Jane the Virgin Chapter 13 Recap: Zazo Is Alive?!

On Chapter Thirteen of Jane the Virgin, things go from amazing to horrifying quickly for Jane. It’s two days before her graduation and instead of getting ready for the celebration, Jane is faced with yet another dramatic life decision.

Rafael and Jane go in for their 3-D ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and hopefully learn the sex of their child, even though Jane is almost one hundred percent certain it’s a girl. The couple are excited to learn how the baby is doing until the doctor comes in with horrible news. He tells Rafael and Jane that the baby’s ultrasound detected something that may or may not develop chromosomal abnormalities in the future. At this point, they cannot be certain whether or not these detections are a threat unless Jane undergoes a certain procedure. The risk with this procedure is that Jane might suffer a miscarriage.

Poor Jane, it seems like she’s always getting thrown the toughest life choices.

Jane-the-virgin-rafael-jane-hospitalAfter talking with Rafael, Xo and Alba, Jane is still unsure if she should do the procedure or not. At first she agrees with her abuela that doing the procedure wouldn’t change anything because she’d still have the baby in the end. The risk of losing the baby is too frightening compared to knowing what could happen if the detections in the ultrasound were to affect the baby. However after doing the number one thing doctors suggest everyone not to do, Jane researches the diagnosis and finds some alarming information. Jane basically does what everyone else does by self-diagnosing the baby and decides it’d be better to have the procedure. This way Jane would be able to prepare for what’s ahead in the future if something were to be wrong with the baby. Since Jane had to be squeezed in for an appointment, she wasn’t able to make it to her graduation ceremony. Rafael sets up a mini graduation ceremony in Jane’s room the next day after the operation as a cheesy yet adorable way to make her feel like she didn’t miss a thing. Well done, Rafael.

The case against Emilio continued with the help of Michael and Nadine. Their next step was to present all their evidence to Rafael and Rose to prove Emilio was Sin Rostro. While they aren’t of much help, Emilio’s assistant offers some key evidence. He lets the detectives know that Emilio had a mistress and spent the night with her the night of the murder. Michael and Nadine speak with the former mistress and she confirms that she has proof of her being out on a boat with Emilio that night. Just as she was about to leave, she mentions that Emilio also called his wife to let her know he would be out on the water late through the night.

Michael immediately notes this and realizes that Rose was lying about Emilio telling her he was in his office that night. He quickly puts everything together and comes to the conclusion that Rose could just as well be Sin Rostro. Unfortunately, it looks like Rose knew the detectives were getting close to revealing her true identity so she left without a trace. I knew you’d eventually put everything together, Michael. Now let’s hope it’s as simple as Rose being Sin Rostro and not anyone else.

Milos still hasn’t left Petra alone and won’t stop until she agrees to be with him again. Petra tries telling him that she’s with Lachlan but Milos doesn’t think he can be trusted. Petra, you should’ve listened to Milos on this one. Lachlan sets Petra up as payback and kicks her out of the hotel. Now Petra has to think twice about Milos’s new offer of staying with her. He tells her that he feels bad about ruining her life, so he wanted to make up for it. In order to do this, he bought a part of the hotel so that he and Petra can stay together and run it together. Maybe he’s not that bad of a guy, Petra?

Jane-the-virgin-rogelio-xoRogelio was having a hard time dealing with losing his telenovela star role. He would come over to Xo’s house almost every day as a way to feel comfortable and vent to Xo. By the end of the episode, Rogelio finally gets a job offer for another telenovela. Everything sounds promising; however, he’d have to leave for filming in Mexico for a year and a half. Rogelio doesn’t make a final decision because he realizes everything he’d be leaving behind. I know he’s looking for Xo’s advice so hopefully she tells him the truth.

As if Jane the Virgin couldn’t get any crazier, it looks like someone might have risen from the dead. Right before Chapter Thirteen ends we see Rafael walk up to his supposed-to-be-long-dead friend, Zazo. Yikes! Things don’t look to good for Rafael!

What were your thoughts on Chapter Thirteen of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Jane made the right decision by going through with the procedure? I’m positive that both Jane and the baby will be okay. She seems to have a guardian angel looking out for her. Do you think Rose is really Sin Rostro or do you think she’s working with someone else? She’s been talking to someone on the phone so I don’t doubt that she’s working with others for extra help. Any explanations on how Zazo is still alive? With an investigation going against your father, things don’t look too good for you when you bring someone back to life. I really hope Rafael isn’t involved in this Sin Rostro killing business! Leave your thoughts below.

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