Is Alaskan Bush People fake? Does it matter?

Alaskan Bush People Fake Ryan Berenz

Do the Alaskan Bush People get paid? We asked! Read our interview with the Brown family.

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Alaskan Bush People Fake

“You do not choose Dance Moms,” Lori Acken once said. “It chooses you.”

Lori writes brilliantly about top-flight shows with interviews of stars high atop the A list, yet she could not unburden herself of the Abby Lee Miller albatross. Her weekly recaps of a terrible show about generally unpleasant people were wildly successful, but I did not envy her.

In early 2014, our editorial staff was looking for the next Dance Moms. We had success covering brand-new, somewhat obscure reality shows on cable networks (regrettably, no one cared about quality shows on the broadcast networks). The idea was to try to get on the ground floor of niche shows that few media outlets were going to cover. The pond is smaller, but we’d be the only ones fishing in it.

Our editor in chief, Barb Oates, has a keen eye for what reality TV shows and personalities tend to draw interest (i.e. controversy). She attended the TV critics press tour and was there for a panel Animal Planet held for this new Alaskan Bush People show about backwoods Billy Brown, his wife, and their seven kids. Barb said the Bush People were a hoot, and one of us should write a recap of the premiere episode. Discovery Channel (the show got promoted to the mothership) had sent us a link to an online screener, and a quick recap of the highlights seemed like something I could bang out quickly.

I watched the first episode and was bored within 10 minutes (the flat tire). Within 40 minutes I was disappointed (the tree almost falling on Bam). And by the end of the episode, I was skeptical (Lumber Guy Rick). The Browns didn’t seem all that “bush” with their SUV, using milled lumber to build their house and running back into town for everything. I learned nothing about living in the wild other than burying meat and digging “hip holes” where you sleep. And, on the most fundamental level, it made no sense that someone who truly wants to live off the grid in the Alaskan wilderness would desire to put himself and his family on a reality TV show, one of the aforementioned grid’s waste products. I posted a mildly snarky recap, relieved that I wouldn’t need to do another one, because nobody was going to watch this show, at least not for very long.

And then Alaskan Bush People chose me.

I was shocked that people were not only watching this show, but they had strong opinions about it. Many of the commenters on that original recap weren’t convinced that this family was real, that their accents were fake, that their clothes weren’t practical for the bush, etc. Many other commenters loved the Browns and wanted to live with them, pray for them or write them checks. I was amused that people got worked up over Not Yet Another Alaska Docudrama Show. And I was pissed that I would have to keep watching it and writing about it.

(Digression! That’s the media culture now. Everything has to be EXTREME to break through the noise. Whether it’s extremely good or extremely bad does not matter. You don’t get excited about TV shows that are OK. You don’t share YouTube videos about sensible people doing rational things. You get excited about stuff that is legitimately AWESOME or stuff that is so bad that it becomes AWESOME in its badness. Guess which one applies to Alaskan Bush People.)

Alaskan Bush People Dumpster Fire

I snarky snark snarked my way through two more episodes, trying to appreciate the show on an ironic level. It wasn’t until “Fight or Flight” that I had my Plato’s Cave moment. The “shooting” incident marked a point in which ABP had gone from a contrived docuseries to something outright deceptive. A commenter tipped me off to Zaz Hollander’s investigative piece in the Alaska Dispatch News, and I’d never see the show the same way again. You can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube. I went from wondering what was fake to just assuming everything was fake. And then in June Discovery aired “The Wild Life” special in which the Browns protested too much that they were real and tried to explain the show’s inconsistencies. Billy backed off his “government burned our cabin down” statement, so now you have cause to doubt the very reason for this show existing in the first place.

Discovery couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell me if the show was going to be picked up for Season 2, but I assumed it was. A few months passed with no word. And then in late October, commenter Talkeetnachris tipped us to this:

Billy brown was just charged with stealing over $13000 filing fraudulent PFD claims in Alaska. His near life will be in prison. A few other family members were also charged. This guy and his family are frauds.

The Browns crossed from simple, harmless reality-TV smoke-and-mirrors land into the realm of criminal fraud accusations. And these aren’t just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, bad-check-cashing fraud allegations. This is fraud that, if proved, collapses the entire Brown Family Universe. I prematurely pronounced Alaskan Bush People dead and canceled. No way Discovery was going to continue with it after this, right?

