Bringing Up Bates Preview: “Welcome Grandbaby Bates”

Here they grow again! America’s newest super-sized sensations are prepped for the start of the next generation of Bates.

Bringing Up Bates I admit to loving TV weddings. I simply love, love and any time I watch people reaffirm that love before family and friends, I am happy and honored to be a witness. But one thing that I love more than weddings is the birth of a baby! Who doesn’t love seeing a new life enter the world bringing with it a bit of goodness and perfection into everyday life. It’s a moment ripe with hope, and I usually end up a soggy mess of joyful tears. The Bates family is so large that we’ll be front row to babies and wedding for years to come!

With less than two weeks to go before baby Bradley is due, the nursery at Zach and Whitney’s house is nowhere near ready. Luckily, there are bunches of Bates eager to help, and super-handy brother-in-law Chad lends a hand.

Meanwhile, Kelly takes Whitney to lunch for one last outing before the birth. Kelly gives her Zach’s baby book and imparts some of the wisdom she’s acquired through birthing and raising 19 kids. It’s a special moment between the two women where they are able to bond, mother to mother-to-be.

Later, Erin shares surprising news with her parents about her ability to have children. As Zach and Whitney put finishing touches on the nursery, they talk about how prepared, or not, they are to become parents. The baby’s due date passes and the family’s doctor thinks it best to induce labor, but Whitney has reservations. The Bates clan rushes to the hospital praying for a healthy birth.

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I hate to play spoiler, but baby Bradley is absolutely perfect. The family shared stunning pictures of the new family, taken shortly after Bradley’s birth. He is just the sweetest lil’ babe, and I can’t get over how radiant Whitney looks! She looks so at peace, and aglow with the love that she feels for her new family. Congratulations to her and Zach for their wonderful son.

This special one-hour episode of Bringing Up Bates airs Feb. 12 at 9pm ET, on UP Entertainment

Bates family photos courtesy of Up Entertainment.