Little Women: LA Episode 8 recap “Into The Woods” Features My Idea of Hell: Camping and Yelling

This episode may be titled “Into the Woods,” but I’d call it, “Camping is Terrible” or “The Sh!tstorm.”

Lila is still around. And I love that someone has brought fresh drama to LA. Drama sucks to live through, but is very entertaining to watch.

Terra and Joe decide to take everyone to Catalina Island, But psyche! Because Joe isn’t actually going, he booked a commercial and can’t go. This is the first time that everyone is getting together since Todd and Erik (and kinda Joe) got into a fight.

You know what’s a good idea? Getting on a boat with your mortal enemy! This trip is such a fantastic idea. Also because in the season 2 premiere, we saw how much fun boats are for little people. Actually, boats are not fun for most people. I frequently feed the fish when I am on the ocean. I grew up on a lake, and my brain can’t adjust to he waves. Barfaroo.

Lila is still around, and she’s still a lightning rod. But of course she is, because she’s Christy’s friend. And Christy is a human lightning rod herself (aka TV Gold).

Lila is hilariously kinky; she’s packing her vibrator for the trip to Catalina island. Because why not? I guess if she can’t get drunk, she can get a “buzz” in other ways. Traci hits the nail on the head when she calls Lila “an acquired taste. Terra decides that on the boat is a good time to reveal that the trip is camping. The universal comment from the rest of the ladies is “Oh, Hell no.”

Camping?  Heck no! I prefer Glamping.
Camping? Heck no! I prefer Glamping.

If I was camping, I would need massive quantities of alcohol, and thankfully, someone brought some. The stress of the trip is especially tough for Lila who is new to sobriety and missing the numbness that booze provides. Fortunately, her buddy Christy is there to offer support. The entire night Traci looks pissed to be there, and for a second I wondered why, but then I remember in season 1, she was excited to be getting married at her country club. Her Country Club. So, that’s why she hates to camp. Unless the camping ends up at The Beverly Hills Hotel, like in the movie, Troop Beverly Hills. I feel, ya girl. No me gusta ir de camping. Not sure why I broke into Spanish right there, perhaps because they’re on Catalina Island? Or also perhaps the ginger beer I’m drinking.

The next day’s activity is Ziplining! Which is so much fun! The course on Catalina Island looks awesome to me but sounds like torture to timid Traci. But before the women take off on their next adventure, Preston and Briana’s boyfriend Matt, shows up. Terra is a little pissed because this is her party and she’ll pout if she wants to. But she gets over it because it’s a pretty sweet surprise that Christy planned for her friend and I am so glad that Briana friends and love in her life! After smooches, off they go! Todd is over the zipline weight limit and of course, Terra can’t zipline because she’s pregnant (and everyone else looks like they want to strangle her.) But Traci takes one look at the overly-zippy line (and Briana getting tossed like a ragdoll) and bails too.

This is Fuuuuuuun!
This is Fuuuuuuun!

But everyone else who ziplines look like they’re having a fantastic time.

While the zipliners zip and the non zipliners meet them at the bottom of the hill, Todd apologizes to Terra and Traci for his part in last episode’s fight. Last episode’s CRAZY fight. Later, when he tells Christy that he and Terra made amends, she freaks out at him. I’m not sure why Christy can’t let her husband say he’s “sorry” and move on. I know Christy loves her frenemy drama (and I love her for that), but be like Queen Elsa and “Let it go.”

Before we get to dinner, Preston has to leave. I think he was on Catalina Island for maybe 8 hours. He must have sensed that a storm was a-brewing.

Have you ever been at a nice dinner and a whole lotta craziness broke out? Well, for some unsuspecting people at The Avalon Grille, that’s exactly what happened.

And the craziness wasn’t the screaming, yelling, people jumping on each other kind of fight, it was the kind of fight where people Whisper-yell, which is find when you’re an adult trying to threaten your kid during church, but totally weird when adults do it in a nice restaurant. I mean, if you’re going to be classless and fight in public, at lest be loud about it so the people whose meal you’re disturbing can live-tweet it.

LittleWomen_Sn2_Ep8_1I will let you guess who the fighting was between…3…2…1. If you guessed that the fight was between Lil and everyone, you’re right. It’s fitting that she leaves LA the next day because she’s throwing insults like a tornado and she’s going leave a wide swath of destruction in her wake. I guess she wasn’t yelling at Christy, Todd, Briana, or her man, Matt, but she was yelling at everyone else.

LittleWomen_Sn2_Ep8_3What’s weird, is the fight started with an apology. Christy apologized to Terra for her past transgressions. Terra doesn’t accept her apology. Then Traci jumps in and I’m like, “Why, Traci? you should be in your happy place.  There is plumbing, and electricity, don’t mess this up and the restaurant may let you stay!” And Lila senses an opportunity to talk and jumped in and then the random yelling, and finger pointing (Which these ladies despise) and insults started. First she’d yell at Terra because she doesn’t want Joe anymore, but she actually does, then she’s yelling at Tonya because Tonya love to be in the middle of all things crazy, and then, for no reason at all, Lila started yelling at Elena, who was like, “WTF, what are you fighting with me? I was on your side.” The horrified look on Matt’s face throughout the entire scene is priceless.

