ABC to Broadcast “The Ten Commandments” on Easter

ABC has announced that it will air the 1956 classic The Ten Commandments — Cecil B. DeMille’s epic masterpiece — on Easter Sunday.


From an ABC press release:

The Easter classic, The Ten Commandments, will air as an “ABC Special Presentation” on Sunday, April 5 (7:00-11:44 p.m., ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network. The legendary Cecil B. DeMille film from 1956 was an annual tradition for many families who gathered to watch the story of Moses every Easter.

Starring Charlton Heston in the iconic role of Moses, the film from Paramount Pictures also stars legendary actors Yul Brynner as Rameses, Anne Baxter as Queen Nefretiri, Edward G. Robinson as Dathan, Yvonne de Carlo as Sephora, Vincent Price as Baka, Debra Paget as Lilia, John Derek as Joshua, and features Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Sethi, Nina Foch as Bithiah, Martha Scott as Yochabel, Judith Anderson as Memnet, among others.

Produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille, the film tells the Biblical tale of Moses from his birth through leading the Jews from Egypt to the Promised Land, complete with the burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea and Moses receipt of the holy tablets from God.

Filmed on location in Egypt, Mount Sinai and the Sinai Peninsula, the film was DeMille’s last and most successful work. It is a partial remake of his 1923 silent film of the same title, and features one of the largest sets ever created for a motion picture. At the time of its release on November 8, 1956, it was the most expensive film ever made.

Charleton Heston and Yul Brynner star in The Ten Commandments.

In 1957, the film was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, and Charlton Heston was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) for his role as Moses. It is also one of the most financially successful films ever made, grossing approximately $122.7 million at the box office during its initial release — it was the most successful film of 1956 and the second-highest grossing film of the decade.

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  1. im posting this in june 2015 but anyone in awe of this film should get Katharine Orrison’s book Written in Stone the making of Cecil B. DeMilles The Ten Commandments and get the 55th annv, 6 dvd blue ray set magnificent !

  2. I momentarily panic when I thought abc.7 is not airing the Ten Commandments this year. I have been watching it every year since a teenager. Today, I have children & grandchildren & am still watching this movie annually. This is one movie that never grow old. Many families don’t have that family together time any more. I believe the Ten Commandments bring a lot of families together for at least a few hours that one day. The many Biblical movies shown, there is none equal. What a Great, Great Movie. Thanks abc.7. I love you, for you are truly the greatest.

  3. I was glad to hear that this classic that I watched as a child, now 47 was aired again! Hope the tradition will stand ahead in time. I may not be an outwardly religious person, but spiritually it connected as a symbol and an example of how mankind persevered and found faith in something holy and good! I don’t know about kids today that are so entitled and get away with far more than should be allowed. Maybe shows like this will give pause for thought and give insight!

    • Recorded Movie, it came up short. How could you not have the movie time correct?

  4. I agree..something I grew up watching and continue to do so many years later. Thanks ABC for helping us keep up this tradition.

  5. I grew up on then commandments, I am 46 years old, and I still watch it as if it’s my very first time seeing it. As a minister, I must admit, Mr. Cecil Demille did a excellent job at capturing the truth of the scriptures. We need more wholesome Christian movies, especially during the chrisitan holiday season. I can’t wait until 6pm….God bless ABC for their kindness and thoughtfulness of sharing the good new with the world.

  6. I remember watching The Ten Commandments since at least 1985.
    I thank ABC Channel 7 for steadfastly keeping this tradition. With so many changes in our lives, it is such a comfort to know we can still watch
    this great movie at the same place – ABC Channel 7, and the same time –

  7. KUDOD to you ABC for scheduling the broadcast of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS holiday season. I wish more. Biblical movies were broadcasted for the young people of today. It seems the youth of today don’t respect anything, not even themselves. They need to know there’s someone they will have to answer to that is much bigger than themselves. AGAIN I SAY, KUDOS!

