Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 6 recap: You’re Not Psycho Enough

joj-carrie-solo Lori Acken

Or maybe I should’ve called this one “Carrie On.” Decisions, decisions. Anyway, welcome back, Dance Moms nation. Everyone got their Big Gulp and their Sour Patch Kids ready for another hour of nothing to do with dancing? Good. Because we start out a mere three days to the next competition and in search of our newest new home till the mythical ALDC LA comes to fruition. Which, today, would be 3rd Street Dance.

Once again, Jojo’s in tow, even though she’s not supposed to be a part of the team. Jessalyn is Team Abby, so there’s that. Speaking of Abby, everyone wonders if she’ll make an appearance today, what with her nutty behavior and overwhelming need for me-time lately.

Yay! Dance Moms fashion moment! Holly got herself a hippie hat!



Holly also has a question: If she challenges Abby on her behavior, will the other mothers back her up? Jill says sure. The other mothers fidget and say nothing. We also find out that Holly has reached out to Aubrey O’Day, who was part of P.Diddy’s now defunct Danity Kane and was a supporter of Nia’s back at booty camp. Maybe something will shake out soon.

In the meantime, the good news is Abby has shown up for practice. The other good news is she’s properly groomed, bangs sky-high and Bumpit in place. The bad news … she thinks we’re a FAILURE.

Holly and Jill call shenanigans. The moms and dancers were there. The coach was not there. No good reason why. And they’re not about to get one, either, says Abby.

And another Dance Moms fashion moment! Holly is wearing some sort of gold bespangled V for a shirt in her aside.


In the studio, she tells Abby that Nia is the only member of the team from whom she regularly takes things away. Abby says that’s a bold-faced lie. Abby asks Nia for comment. Nia says nothing. Abby excuses the girls to go dance, but Holly isn’t finished. Holly has had it.

“I’m not the new Christi and I’m not the new Kelly and Nia is not the new Brooke, Paige or Chloe,” she howls, turning on the other mothers and calling them cowards before leaving the room in a tearful rage.

This is the look you shall get when you invoke the names of mine enemies. I shall eat you alive. Also, check out my cleavage!


Not sure if Holly is talking to a producer or what, but in what could possibly be the first truly honest emotional moment we get from an adult on this show, she tells the off-camera someone that she and Nia deserve better than this abusive woman.

Oooohhhh, Abby’s tellin’. She calls up Aubrey O’Day Recording Artist and tattles on Holly while the other mothers and dancers stare at her awkwardly. Aubrey is Abby’s friend not your friend, Holly. No room for you on this part of the playground. Abby’s but two degrees of Diddy, and you, madam, are not.

Let’s do the pyramid, which Abby doesn’t even pretend to give a $#!+ about anymore.

JoJo’s bottom of bottom because she’s not even on the team. In fact, she’s not even part of the pyramid. Let’s put her picture over here. Nia’s next. “You” — AKA Kendall — is next. Good with that? A terrified looking You nods silently. Row two is Kalani and Mack … blah blah blah, nothing much to talk about. Maddie’s at the top because the sun came up today. Interesting to note, though, how the girl looks at her mentor.


This week, we will be going to Sheer Talent where Abby is sure we will win every single everything … whoops … nope … she is sure we will be humiliated and embarrassed. There ya go, coach! That’s the kind of good work that they’re writing checks for!

Kendall gets a solo. So does Jojo, even though she’s not part of this competition team and … oh, what the hell ever. The mothers and dancers stare at Abby who starts awkwardly licking her lips, then tears up and hollers at the people she is not mad at about the one she is. Then she caps it by announcing that she’s over this and over them and over dance. And outie.


Jill wonders if she’ll ever come back. Of course she’ll come back. It’s in the contract. The monster she created may be biting her hard in the ass, but it is her monster to feed.

And next day, there she is. Nia and Holly are still MIA. No Mom Loft either, so Moms may stay if they keep their yips shut. Who’s betting on a message dance?! Say, one about children left to carry on after an explosion? In which an icky, mouthy, fashionable lady with a Ph.D and an overly developed sense of right and wrong, you ask Abby, is blasted all the way back to Pittsburgh where she never bothers Abby ever again. OK, I added the last part myself, but you know it’s what Abby’s really thinking. Or possibly worse.

Jill asks if maybe the kids would maybe focus better if the moms stepped outside and Abby says yes, but then how would she control their minds and comments from the other side of the door? We’re going anyway. Er, can we go? We’re going. This is us going. We promise we’ll be nice. Well, probably.

Since Jessalyn opens the door, Melissa says they’d way rather have Nia in the group than Jojo. Undeterred (which I’m pretty sure is actually her middle name), Jessalyn says that Holly created the open spot. Her girl just so happens to be here to fill it.

