Outlander’s Sam Heughan on his offscreen relationship with his costar, new episodes and more

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For fans of the captivating Outlander series, which follows the steamy romance and adventures between a 1945 former combat nurse, Claire Randall, and a 1743 Scottish warrior, Jamie Fraser — Saturday, April 4 can’t come fast enough. That’s when Outlander makes its midseason premiere on Starz and begins the last eight episodes of Season 1.

This week a new audience was introduced to the titular series with iTunes releasing the first eight episodes for purchase. While the series started with a built-in fan base thanks to the international success of author Diana Gabaldon, whose bestselling novels the series is based on, word of mouth, social media and critical praise has lured in a whole new audience to both the TV series and the books.

Last month we sat down with the strapping Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, where he gave us some insights (spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the first 8 episodes) on what to expect when the series returns to Starz on Saturday, April 4 at 9pmET. (A marathon of the first eight episodes will air prior to the premiere beginning at 1pmET.)

Outlander's Sam Heughan“We start off from Jamie’s point of view, and we see everything that he goes through to get to the point where he [tries to] rescue her,” Heughan says.  “Their relationship is now tested constantly. They’re always battling to get back to each other, to find some sort of common ground. … It’s about their relationship moving forward, and discovering about each other. Largely, that’s what a modern relationship is, really. You learning about how to interact.”

While there’s plenty to discover in any modern day relationship, Jamie’s at quite a disadvantage due to the fact that his bride Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is this mysterious woman with incredible knowledge who comes from, well, he’s not quite sure where.

“No matter what happens, or whatever situation they’re in, at least they’ve got each other’s back. I think that’s a huge thing for anyone to get their head around — where from the moment she sort of fell out of the sky into his world, his whole world has been rocked,” Heughan says. “As we begin to discover in the second part of the season, he’s got a lot more chinks in his armor. He’s not actually as perfect as we think he is. He has pride, and is stubborn, and has a lot of relationships he’s not dealt with yet. His sister, and his father, and I think also … we just begin to learn a lot more about who he is.”

So what is Heughan like offscreen and what is his relationship like with his dazzling costar Balfe? Of course, being the gentleman that he is, he can only professes his complete adoration toward the talented actress. “She’s just a lovely human being,” he says. “She’s a lot of fun. We hang out when we’re there, and we hang out when we’re in Los Angeles, as well. We went on a hike a few weeks ago. Yeah, it’s great. I’m very lucky. She’s a friend.”

While Heughan enjoyed the break after filming all of Season 1 last year, he was anxious to get back to work on the second season. “There’s a sort of normality to it, the craziness,” he says. “When we finished [Season 1], I was done. I really needed to sort of decompress, and it took me a while. It took me up until Christmas really. Then over the Christmas break, I’m like, ‘you know, I’m now ready.’ I feel recharged and excited about what’s going to happen in Season 2. I think it’s going to be fun.”

Well, we can barely wait for the rest of Season 1 let alone Season 2 of Outlander.  Bring it on.

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  1. I think it’s natural for people to speculate since they are the embodimemt of the most romantic couple ever written (in my opinion). Their chemistry is undeniable whether they are just friends or more. Perfectly cast!

    • speculate in private: good

      doing it in public, tagging the actors on twitter? Twilight-fantard level of delusion.

      keep your speculation out of the public eyes/forum, please. it is embarrassing.

      • It’s laughable that you come here “a fan”, OL25, or whatever the other thousand accounts nicknames you have to spread your hate against people who can see happily and obviously that there is more then only friendship between Sam and Cait, you the one who search for people who believe and support their love around all internet, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram attacking and even posting inappropriate comments on Sam and Cait’s pages with many fakes names, attacking all the pages where there is a comment about their love! You the one who distorts facts of their private lives and judges them with hate eyes, spreading lies on your dirty page! I am so glad to know that Starz, Sam and Cait finally know about you and your demoniac agenda and are taking legal providences against you. So you should find quickly a psychiatrist to prove you are mentally unstable before you end paying a huge indemnification to them or better and what great part of “REAL FANS” are wanting by now, end on prison.

        • the fact that you think I’m that crazy creeper stalker troll of the Outlander fandom is offensive, to be honest.
          Not all fan are shippers, nor are Crazy attention seekers like that person. so calm down, girl. There are other people in this fandom.

          I’m a fan, I’m a fangirl, I’ve been shipping RL actors and read RPF too, but I’ve never actually tagged the actors with it. Because it is embarrassing. I don’t know what’s going on with Sam and Cait, I don’t care either.

          Learn some boundaries, people. keep your speculation in private forums.

          • OMG, I can’t believe how you have no shame! EVERYBODY knows it’s you and AGAIN you are trying to hide yourself behind a fake name! Only OL25 herself would know she is knowing everywhere as the “crazy creeper stalker troll of the Outlander fandom”! Lies and more lies! Please we are saying to you: keep your lies and fake speculations to your disgusting page on Twitter!

