Hallmark Announces Kitten Summer Games, Summer 2016

Because cats are cute, and finding fur-ever homes for adoptable cats is awesome, Hallmark Channel announces Kitten Summer Games, a new feline athletic event scheduled to premiere in August 2016. And event that promises to be cute and awesome.

KittenSummerGames-imageThe network is building on its successful Kitten Bowl II and its inaugural Feline Football League to expand its kitten sporting franchise. The Kitten Summer Games will serve as a bit of catnip alongside the 2016 Olympic games held in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

The press release from Hallmark, dated Feb 17, states “The Road To Gold Begins in 535 Days!” That’s the same number of days until the Olympic opening ceremonies (according to a countdown clock on Olympics.org). It seems likely that the Kitten Summer Games will premiere in conjunction with the Olympics, and kick off on August 5.

The already announced schedule of events includes competitions for individuals and groups like the de-cat-lon, gymnastics, freestyle wrestling, swimming, track and field, balance beam, floor exercises, sprints and many more furr-ocious kitten sports. Hold up here — swimming? — are they throwing cats into pools?!?  If they throw cats into a pool, I will definitely watch. I love cats, but there is noting funnier than a wet cat. And, in keeping with the network’s adorable tradition of pun-filled names for everything feline sport-related, I can’t wait to learn the catletes’ names, and starting the campaign for feline gymnasts named “Catty Rigby” and “Tabby Douglas.”

Regardless of what the kitties are called, the ultimate goal at the end of the special is feline adoption; as all of the cats featured will come from area animal shelters.

“With an innovative Special Event like Kitten Summer Games, we have the opportunity to not only entertain, but also showcase how extraordinarily talented shelter pets are and how capable they are to compete in a global sporting event equal to their human counterparts,” said Bill Abbott, President & CEO, Crown Media Family Networks.

“With our phenomenal shelter partners, Crown Media Family Networks is having a positive impact on rescuing animals from high kill shelters and significantly increasing the numbers of shelter pet adoptions.  The Gold Medal glory we seek is to end pet homelessness forever,” Mr. Abbott concluded.

More than 20 shelter partners of North Shore Animal League America came together to host Kitten Bowl II viewing parties, which resulted in hundreds of animals being adopted on Su-Purr Sunday. Hallmark Channel hopes that additional shelters will host adoption parties surrounding Kitten Summer Games, with the goal of increasing pet adoptions.