Our Little Family preview: Adapting in an average-sized world … plus, it’s potty time!

Our Little Family returns to TLC tonight with back-to-back new episodes. 

In the first, it’s potty-training time for Cate and Cece, Dan builds Jack a playground fortress that’s the perfect size for him, and a trip to the grocery store with the kids gives Michelle another chance to demonstrate how to adapt in an average-sized world.

Dan and Michelle Hamill and their kids, Cate, CeCe and Jack star in TLC's Our Little Family
Dan and Michelle Hamill and their kids, Cate, CeCe and Jack star in TLC’s Our Little Family. Photo: TLC

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“Some little people use grabbers at the grocery store — I’m having none of that,” she says, clambering up shelves in the cookie aisle and coming back down with something Jack nixes anyway. (Jack! Pepperidge Farms!)

“I’ve kinda learned that you kind of have to test the shelves before you step on them,” Michelle adds, noting a recent disaster in the toothpaste aisle.

Jack proves a quick learner, heading off to score himself some yogurt from the middle shelf. (And before you freak out about him falling and breaking his head, kindly remember that every single kid on the planet with the ability to climb has gone up a store shelf. For that matter, I did this weekend to get the last jar of honey at the back of the top shelf. Tea without honey = no. You do what you must.)

On the way out of the store, Michelle gives Jack the assignment of returning the cart to the corral — a mission quickly commandeered by his twin sisters. Jack patiently lets them help until matters of getting squished become a problem.


Then, Dan and Michelle trust the kids to her brave brother so they can celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary with a romantic overnight getaway.

See more of the family’s adventures tonight on all-new episodes of at Our Little Family beginning at 10/9CT on TLC.

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