I was wrong. (FRAUD!) The ADN again had the story. New episodes of ABP were being filmed, but no Season 2 premiere date was announced. I maintained the believe-it-when-I-see-it attitude, but then the announcement came and Season 2 premiered Jan. 2.

Season 2 was brutal to watch. At the end of Season 1, I expected ABP, if it returned, to be even more absurd. And it was. What I didn’t expect was Season 2 to be IDENTICAL TO SEASON 1 BUT OVER TWICE AS LONG! We suffered through eight episodes to only get to the MIDSEASON FREAKIN’ FINALE? Maybe we’ll discover all of Season 2 was just a dream Billy had while comatose. My guess is we’re going to get maybe two more episodes like “The Wild Life” with unaired footage and more half-assed explanations of how everything is real and we’re all idiots.

That’s how we got to now. Thanks for getting this far. Now what?

There’s been a changing of the guard at Discovery Channel, and it may determine the future of ABP. Discovery networks have taken a beating over their pseudoscience shows like those about mermaids, Megalodon and real scientists getting duped into contributing to fake Shark Week shows. New Discovery Channel president Rich Ross seems to understand this, and appears to be taking the network in a different direction by expanding its slate of scripted programming, particularly history-based dramas. Ross fielded questions about that at the TV Critics Association Winter Press Tour in January, as reported by Broadcasting & Cable:

[Ross] also addressed the network’s current slate of unscripted programming, signaling that a shift in tone is imminent. Asked whether projects such as Mermaids and other documentaries with fictional elements will continue to have a place at the network, Ross said, “It’s not whether I’m a fan of it. I don’t think it’s actually right for Discovery, for Discovery Channel, and it’s something that I think has in some ways run its course. I don’t think you’ll be sitting here next year asking me a question about something I put on, whether it’s a series or a special, that that’s the dilemma.”

Ross pointed to another new hire — that of John Hoffman as executive VP of documentaries and specials, announced Thursday morning — when fielding a question about criticism from the scientific community about Discovery’s Shark Week programming.

“[Hoffman] has a long history of telling great and authentic stories and working with scientists and doctors and everybody in between,” Ross said. “It was not just a signal. It was a message that it’s very important to us and very important to me that when people are telling stories and delivering information that it’s true and that it can be entertaining as well.”

Based on that, I imagine Ross leading an angry mob of Discovery Channel execs to chase the Brown family off Chicago Bears Island and off the network’s lineup for good. Then there’s this in the news today:

Discovery’s Gold Rush was the number one program in all of television among men for the eighth consecutive week while Alaskan Bush People was the number one program on cable for women on Friday, February 20 in L+3. “The Brown family and everyone’s favorite gold miners from Gold Rush on Friday nights have continued to build an audience with viewers of all ages,” Denise Contis, EVP of production and development, tells Cynopsis. “We’re excited so many men, women, and their families have invited Discovery Channel into their homes each Friday night.”

Ratings competition is fierce. Discovery Communications is a business, not a public service for the common good. Squeezing every last ratings point out of low-budget unscripted fare is good business for them, at least in the short term. I don’t see how Discovery jeopardizing the credibility of its cornerstone Shark Week franchise or cramming its schedule with phony Bush People benefits its brand over time.

Let’s shoot down the “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!” argument. If the viewers who hated on the show stopped watching, the audience would be a third of what it is and the show would be canceled. There’s as much fun and entertainment to be had in hating a TV show, personality or character as there is in legitimately enjoying one. [Update: Watch this analysis debunking the Don’t Like, Don’t Watch argument]

TV critics and bloggers fittingly call it “hate-watching.” This is how the Kardashians remain in the spotlight. It’s better to be hated than to be ignored. Your hate has made them powerful.



Shows like ABP are designed to be absurd. Doing and saying stupid things, and building failed huts out of plastic wrap are all part of the Brown family’s act. Eventually their act will wear thin (if it hasn’t already) and they won’t be worth hatin’ on any more. The show will be canceled and the Browns will go to wherever they go when they’re not pretending to live in the bush, or wherever the Alaska justice system determines they should go.

