General Hospital & Baby Daddy Double-Crossover Event, Part 2

Today, in the second part of a double-swap between General Hospital and Baby Daddy stars, actors from the ABC Family Comedy are heading to Port Charles for their close-ups. On Feb. 4, GH’s Kelly Monaco played a very exaggerated (and very funny) version of herself on Baby Daddy, and now Derek Theler (“Danny Wheeler”) and Melissa Peterman (“Bonnie Wheeler”) are visiting the soap.

on set:
on the General Hospital set (from left) Walter Kurth, Lisa Lo Cicero, Melissa Peterman, Derek Theler, Kelly Monaco, Frank Valentini and Jason Thompson.

I spoke with Derek and Kelly last week and they revealed the biggest difference between shooting Baby Daddy and GH, is that soap operas — which have to hair a new hour of programming every day — work amazingly fast. “[At General Hospital] we shoot between 170 and 200 pages of dialogue per day,” reveals Monaco. The speed and accuracy at which everyone works at GH was stressful for Theler. “It was nerve-racking for me to be on set of General Hospital, and not really be in my element and have to nail everything in one take,” the actor admitted. “They’re professionals, they’re amazing at their jobs, especially Kelly; she nails it on the first take, she doesn’t even give them a second side. I was stressing out and trying to focus and get my lines right.”

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Here’s the plot synopsis, courtesy of ABC for Friday’s guest-starring appearances:

Melissa Thompson remembers the good 'ol days with GH's Lisa Lo Cicero
Melissa Peterman remembers the good ol’ days with GH’s Lisa Lo Cicero.

Melissa Peterman plays an old friend of Olivia’s from Bensonhurst, and Derek Theler plays a colleague of Dr. Patrick Drake. In this episode, it’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles. Olivia receives a surprise visitor from her Bensonhurst Days, Melissa Santoro-Picard, (Melissa Peterman, and the two old friends quickly catch up on life and loves. Later in the day, Melissa runs into another familiar face in Port Charles.

Derek Theler jokes around on the set of GH with Jason Thompson and Kelly Monaco.

Dr. Patrick Drake is called to consult on a case at the last minute, delaying his date with Sam. Coincidentally, Patrick’s colleague Derek (Derek Theler) was stood up by his date. Derek and Sam agree to keep each other company until their significant others arrive. As the night progresses, the two discover the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Derek Theler’s playing a Doctor? Someone check my pulse … I feel it racing.

The Valentine’s Day episode of General Hospital, featuring stars from the ABC Family sitcom, Baby Daddy, airs Feb. 13, 2pm ET/ 1pm PT.

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