USA Network’s “DIG”: Jason Isaacs’ adventure in the making

Jason Isaacs DIG

DIG will finally see the light of day. The action/adventure miniseries set and partially filmed in Jerusalem was originally set to premiere in November, but violence in the region forced the production to relocate. The premiere was pushed to March, but the upside is that USA Network expanded the series order from six episodes to 10. DIG premieres on Thursday, March 5, at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network.

From creators Gideon Raff (Homeland) and Tim Kring (Heroes), DIG has the epic, biblical and historical scope of films like The Da Vinci Code. “It is primarily a murder mystery,” Kring says. “As [it] starts to unfold, it uncovers this sort of deep, couple‑thousand‑year‑old mystery.”

Jason Isaacs plays Peter Connelly, an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem, and Anne Heche plays his boss and occasional lover. “There are all kinds of surprises,” Isaacs says. “Nobody is what they seem, and nothing is what it seems, and even Peter is not what he seems,” Isaacs says.

The pilot was filmed in the Holy Land among ancient buildings and sites, and it took a toll on Isaacs’ body during the action sequences. “When you shoot in Los Angeles, they build fake doors and soft rubber stone,” Isaacs says. “This stone [in Jerusalem] has stood the test of time. It’s been there for thousands of years. So here I am climbing over stone walls and bashing through these very heavy old doors.”

Jason Isaacs DIG

Photo: Credit: Ronen Akerman/USA Network


  1. Dig is awesome! I’m following every episode and enjoying it immensely. Jason Isaacs is riveting as Peter and you’d never guess he was Draco Malfoy’s dad Lucius in the Harry Potter movies. I love the historic/religious background to this series. There are so many possibilities and I’m wondering where they will end up. Great show.

  2. I would like to know why closed caption is not available for this show. I am deaf and tried to watch the premier at least 8 different times – cofiguring the settings as I went. Therefore if you don’t offer caption for the deaf and near deaf, I and a lot of other viewers will be unable to enjoy your promising new series.

    • Try downloading captions/subtitles from I’ve been getting captions for several TV shows there, including Dig. It will have the designator “.srt” and that’s how you know it’s a subtitles file. The subtitles are offered in more than one language, so be sure to specify “English”. You can play the video and .srt file together in VLC player or several other video players will also accept them.

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