The night ended up being one of history’s least comfortable meals, but the most entertaining TV fights I’ve seen since last week, when there was an actual fight on Little Women: LA.

I’m sad to see Lila go, she’s a whole other kind of crazy – New York crazy.



  2. so disappointed in the story line, having Lila go after Tonya!
    when your own kind bullies you, take your frustrations out on the black girl sooooo typical. two thumbs down for originality

  3. First off…I cannot stand Terra. She is a horrible, manipulative bully and control freak. She has a pretty face…but that’s where it ends. Untalented and annoying. She looks ridiculous on stage. She is so jealous of Elena, it’s comical. I like Elena and she is beautiful. She only hangs out with these idiots for more air time…but she has a life outside of them. Tonya…so disappointed. The way she treated Lila was so trashy and low classy. I really thought she was better than that. Lila is a sweet girl with a hurt heart. We girls have all had our little obsessions. I think she does and doesn’t want Joe. It’s her ego talking at this point. She’s trying to move on, but Terra loves the drama and refuses to rise above it, because Joe isn’t in love with her either. He’s just stuck with her. Tracy needs to stop with the mood swings. She’s such a negative person. Christy seems like a loyal friend until u cross her. Then she’ll start trouble and I stigmata. She’s loyal if u stay loyal. Turn on her…and watch out. Love Brianna. She’s beautiful, sweet and a good person.

  4. I watched this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the pregnant one is a problem. She is a big time trouble maker. Can’t believe she didn’t tell those other ladies they were going camping. That’s just stupid. And just because someone doesn’t want to do what you want to do doesn’t make them a debby downer. That Christy chic is a problem too. And the Lila girl, what a quack. I hope y’all don’t act like this in real life

  5. Would like to say hi to Briana and Matt.
    You two are so cute together.
    I love watching the two of u.
    You both inspires me.
    Matt you are the true inpression of
    What a man should be. The love that you both have for eachother is wonderful beyond words. I am a 33 year old
    woman with a paralyzeattion sense birth from waist down. Matt it takes a real man to give the kind of love u have given to Briana as if what ever comes u both face together as if nothing fazed either of u. Briana girl u got it made the only oppion that matters is yours & Matts u go girl u lucky dog u im jealous beyond words. Hey can I borrow him ill give him back. Ok mabey I’ll give him back lol… Love the both of u , stay strong be happy and love as if love doesn’t exist. MAN I’M JELLIOUS

  6. Christy is always trying to pump someone for information. She did it again to Lila with questions about Joe. Her and Lila are so much alike. Personally can’t stand either of them. Todd must be a saint to put up with her, unless it’s just when cameras are around.

  7. Get ready to see more of Lila on Little Women: NY. I just saw an article for it on Entertainment Weekly. And yes, Christy is a pot stirrer but Terra is downright manipulative and a huge hypocrite. I really hope these ladies aren’t really like this and just mugging for the cameras. I liked Tonya last season but she has become extra bitchy this season.

    • Hi Bren,
      I agree that Tonya is extra-bitchy this season; which is too bad because she was the voice of reason last season. I think her messy and embarrassing break-up with Trevore is still bumming her out.
      Ironically, I chatted with Lila yesterday for the April issue of Channel Guide Magazine. She talked some major smack about some of the LA cast members, so clearly time and separation hasn’t eased the tension between her and the other women. I also interviewed one of the other NY cast members, who is a complete sweetheart. The NY cast will certainly have a different attitude and vibe than the LA gang, but their life experiences are dramatically different too. I look forward to seeing how Lifetime puts it together!

      • Seriously, if anyone thinks Lila is a good fit for tv for any reason then you want to watch someone implode. That wacko doodle is a dry drunk just like Christy is and there are still mean and nasty they just can not blame alcohol like they have for years. . As for a tv show about Little Woman NY uggg. Lila and Christy are jealous trolls ( and no that is not due to their height). For those who think Terra is gross and disgusting yet say nothing about a grown ass woman showing her vibrator on prime time tv then you have no class except for maybe the one you graduated with in high school. ONE Lila get your money back for that thing it looks to be about 50 yrs old and well used (BARF). Secondly she is obsessed with Joe and I mean fatal attraction type. It looks like Lila and Christy have missed the med cart n the mornings. Now you want people to believe you guys are being bullied you might not want to say the things you do CHRISTY AND LILA!I do not care if you are 6 ft tall like me or short like you act like a grown ass woman and stop your bullshit or continue to get called out for it. As for Tonya why should she be the voice of reason with those wackos? The only thing they agree with is their own delusions. Tonya is mature enough to call a spade a spade and Lila frankly with the costumes they picked out tried to humiliate her and Terra. That would be called KARMA just like why God has not blessed Christy with anymore children. She waste to much time on making everyone else pay.

        • Lila?! On her own show? Oh lawd! To be serious, I just took a look at the cast. Why is a man one of the main cast members of a show called Little Women?

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