Turns out, Holly and Nia are otherwise — and happily — occupied with Abby’s friend Aubrey O’Day Recording Artist at the Boom Boom Room recording studio. Aubrey asks for the CliffsNotes on what led to yesterday’s phone call, then assures Nia and Holly that she supports their efforts to grab for the brass ring, Abby’s permission or otherwise. Every blooming rose needs a little dirt, reasons Holly.

You bloom, Miss Nia.

Kendall’s solo is called “Welcome to a New World.” Abby says it’s Bollywood themed and a lot of research went into the movements, which she’s pretty sure they nailed.

Jojo will be a prom queen. But not just any prom queen. A famous one! Named Carrie. As in Carrie Carrie. Bucket o’ blood, Carrie. Sissy Spacek with a bow in her hair. Quick break while I bang my head on my desk a couple dozen times. Couple more — Abby tells the preteen she has to see the movie to get the dance.



Bounce that one off your mother, Jojo. Although your mother will probably be just fine with it. Couple years of therapy is sooooo worth having a solo, you guys!

Abby tells the remaining dancers, none of whom have cracked a smile this entire episode, that they need to show up their missing counterparts who believe the team can’t win without them.

In the mom room, Jill and Jess snipe about whose kid’s solo will be better and whether yesterday was good or awful and what have you. Speaking of awful: Abby just flat-out said this: “It’s never the kid’s fault. But the kid always has to pay the consequences for the parents’ mistakes.”

No, Abby. They do not. They should not. And they’re paying for your mistakes, too. You should be ashamed. You need to be ashamed. Someday, hopefully, you will watch these seasons back and know that. These are kids who made you famous — not the other way around — and this is their reward? <steps off soapbox>

Next day, there’s no Abby, no Jessalyn, no Jojo, no Nia, no Holly. Melissa tells the girls that if Nia shows up, they have to work really hard to teach her the group dance fast. Maddie and Kendall say that will be tough because the timing and choreography are different from what they’ve done before. And they don’t want Abby to yell at Nia anymore than she already has.

And here’s Nia and Holly. Inexplicably, Holly says she still wants Nia to be a part of the ALDC, even though she’s doing other things, too. She’ll figure it out with Abby. Then Gia shows up to collect the girls for practice. While we’re oohing and aahing over Nia’s and Holly’s recording studio adventures, we get some news from Jess.

dance-moms-jojo-lice Oh. Er, where’d she get that?


You take that back right now!

Then Gia — who, turns out, has the same ring tone as Kira — gets a call from Abby, who is very busy working on Jojo’s costume and is not the least bit impressed that Nia has returned to the fold. Holly went behind her back. No one goes behind Abby’s back and gets away with it. No Nia in the group dance, and that’s final.

Uck. Too much stress. Let’s have drinksies with the momsies. Including Jessalyn, who apparently left Jojo to deal with the lice all by herself. Holly and Jess get into it to the point of Holly losing her composure and calling Jess a lousy mother. Jess says Abby’s not right and Holly’s just displacing her feelings toward Abby. Jess actually kind of looks like the rational one in this exchange, sitting there serene amid the pansies.

Even though they are only spectators, Nia and Holly arrive at the competition first and settle in for a little mother-daughter chat about life and what’s right while Abby soaks up a little love outside.

Abby spies Nia and hands her a bag, saying she got her a little treat. I half expect it to be an Aubrey O’Day CD or maybe the disembodied head of a racehorse, but it’s not. It’s a message shirt.



Jess tells Abby she looks very nice. Jill says they’re happy to have her back. Abby says she was never gone. She was just doing better things with better people, so nerny nerny. Jill doesn’t take the bait.

Jojo has recovered from her affliction …and guess what else?


Or maybe not.


You have to be kidding me. This is happening. And Jessalyn is letting this happen.

Plus Abby just told the kid she’s not psycho enough. Oh trust me, Abby. She’s plenty psycho enough. Just in the way an over-indulged 11-year-old should be and nothing more. Nothing more. Points to Jess for not letting the child watch a movie she has no business watching. But Abby’s ticked.

Meanwhile, the pressure is getting to poor Kendall. And so is her supertight costume. Abby gives her what is as close to a pep talk as Abby can get these days.

Kendall is up first. And it’s hot in the arena. Abby’s fanning herself.

Kendall dances beautifully … until her music stops mid dance. And she dances on. In a saucy aside Kendall says she sang the rhythm to herself and “I got this, judges, you better give me a perfect score.”



Time for the preteen Prom Queen.


Gulp. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Abby says she was just meh, and that is because she didn’t watch the movie and didn’t embrace the horror of what John Travolta did to Sissy at the prom.

Time for Collateral Damage: The Dance. It’s meh, too. Backstage, the girls do a little put-Jojo-in-her-place and then it’s time for “adjudicated awards.”

Jojo’s solo gets fifth. Kendall gets second.
Group wins.
Abby says the week ended on a high note.

After she takes her leave, the mothers fuss over who should have been in the group dance and who shouldn’t have. Holly says the mothers give good lip service now, but then they say nothing when Abby gets in the room.

