Tonight on Oxygen, “Preachers of Detroit”

Oxygen’s new reality series is bringing the Messiah to the Motor City. Preachers of Detroit, a spin-off of the network’s successful, Preachers of L.A., follows seven dynamic men and women of faith, as they guide their flocks and minister to their communities.

Preachers of Detroit pictured: (l-r) Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston, Pastor Don William Shelby Jr., Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Pastor David Bullock, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Pastor Tim Alden, Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole
Preachers of Detroit: (l-r) Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston, Pastor Don William Shelby Jr., Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Pastor David Bullock, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Pastor Tim Alden, Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole

Detroit has faced its share of struggles as economic downturn has challenged the city, but from the very first episode, it’s obvious that while the city’s bureaucracy may be bankrupt, the city’s faith is rich and vibrant. “Detroit is alive and well! The people here are resilient and gritty, strong and fierce about this place,” proclaims Bishop Corletta Vaughn. “The Church in Detroit is alive and well. We have been the lighthouse for the city when it was the darkest and there is no doubt that The Church Life in Detroit has kept this city together!”

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I sat in a powerful conference call with Vaughan and Pastor David Bullock and met two leaders who are not only unafraid of the challenges facing their hometown, they embrace it. The struggles that the community faces galvanizes their congregations to reach out and use God’s love to help strengthen their community.

Pastor David Bullock
Preachers of Detroit‘s Pastor David Bullock

“One of the most satisfying moments for me is the bi-monthly food program that our church sponsors in partnership with Forgotten Harvest. We have the blessed opportunity to feed 500 – 600 families,” says Bullock. “The need for food and nourishment in the metro Detroit area is astounding. 45 million Americans are food insecure and we cherish this opportunity to serve. Jesus said, ‘I was hungry and you fed me not.’ We will not be guilty of this charge.”

Bullock is excited to use television as a medium to share not only the power of faith, but the strength of the city’s leaders. “I hope viewers see ordinary people empowered by God to do extraordinary things. I hope they see a man, David Bullock, unafraid to speak the truth, to say the things people want to say, but won’t. I hope they see the power of a deep sincere commitment and love for people.”

Bishop Vaughan
Bishop Corletta Vaughan is power in the pulpit

Bishop Vaughan is a fighter. She shattered the stained glass ceiling when she defied the patriarchal traditions of her church and became a female preacher. Now as a Bishop whose ministry provides oversight to 70 churches across the U.S and over 1300 worldwide, she is a dynamo in the pulpit of her church, Holy Ghost Cathedral, and is excited to share her ministry and faith with others.

She says, “Being the leader of this congregation thrills my soul and brings me tremendous affirmation that I am doing the will of God for myself in Detroit. I love preaching and teaching and sharing my life with this flock of God’s people.” Viewers will be inspired by her passion and compassion as she takes the word of God into the streets. “This exuberance flows into my community on a daily basis as I strive to touch, direct and guide my parish to the Love of God and His plan for their lives; whether in outreach, conflict mediation or just standing outside striking a conversation with the neighbors, this is my life and I love it!”

What do you think of Preachers of Detroit? Will you watch? Can faith save this struggling city?

Preachers of Detroit > Oxygen > Fridays, beginning Feb. 20 at 8pm ET

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