Sammi’s requests for him to leave, Chuckie  is playing slave boy to “Uncle Carl” and Lipp comes unhinged about where his financial aid papers are (see below). Frank is rambling on about how needy and desperate Sammi is so she pulls a gun on him.  Everyone is freaking out, but Frank calmly sits down and eats her dinner, asks if there is any dessert and walks in to the kitchen. Sammi keeps threatening to shoot him, but he tells her she is not a true Gallagher and does not have the guts. Then — POW! — she fires the gun and everyone ducks. Seems she just hits a bag of flour, but then we see blood streaming down Frank’s arm where she grazed him. Crazy Sammi is standing over him with a can of salt in her hand, screaming for him to tell her that he bleeping needs her. He still is not giving in, so Sammi pours the proverbial salt in the wound. Ouch! She is nuts and he sees this so he finally gives in and tells her what she wants to hear. So now feeling all apathetic to him, off to the hospital they go.

Episode 507
Fiona breaks the news to Gus about Jimmy

Fiona: Fiona decides to spill the beans to Gus that she had slept with Jimmy, and it doesn’t go over to well with him — especially when he figures out that it happened on the same day they were together. After a lot of awkwardness between them, Gus in turn tells her he wants to meet Jimmy in an effort to maybe learn more about her. Uh, ok, whatever. Fiona agrees to it and while at the Alibi visiting V, Jimmy shows up and Fi tells him that her husband would like to meet him. Jimmy thinks it’s just so Gus can see if there is still chemistry between them — which clearly there is and everyone BUT Fiona sees it. So later on at the diner, Fi & Gus have a quick kiss out front while Jimmy is inside watching and Fi is watching him watch her. Walking in she gives Jimmy a quick hug and when he sticks out his hand to introduce himself to Gus — POW! Gus cold-cocks him across the table and storms out. Fi chases after and Gus tells her what a smug jerk Jimmy seems to be and that she deserves better than that. Leaving Fiona to her own messed up head, Gus takes off and she seems even more down and out. As Jimmy comes out of the diner, she confesses that she does love him. He tells her that he gave up the Dubai job and she says thanks, but not thanks. It’s time for him to move on and let her go and vice versa. So on a steel horse he rides off into the sunset, er, night. Walking sadly down the street Fiona is then encountered by Jimmy’s business partner who gives her an apology for spying on her and Fi in turn apologizes that he cancelled the Dubai trip. Nope, not the case, the client cancelled it. She learns “Jack” is not such a great guy after all.

Episode 507
Mickey visiting a drug hazed Ian

Ian and Mickey: Ian is a complete wreck from the meds at the psych hospital. Really wanting to go home and blabbing about how he shouldn’t be there, he tries to make a break for it only to get rustled up by the security cop sitting at the door. Meanwhile Svetlana starts packing up Ian’s stuff cause she’s kicking him out for stealing the baby, Mickey in turn tells her it’s not even her house and she can leave. Of course not in those nice of words. Mickey goes with Fiona to visit Ian and — clearly wigging out being at the hospital and seeing Ian as messed up as he is — he bolts. Ian, talking things over with a counselor before his potential release, explains how his family feels he has bipolar disorder. After looking at his case, she feels he does too and wants to re-visit him the next day.

Them Gallagher kids are quite the bullies!

Debs and Carl: Carl, now starting school as a third-time’s-the-charm sixth grader reluctantly takes a geeky Chuckie under his wing —for a fee . He demands condoms and nunchucks from Sammi. After seeing how miserable Chuckie is at school, Carl decides to help him out — but not before cutting a separate deal. Chuckie is now his personal slave and has to heed his every beck and call.  Debs has a huge crush on Derek and fears he is falling into the friend zone. Making a bold move, she traps Holly in the bathroom and threatens to beat her up again unless she gives her some advice on how to get out of the friend zone with a guy. Holly tells her to just touch him a lot. On the ride home from school, Debs awkwardly tries out Holly’s advice on Derek and gets no re-action. She flips out on him about how she wants to be his girlfriend and not just a friend. Luckily he feels the same!

Episode 507
What do you mean I owe $12,000?

Lipp: Stressed out with his RA duties, Lipp comes to find that his class schedule cannot be found. After waiting in two different lines for several hours he learns that his financial aid didn’t go through, either, mostly because he didn’t fill out the papers to get it. Which is mostly because he never knew he had received papers that he needed to fill out. So now with an outstanding balance of over $12,000, he needs to come up with a way to get the money within 10 days or he loses his classes for the semester. Walking out of the financial aid office, he gets hit up to apply for a credit card and it dawns on him to apply for every one he can so he can get the cash advances to help pay some of it off. (I knew that random scene from a few weeks back of Amanda applying for one would come back into play somewhere.) Realizing that no one in his house can be trusted, Lipp gets a P.O. box.

Episode 507
Svetlana with a proposal Kev can’t say no to

Kev and V: Newly separated, V moves upstairs from the Alibi into the new milking parlor. They proceed to have a huge fight in front of the breast milking maids about how all he cares about is the girls. Duh, they are babies;  it’s not like they can take care of themselves. I suppose I get it though, he doesn’t pay any attention to her. There has to be that happy medium. Back at their house, Kev talks with V’s mom who says she’ll have a talk with her to try to get them back on the right track. Fiona stops into the Alibi to tell V how she already messed stuff up with Gus and they catch up on each others’ drama. A now “homeless” Svetlana overhears that V moved out so she heads over to the house and cuts a deal with Kev to move in; she, in turn, will cook, clean and do wifely duties. Given Svetlana’s profession, I think you can figure out what “wifely duties” are. Meanwhile V is trolling Facebook for old flames and is looking to reconnect with her old high-school boyfriend, Eddie Murphy. Not THAT Eddie Murphy. But it would be kind of cool.

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  1. Does anyone think that Jimmy’s partner was put up to telling Fiona that the trip to Dubai was canceled and to call him Jack? I am thinking he did this to honor Fiona’s request to help her to let him go…maybe just being wishful. He was awfully smug when he met Gus. Maybe thinking he had won her back (or maybe never lost her to begin with).

    • I was thinking the same thing.
      Jimmy(or Jack) really loves Fiona and staged it so it would easier for Fiona to let him go.

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