  8. 4/4 Saturday @5pm I look at the tv menu to re-confirm the “traditional 6pm ABC’s 10 COMMANDMENTS” night before Easter Sunday; only to see the usual tv shows are on. Literally I have been in tears and angered in the last few hours with no 10 Commandments movie in store and thinking what a bunch of “insensitive d*heads” to interrupt/cancel the traditional masterpiece & if I was the only one whom cared & lives for this re-broadcast every year the” Saturday evening before Easter Sunday”…BF says write & complain as I already now discovered it will air on Easter Sunday night!!! ABC– Please don’t EVER cancel the traditional rebroadcast! So tonite we are watching my new favorite show “In an Instant”–very excellent, real, intense”!! Now looking forward to watch my all-time favfavorite, beautiful movie tommorow nite!!

  9. I’m so glad I happen to Google this. It seems like I’ve been waiting to catch this movie forever. Been asking about what happened to the airing of the ten commandments since Christmas. I’m 32 years old and I miss the tradition of certain things. Easter is more than eggs bunnies and shopping for a new outfit to “go out”. Very thankful to ABC for this. Enjoy everyone.

    • I know exactly how you feel; I have been watching it since I was 7 yrs. Old.. I was having fits earlier this evening bbecause I thought it was entirely cancelled. Bless & enjoy!

  10. Thanks to Google because I was about to be very upset. Even though the 10 Commandments has absolutely nothing to do with Easter, it airing every year on Easter Eve tradition that I have grown to love and honor l lost loved ones. I will catch only the second half of it on Easter night but at least the tradition continues.

  11. Hellio my parent s we weres raised Thurs. the? Ten Commandments nows dys Pepoles haves be forgotten gods Holys laws we have wars threats maybes groups say Isis jobs lost /stealing take stuff Pepoles not trust Jesu or god? W is happen the? World events? Anyway abc shows the Ten comnandments sat night pepole need to be a touch of?gods hand as this picture is? Shown the slaves at work weres no stranger to us work ours jobs date to date! Only difference worked hard didn’t gods wraths showns not verys lightly I’d recall,my teacher classen invite me see the film it is something to be treasures god bless happy easter! Mary bc Henson.

  12. For many years I have watched this movie during this season of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ
    (Easter) and I am happy to see it over and over again .It tells a story of deliverance out of bondage for God’s people there is a powerful message in this story. God can and will deliver from what ever or whom ever oppresses his children .Just have faith and obey even when there seems to be no way out. Thanks ABC “there is still some light shining in a dark world “.

  13. The Ten Commandments has nothing to do with Easter. I don’t recall any mention of Ostara/Easter, her son Tammuz, or rabbits in this movie. However, it is a Passover movie. Does everything in the world have to be taken and made pagan? Even God’s son wouldn’t celebrate Easter, but He did celebrate Passover.

    • I agree. We were told to celebrate Jesus’ death; not his resurrection.

  14. It takes me back to when I was a child. How I loved that family together feeling. Hunting Easter Eggs, homemade Easter baskets, Easter dinner. Then after everyone had gone home, my Mother and I would sit together and watch The Ten Commandments or any special presentations for whatever holiday was at hand. I remember how simple things seemed. One day a few years later with tears streaming down my face, I was holding my Moms hand hugging her and sharing special times for the last time. As I stood there without her I felt just how much I missed her and how she taught me how special a family bond is. With that I vowed to pass on to my 2 children those special times and never take for granted a single moment because in the twinkle of an eye it will all change.
    Please take time to share special times with your families and remember to start each day letting them know how much they mean to you. And also remember “It all started with God”
    A special message to my parents, Mom and Dad, I know how you struggled to raise a family of 7 on less than $75. a week, I will always keep your memory in my heart and I do share those special times whether it be a meal, a movie or just a time to talk with my children. Although grown now they will have this to pass on to their families when Im gone.

  15. I’m 45yrs old this has been a family tradition for has long as I can remember the whole family together watching this movie it is a classic Easter movie just isn’t the same without watching it. I’m glad abc channel 7 is keeping this tradition .

  16. love this movie it was so much better then exdous i grew up watching this as a child and i cry every time i see god open the red sea to save his people it just lets me know that there is some one with a higher power that loves us.All the easter special lets me know that jesus came to save us,If so many people would just accept him we would have a better world.

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