Mountain Monsters Season 3 will be a “Bigfoot Edition”

Destination America is becoming a network that seems heavily focused on paranormal programming. In February, the network debuted the new series True SupernaturalGhosts in My House and Ghostly Encounters, and the channel has a backlog of other monster- and ghost-related programs in its library. One of those series that has been a hit — and, in fact, is Destination America’s No. 1 series, according to the network — has been Mountain Monsters, and Mountain Monsters Season 3 begins on March 7.


Mountain Monsters Season 3 is billed as a “Bigfoot Edition,” and kicks off with eight episodes featuring the pursuit of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) across the region (the second half of the 16-episode season will air later this year). The show again finds the men of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) — Trapper, Jeff, Willy, Wild Bill, Huckleberry and Buck — seeking legendary creatures. This season, as the series’ subtitle indicates, the team will be looking more for Sasquatch-type creatures in various areas of Appalachia, where locals have various names for the apelike beasts they claim to see, from “Midnight Whistlers” to the “Wildman.”

In the season premiere of Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition, AIMS begins its efforts to prove the existence of Bigfoot in central Kentucky, where they believe that the Midnight Whistlers reported there were the first variation of Bigfoot to emerge from the Mammoth Cave system 3,000 years ago. The Midnight Whistlers, as you might expect, draw their name from the ear-piercing whistle they are said to emit. According to a Mountain Monsters release, “The AIMS team goes hot on the trail of one Midnight Whistler after discovering the most elaborate and massive nest they’ve seen to date and must construct a customized trap large enough to contain this 8-foot tall monster.” If nothing else, “Midnight Whistlers” is going on my shortlist of what I’m going to call my fantasy football team next year.

Other upcoming episodes include the following, some of which, while having “Bigfoot” in their titles, don’t necessarily appear to be even focusing on a Bigfoot, but rather a Hellhound or a Chupacabra. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Bigfoot of Putnam County” March 14 at 10pm
The AIMS team heads to Putnam County, WV after the legendary Chupacabra, known as the West Virginia Vampire. Thought to originally be from Costa Rica, this four-foot-tall, sharply fanged creature has migrated North to Appalachia and is killing indiscriminately and terrifying the locals. But the mystery soon deepens when the team learns that the victims’ bodies are vanishing after the blood has been sucked out of them.

“Bigfoot of Eastern Kentucky” — March 21 at 10pm
The AIMS team continues their quest to prove that Bigfoot exists in Appalachia as they head to Eastern Kentucky after the “Wildman” thought to be the most dangerous and aggressive Bigfoot in the region.

“Bigfoot of Lincoln County” — March 28 at 10pm
The AIMS team is out for revenge as they head back after the “Hellhound” who evaded them in the cornfields of Kentucky last autumn and left a terrible taste in their mouth. This time this deadly K-9 has reemerged in Lincoln, WV, and seems to again be using cornfields as cover to travel undetected from farm to farm.

It’s probably unlikely that AIMS will have any more luck proving the existence of Bigfoot than the gang on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot has had, but folks on all of these shows should start heeding the words of advice we heard from one of our readers regarding these series: “You need to get a monster soon or I am gone.”

Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition airs Saturdays at 10pm ET on Destination America beginning March 7. Eight episodes will air, with the second half of the season premiering later in 2015.



Jason Elias/Destination America


  1. Mountain Monsters, is without a doubt, totally unserpased as the best program that ever hit modern television. For heaven sakes 24.7 people 24.7 let’s have it round the clock. Keep it coming and keep safe doing it!!

  2. I love the show. you guys haven’t caught anything except those wild dogs in the one fellas should throw some lead at one of those damned things and kill one.i know that in some states that it might be considered a protected animal. good luck fellas I hope that you catch one in one of your traps.

  3. I did love the show guys but when you came up with bigfoot reading your mind and making fire drawing maps and on and on I just lost a lot of my interest. Ill still watch but it just wont be the same.

  4. I love whatching Mountain Monsters so much and it is a really great show on Destation American I watch the same Mountain Monsters epoides over over and over over and over again and it does not get old.

  5. I love the whole & the show.please hurry up with a 4,5,&6 .I love the opinionkool m a ex-marine&me & wild bill went to parris island boot camp.I like the traps.they kool but scare beast away with the yelling.they need to shoot instead of letting them run by’em and get away especially in the apple barns and fix the traps so the beast can’t dig out.

  6. Hey guys absolutely love the show, can’t wait till the next week show comes on, but seriously guys please clean the language up some, would mean so much , i keep telling my daughter who is 45, that i see markings of bigfoot when we go driving, of course she thinks i am crazy , please prove it to her for me hahahahah,
    Buck is a kick, and all the joking is so enjoyable, i think matt is so conceited over reanee.
    Thank you so much

  7. I love seen the show. I think team need to use harder traps net like thicker fish lines for sea fishing or heavy cargo lines. Should make all their traps for big foot should be made of some type metal.

  8. I love you guys, I won’t miss not one show.. You guys can teach b.f.r.o Matt moneymaker a thing or to…aims team great

  9. Trapper and the guys do a great job, can’t get enough of mountain monsters I hope there’s a season 4,5,6, just keep going guys.

  10. This program is a good program. Language is a little much at times but I love the show.
    I rush home from work so I can watch the recording. I love to just see if anything will ever end up in a trap. The team out in the woods at night are great. Love to watch the excitement just gets me all excited in hopes they catch a creature. Way to go guys love it.

  11. Love the show I know they will not catch anything but I cant stop watching. I believe they should use wild bill as bait in trap would not miss him if he got killed he gives the marines a bad name.

  12. Love the show I know they wont catch anything but I cant stop watching. I think they should use wild bill sa bait in trap I would not miss him if he got killed he gives the marines a bad name

    • Yes they do catch creature in there traps but sometimes they do not catch creatures in there traps and they never ever catche the Cherokee Devil or any kind bigfoots and the Lizard Demon.

  13. those traps you guys make look great, but you haven’t caught anything yet!??? whats up with that???

  14. when will the second half of season three show? Sorry i love this show AND I NEED TO KNOW

    • Hi, Skye. Destination America says the second half of Mountain Monsters Season 3 will air this fall. They don’t have a specific date confirmed at this point, but we’ll update when we hear.

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