(Digression! Of course, ABP getting canceled is not in my best professional interest. Someone actually pays me to watch it and write about it. Real money, too! Stuff I can use to buy food that my children will refuse to eat.)

Suspension of disbelief allows us to immerse ourselves into dramatic works. I have intelligent friends who love pro wrestling. It’s perfectly acceptable to watch and enjoy the Browns as they’re depicted onscreen for an hour a week. Maybe you think Bear is a riot. Maybe you really want the boys to settle down with some nice bush girls. Maybe you’re really happy Ami finally got her home with an ocean view. More power to you. Just stay off the Internet.

I can’t ignore the implausibility. I can’t invest in the Browns, because I’m not biting on anything they’re casting onscreen. And everything I’ve read about their lives offscreen just makes me pity those viewers who’ve swallowed hook, line and sinker. The Browns will barter them for more dental work.

Next week, check out my treatise on the unequivocal authenticity of MTV’s Pimp My Ride.


  1. Really 2 – 55 gallon drums in a row boat, not!!!! They were empty, totally fake show!

    • Well, I have to agree with Joe. If those barrels were full and with the additional weight of three grown men, they would have exceeded the boats safety rating by a least a 1000 lbs. But remember, all the reality shows have some degree of drama written in, if they didn’t it wouldn’t be long before these shows would be cancelled. Just enjoy them for what they are and don’t be so critical of their formats.

    • I have come to the conclusion that if I was one of the “sons” in the show, I would have beat the crap out of “Bam” by now. When they were loading the drums onto the skiff and while they were transporting the drums, all you could hear is “Bam” pissin and moaning at Matt. I know if I was Matt, I would have grabbed him by throat and cold clocked him until he was unconcious. Noah and Bam should go and get off the show. Listening to “Bam” piss and moan about everybody and acting like he knows everything and listening to Noah talk about dateing rules and regulations and acting like he is better then the rest of his brothers- know wonder why that girl walked away from Noah!! She finally figured out how much of an idiot and how much of a creepy little weirdo he really is!! And what is up with the cane???? Get rid of it- Does Not do anything for ya!!

  2. What really gets me is you all bash a family for good or bad are doing more than providing entertainment and you can turn the TV off at any time. So who is the real boob here. You insist on bashing them but at the same time our government and the people that run it are so crooked and thieves of the greatest magnitude. Just look at the National debt that can never be paid. Look at every thing that you pay taxes on and you will see there are hundreds of taxes that we are forced to pay. The Browns make us pay nothing except a little fun. We will re-elect them again and again but instead of being angry over them taking our last dime you would rather beat down on a group of people that cannot change our own freedom. I recently got a list of all the different taxes we pay and I could not believe it. But again you give them a free pass on everything they do no matter the cost to you. We are fighting wars all over the world killing our young men and woman who will never have the American dream. The Brown’s have apparently found their dream so not let them have it. I have two tours in Vietnam and am a 100% disabled veteran with Lou Gehrig’s and a lot of other injuries that I suffered because I was told that I was serving to save America. Now a distant memory and the ALS will take me shortly so if a TV show takes my mind off of it for even 5 minutes then let me have it. So if you don’t like the show turn it off. But if you really care about both people and your own family I suggest you spend your time going after the Congress for creating such a mess that your children and grand children will never have the dream we should have gave them. Sorry if I offend you as that is not the intent. I just want to put into perspective what is really going on and what we should all be concerned with.

    • It’s nice to know there’s still intelligence in the world like you. And you are 100% correct.

  3. I’ve been watching this show since the first episode and never really cared about the authenticity of it, to me it’s FAR BETTER than watching some other so-called reality shows where half the time people are either swearing and fighting or crying over some silly crush on a boy. This show isn’t full of the negativity you see on so many other shows. This family works together and has a true bond that so many families today no know nothing about. They aren’t sucked into cellphones and iPods and what Kim and Kayne are doing, they actually have morals and values, something a lot of people in this country seem to be without.
    Real or fake, to me it doesn’t matter, it’s more entertaining to watch a positive, uplifting show about people who aren’t a bunch with too much make up and plastic surgery and not enough brains. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Go on Youtube and watch W.C. Fields in his 1933 comedy “The Fatal Glass of Beer”. It’s set in the Far North, and it’s every bit as convincing as ABP. In fact, Rosemary Theby looks just like Ami. I have worked on two top-rated TV “reality shows” and can assure you that even the “stars” think the shows are fake and a misleading representation of their lives.