        • You’re hilarious. Every time someone says Sam and Cait are not together, you totally freak. I think you need to realize your behavior is just as crazy as the OL25 troll.

          • I don’t freak every time SOMEONE says Sam and Cait aren’t together. Everybody has the right to have their opinions. I just freak every time I see YOU with all your fake names saying this and spreading your lies here. Wasn’t enough what you already did on Twitter hunting people who loves Sam and Cait’s love and even more what you did last week with a fake name posting disgusting comments on Cait’s IG page bothering her, her friends and fans? I just hope they will make YOU get what you deserve!

        • Yes, Sally, Starz and all the crew knows what is happening between them and since months ago they are giving us many tips about this!

    • I just want to say…if we can’t post how we feel about these adorable to adults and how they look together then maybe everyone should go delete the exact type of comments on the STARZ INSTAGRAM account!!!! All you coming here to slap hour hands for saying what we see why don’t you take a little trip over to that account and take a look the behind the scenes pic of Sam and Cait! STARZ IS JUST AS MUCH A SHIPPER AS WE ARE!! Go scold someone else!

      • Sam was seen on the Red Carpet with Abbie Salt. Perhaps, his GF or not. But he went with her from London and they are staying together.

  2. I think he absolutely adores her and tries very hard to honor and respect their friendship. I am sure it is not easy for him, he looks like he is in love anytime we see them together Friendship is critical in their work together, if it never is anything more that is okay. If it is meant to be. ..you know the rest. He is a lovely man inside and out..great interview.

  3. I would just like to remind everyone that Cat and Sam are real people, maybe there is something there, maybe there isn’t. Lets not make it awkward for them, just let them go wherever it leads without all us fans sticking our noises in. PLEASE. Lets not interfere with what is clearly and undisputed a great working relationship.

  4. Well, I must admit the chemistry between those two off screen leaves me wondering if there’s more to their relationship than they wanna share with the public eye. No matter how you spin it, this is not JUST co-stars and friends there. There’s more to it. Just bloody look at them 🙂 No fantasy here, only an observation from a bystander.

    • Hahaha, who saying who is embarrassing? “The crazy creeper stalker troll of the Outlander fandom”?

  5. They sound like much more than friends to me! Are you sure you didn’t forget to put girl before friend, Sam??!

    • Tara, please dont. Do you want to send them crazy? There needs to be a really clear line between actors and their professional sphere and their personal space. Personal space is important for everyone and an indicator of a very healthy self. With respect Tara, if you admire and like these actors then I think we really need to respect the no go zone and be happy that we have this fantastic show and wonderful actors willing to share some of them selves with us. #loveoutlander

      • Nikki, I want to applaud your response to Tara’s observation. You are right when you state actors need their private s pace. You cannot be constantly in the public eye and remain sain.

        • Thanks Pam! Just reading all the other comments I think I want to jump off this train – cant work out how to delete though! I am very techno! Not.

  6. sam often talks in double speak. When he’s talking about claire, I think he’s also talking about cait. Of course he said “she’s a friend” what else would he say? Obviously they aren’t at the point, may never be, of being comfortable talking about their personal lives. Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see that what they have is very very special.

  7. They are so cute together, both on and off screen, whatever their relationship is, I support them both on and off screen.

    • And the way they look at each other…it’s so good to see them together! The feelings there are more beautiful and deeper than Jamie and Claire’s I’m sure, because it’s not only literature, it’s reality. Please Sam and Cait, the world needs your pretty babies!

  8. For sure there is more than friendship going on between Sam and Cait! And it is so beautiful to see and share! I am glad I am not blind to all of this

  9. The two leads definitely have chemistry. But to imagine them a real-life couple may be just that, imaginary. They are, after all, actors.

    • Good point but that’s precisely what is interesting about the images that Nina posted – its not Claire and Jaime, its Sam and Cait behind the scene! The ones in the costumes are mostly from in between shooting of the Wedding episode. During the commentary there a couple of comments on how affectionate and caring they are towards each other. I don’t know whether it’s romantic or a very very special friendship, either way as long as they are happy is fine with me 😉

  10. I am sure not just Jamie’s world was rocked! I think in real life some else’s life got rocked pretty dang hard!!! ❤️

  11. The way Sam talks about Cait is beautiful. Clearly smitten by her. But I have to agree, I think he had to stop himself before he said too much. Oh Sam, we definitely know. 😉

  12. Seems as though Mr Heughan had to stop himself before he said too much. Come on Sam, we all know she’s more than a friend 😉

  13. I think that Cait “sort of fell out of the sky into Sam’s world and his whole world has been rocked”! All this talk about being friends, we know we heard it before. The way they act around each other since they met shows they are totally and crazy in love by now!

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