First Look: House Of Cards Season 3 Trailer

Some of the biggest buzz surrounding last night’s Oscar’s broadcast had little to do with Neal Patrick Harris in tighty-whities, John Travolta heavy-petting Idina Menzel’s face or John Legend and Common’s moving musical performance to their Oscar-winning song, “Glory.”

Today, many people are talking about the President of the United States. Okay, okay, the fictional President of the United States, but still…people can’t stop talking about Francis Underwood, the devilish fake president played by Kevin Spacey on Netflix’s House of Cards and the series’ dramatic Season 3 trailer.

Photo credit: David Giesbrecht for Netflix
Photo credit: David Giesbrecht for Netflix

Last week, the third season of the critically acclaimed drama was “accidentally” released —allowing a lucky a few an early glimpse into the continuing exploits of Frank and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) — but the rest of us will have to bide our time until February 27, when the entire season is released, in a single, binge-worthy glut.

In case you missed the pulse-pounding preview, check it out below.

Awesome, huh? And the use of the terrifying song, “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of War Drums” by the band A Perfect Circle is utterly spectacular. (If you ever want to sleep again, don’t watch the disturbing music video on YouTube. it’s like Stanley Kubrick and Cartoon Network conceived a very scary baby.)

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  1. Can’t wait until the big release! Didn’t even need a trailer to get me hooked for the next season, but you are so right – terrifying!, yet can’t resist!!! Love the Kubrick Cartoon Network baby reference! Too funny!

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