  5. If the Alaskan bush people are fake, so be it id much rather watch them act than listen to the blatant lies of the left and the president expect us to beleive.

    • Well said. I groan and chuckle at the set up scenarios that are phony crises on ABP, but I get that it’s entertainment. It’s no joke that we are lied to on a regular basis by Obama, Lynch, Koskinen et al and we are supposed to suspend reality and buy into “wait for the results of the ongoing investigations” that never come. Meanwhile, it’s on to the next distraction and the lies continue.

      • bush saved the wtc from bin laden? or bush attacked Iraq after afganistan attacked us? or bush saved our economy?, or bush signed the status of forces agreement with Iraq(would allow Iraq to try American servicemen on Iraqi soil)?, or refused to tell who lied about wmd, the 9/11 report redacted to hide Saudi involvement in phony intel that led to my niece being killed by sunni scum outside camp bacca Iraq. looks like the liberals need to answer to you, as you seem so perfectly stupid, I bet you are too dumb to see why on 9/12/01 the ONLY aircraft flying over America were u.s. military or Saudi rats fleeing American soil on chartered jets, why did your mental superior G.W.Bush let the Saudi king lead him around in such a submissive posture(like a child being led around)? explain how bush saved general motors? sorry dude forgot that Obama saved gm, but to you guys hate general motors(research their WW2 role) now that blacky mcpresident helped them. the terrorists bush let out of gitmo most of which returned to the battle, not a word out of you not a fuckin peep you treasons assholes.

  6. From a mother of 5. I have the upmost respect for Ami and Billy. It takes a lot of courage to live the way you do “on your own terms”. I am overwhelmed by the love and respect the kids have for their mom and dad. Along with each other. I can only feel sorry for the jerk who claim this family are frauds. Jealousy and envy are the words that come to mind when I think about them. It takes a lot more courage to live in a way that makes you truly happy then in a way that is socially expectable. Family is everything. I can’t wait to see them succeed in spite of all the nay sayers. Mary TN

    • which of their children are ready to strike out on their own as god intended? do you want those clowns to be fruitful and multiply? not me, who taught the girls about sex?, research the papa pilgrim debacle, then guess who taught the girls about sex

  7. I admit, I had doubts but these internet articles confirm that the Browns appear to be grifters/trailer trash. True representatives of white trash living off the rest of us and laughing all the way to the bank. Amusing programming but disappointing of the Discovery Channel.

    • trebor is a cool name, research tebor rubin a true hero story, medal of honor denied by the racists who he saved in korea (denied medal of honer cause he’s jewish), also saved American POW’s in Chinese Korean deathcamp (slipped away from prison to steal food for fellow americans repeatedly returning to bring them food).
      he was in a Nazi deathcamp for being a jew.
      he joined u.s. military as thanks, and respect for their saving him.
      he became a hero, and saved many,
      he was still a jew, so was denied medals of honor
      he deserved at least two, as a jew he got none until decades later he got one.
      we now fight over bush-life-conartists like the browns, we seem to be doomed!

  8. Real or not, isn’t it nice to see a show about a family working together to reach a common goal? Children working hard for the good of their family. A show about family values in this day and age should not be picked apart , but watched and used as an example of what can be accomplished when we work together. I find the show a fun family option in a t.v. full of garbage.

    • Oh its okay to teach children to lie to people and make fools of all who will listen. That’s what this show is about, making fools out of the weak minded. I would enjoy the show if they would say at the beginning of the show “the contents of this show is not true watch at your own risk” that’s how I see it.

  9. I love the way they built an entire roof, and then figured out that a tree was growing between
    the eave trusses. Ha!

    • remember billy said we built more houses than we can count, guess he cant count(unless sucking the state of Alaska’s teat counts)

  10. I think weather fake or not we should all have to experience the way they live,maybe we would appreciate life better! Seems to me that’s what you call a real close family. They seem to be having a lot of fun without all the cell phones ,TV computer etc. They sure are not about material things.So for the people who truly are miserable in their life don’t be jealous of a real loving family who are truly happy!

  11. This show is so bad, it is good! It is Gilligan’s Island all over again!
    My favorite moment was when, last season, they put up their tent, and then decided to cut those dead branches. Dumb and dumber.
    I also liked how the magic took place with a two story house emerging seamlessly and quickly. And how they moved that pile of lumber from the waterfront up to the building site! And how one of the boys brought in all those tires to trap water, providing breeding grounds for black flies and mosquitoes. He may end up with a rubber lined coffin when the wind kicks up. His house is a house of retreads!
    And one more thing. Aren’t there way more men than women in Alaska? If so, why would any woman use a matchmaker??
    How fake is that?
    And yet another thing. How could Billy sit there at the dentist’s office, and not do something about Birdie’s broken front teeth?

    • I’ll watch the show once in a while it makes me laugh. One thing that I don’t get is why doesn’t Billy and Ami have an “accent” like their 5 fugly boys? Just another reason why I think the show is fake.

    • I so agree with you on that dental comment. Not to concerned about the reality of the show. Just liked being entertained after football season.

      • I really enjoy the show im sure most scripted. what bothers me the most is Billy was a commercial fisherman but most of his terminology is wrong. on a boat a LINE Not rope is what you tie the boat up with and FENDERS go between boat and dock buoys are in the water as channel markers little things like that just bother me but I can’t wait to watch it every week

  12. Pretty sad that there ( mommy) has to find a girlfriend for those ugly losers, any girl will go out with them just to have there mug on TV. They all are losers, white trash peice’s of shit.

    • Maybe their mommy would like to find a GOOD girl for boys. I mean, there are soooo many of them ya know.

    • Why do you call these young men “ugly losers”. First, each of them has particular talents and skills many average guys do not; second, 22-year old Noah’s staunch Christian beliefs are borne out in both word and deed, and he’s quite adept at inventing; third, the four oldest appear to be stronger and more muscular than many; and, finally, the oldest brother, Matt, is obviously not ugly and has quite a loyal female following.

      I was fortunate to be blessed with good looks and above average intelligence. I left home for college at 17 on a full scholarship, attended a top law school and became society’s idea of a success. Regardless of how true this TV show is, however, I would have gladly traded places with someone like a Matt or Noah Brown who is part of a such a large loving family.

      Studies have shown that in countries where extended families live in close proximity (for example, caring for grandparents and older children with disabilities), life expectancy increases, as do positive health outcomes.

      • Agree with you. These young men are quite unique and family-oriented as portrayed.

  13. This article is just crazy, I think the show is funny. Who cares if some or all is fake or real they don’t cuss, do drugs, walk around half naked they talk about having a good time, they all work together on things and they are doing things outside and not just sitting in front of a video game all day. The boys have great looking bodies and are just fun to watch. I would rather watch this than half of the crap on 90% of the other 500 cable channels. And to the guy that said he would buy the bullets to line up a bunch of women and children and shoot them because you don’t like the show really needs therapy! I mean really it’s just a TV show. If you don’t like the sound of Billy’s voice – here is a clue – don’t watch the show!

    • The problem is that the Brown family did a special episode after season one, to tell us how authentic they are, how the show is absolutely authentic. If they want to have a fake show, OK, but do not protest when people challenge them.
      I watch it for the same reason I used to watch Gilligan’s Island – because it is outrageously dishonest. But Gilligan’s Island was never presented as anything other than slapstick humor. And Gilligan, himself, had more dignity than Bam Bam!

      Last friday’s episode really took the cake, though, when the lads sat in the restaurant, and pretended to not really know how to talk on the phone. That beats almost everything they have given us so far!

      • LOL!!! Totally agree…you need to read the blog called “” something like that. The people of the town they always are in basically hate them. Matt & Bam bam are always smoking & pretending they’re so clean cut. Matt was in rehab for meth. The phone issue is beyond stupid becuz the blog has obtained photos of the boys on cell phones. They’ve trashed rooms & when maids have gone in they’ve found drugs and six packs. But the stupidest thing they want us to believe is that they built that house!!! Nothing could be further from the truth. The blog contains townspeople complimenting the local builders for building that 2 story house & DC paid them very well, it’s all on FB. Every single thing has been documented on this blog with photos of their past living in houses that were rented, showing them going shopping for clothes, taking selfies & using the Internet. Believe me there is no one in town who like them. Plus the so called island they live on has about 200 other families living on it, they didn’t just claim it! Everything has either been built for them or given to them becuz DC has paid the towns people. Remember the so called deer shot? The gun wasn’t even fired, the photo showed the lens cap on & the deer was given to them by the islands mayor, the girls that so called canoed to the island were boated in by DC & it’s only about a mile away, not the led to believe hours away. The local welfare agency had to make a trip to the Browns because of the youngest health, hygiene, etc. I’ve read & re read every line on this blog & seen every fake scene & get this…the first episode make shift with moss inbetween the logs was also built by a local. And why in the world would anyone in the wild in 25 degree weather wear leather jackets, or no shirts at all!! That’s stupid becuz real bush people wear clothing that’s practical not idiotic. Anyway I hope all of you go to that website/blog…you can see all the proof & the documents that prove the Browns screwed the government…Would love to hear from this blogs author if he’s gone onto “reality TV scandal” website..just wondering 🙂

  14. Please take The show off the air do a show about me and my family now theres some excitement for televisión. By The Way how is it when im watching The show where she gets Her teeth pulled on The next episode she has all Her teeth now if that doesnt tell you its fake what Will!!

    Sincere ley,

    • look closer when she talks she only has about 5 teeth in the front and if you listen they say they stay there a few days while she is having her procedure so that is why they are seen staying in a motel…I would not expect them to sleep on the street.

  15. Please tape The show off the air do a show about me and my family now theres some excitement for televisión. By The Way how is it when im watching The show where she gets Her teeth pulled on The next episode she has all Her teeth now if that doesnt tell you its fake what Will!!

  16. I sit hear thinking how could I hate one person so much? I can not even stand to hear billy browns voice, like I have said before line the whole family against a brick wall and execute all of them, I’ll even be one of the shooters, I will even pay for the bullets. White trash, pure white trash. If you read this billy brown if you can read go fuck yourself, your a peice of shit!

    • If you hate Billy Brown’s voice so much, why don’t you do what a NORMAL person would do and use the remote to change the channel…that is if you know HOW TO USE A REMOTE…or you could get up off your dead ass and turn the channel with one of your hands. It’s just a TV program and entertainment. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Also talking about shooting people just because you don’t like their TV show says you have a serious problem buddy.

  17. Ok folks…here goes! My teenage grandchild has more brains and understanding than most of your brains put together. This show is no different than the Partridge Family, Leave it to Beaver or Andy Griffeth shows. They just didn’t call it reality back then…it was entertainment! What the heck do you want? Please, please, please stop watching television and read a good book…oh, but don’t get mad if it’s not real…oops…did I say that out loud? Grow up America…you asked for this…now stop being so critical because you weren’t smart enough to think of doing it yourself! HAHAHA!

  18. They are as real as pile of dog shit, hey billy brown do me and the rest of the country a favor, stick your gun in your mouth and swallow a bullet for us. You are a worthless peice of shit! The real deal your nuts!

    • I’m not sure where you are from, but on Earth a pile of dog poop is a real thing. I sometimes have to watch out so i don’t step in one.

  19. Have you people ever heard dont judge a book by its cover personally i have relatives up there and i can assure you that they are the real deal oh and i have lived in the wilderness i know how to gut a deer without getting alot of blood on me or the ground you just have to know were to cut it so why dont you people put your money were ur mouth is and keep it shut.

    • I dont think it matters if they are real they real they not they not it shouldnt matter its a tv show alot of people watch it i dont see what the big deal is.

    • Explain to me what they are doing carrying that rifle around that has no sights that was sold that way to put a scope on it but no scope! If anyone has shot a rifle, they need sight of some sort. I watch this show occasionally because it’s stupid. Those people would have been eaten by a bear or starved in less than a day!

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