Jessalyn says you’re welcome that they won with Jojo’s help.

Next week on Dance Moms, Mackenzie gets a solo about The Exorcist. I’m kidding. I think.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Did Holly overstep her bounds? Did you love hearing Nia sing? How’s about that Carrie solo?! How’s about that Kendall? Sound off in the comments section below.

New episodes of Dance Moms premiere Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.


  1. Bunch of soulless woman exploiting their kids for selfish reasons. Total creeps.

  2. Yeah…I know…I am still here despite not watching as much since Chloe left, but reading the re-caps and watching the dances on YouTube. I did see all of this latest one, though. I have a couple of theories. For one thing, I think part of Holly’s uncharacteristic behavior could be the fact that her father just recently died. Ironic that Abby wanted eveyone’s support when she lost her mother, but Abby never has been one for empathy. It could be why Holly is so on edge and so unwilling to see Nia mistreated. I had actually heard that the reason that Nia and Holly were gone that day was because they had to fly back for his funeral and Nia was never going to be in the dance that week and part of the drama was added to make it look like the singing with Danity Cane girl happened that day. Could be that the drama that occurred actually happened but at a different time to make it look like that was why Nia was gone. I could be wrong. It was a rumor.
    Now…as to why Abby is also more psycho than usual. She has obviously had some kind of weight loss surgery. It is hard for some people to cope afterwards because they no longer can use food for comfort as much as they have in the past. We have seen Abby doing it a few times, although I think it is in very poor taste for the producers to follow Abby around to watch her eating in her car. The woman has food issues. Often if a person has had gastric bypass or even the lap band, eating junk food like that can make them very sick. Could be why she came in that next day looking like death warmed over with her hair all awful and appearing like she didn’t feel well.
    All that aside, it might be that Abby is just now really beginning to understand that she has butchered the team herself by ousting the Hyland girls and then Chloe. I think that it is very interesting that without the ‘wheel girl’ (sort of like the wheel dog on a sled team…the one that really grounds the team) Chloe, these girls are just not as together as they once were. Of course, I don’t think of Chloe in any way as a dog..just and analogy for part of her role on the team. Chloe was always great in the group and in duets and trios because she had the ability to match herself to the other dancers. JoJo will never be a good group dancer because she wants everyone to look at her. She is getting better, but I think that she will never truly mesh. Nia is another gifted group dancer, as was Paige. Paige was never the greatest soloist, but she was great in the group dances. Last year before everything fell apart and the girls won so many competitions in a row, Abby could never acknowledge that those wins belonged as much to Brooke and Paige and Chloe and Nia, than all the Maddies in the world…which was what Abby was always talking about wanting. Now the girls are just Maddies back up dancers and with Abby not bothering to care about the group dances or about anything but Abby Lee Miller’s reputation and ‘clout’ in this industry. I don’t think that she has nearly as much clout as she thinks. There are a lot of people in the industry that think she is every bit as horrible as we all think she is.
    Thank you Lori, for saying what needs to be drilled into Abby’s mind…and what Christi said to her at the end of last season. The girl’s made Abby famous. She should recite it before she goes to bed at night. The girl’s made me famous (including Paige and Brooke and Chloe).
    For all of you Chloe fans out there, she has her own channel on YouTube and you can subscribe. Her new studio has given her great opportunities to work with some great choreographers who are giving her dances more suitable for her age and ability. Chloe was by far the best dancer on the show…OK…I will give Maddie props in that she has improved a great deal. Maddie is getting a ton of new opportunities because of the Sia (Cea? Cia?) video. Pretty soon Melissa is going to read the writing on the wall and dump Abby as Maddie’s agent. That will be the end of it for all of this.
    I really hope this is the last season. Interest is way down because a lot of people truly believed that Chloe would be back. Abby is seeing that Chloe really was an important part of the team. It’s taken how many people to replace her now? Kalani, JoJo? Little Sarah is an up and coming powerhouse if Abby will just let her dance despite her mother. At the beginning of this show Abby used to say that she would never take the mother’s behavior out on the girls. Now she has replaced it with, “I have to punish Nia for her mother’s behavior.” Poor Nia…poor Kendall…poor Mackenzie. Poor us for putting up with this for so long because we grew to love the girls and want to see them succeed and just to watch them dance.
    Once last comment. The JoJo dance was never going to be taken seriously by the judges no matter how well she danced it. The ‘blood’ and subject material was just too much for the judges. Their faces showed it right at the beginning of the dance. Oh…FYI. JoJo has a contract with Lifetime and is not part of ALDC. Abby has to give her solo’s because of this contract. It’s amazing the the other mother’s don’t seem to know this. Just like Chloe at the end of last season. Chloe didn’t have a contract with the ALDC anymore but with Lifetime so Abby had to give her solos. She was an original member of the team so had to be included in the group dances, too…A small part of why Abby resented her so much and why she seems to both hate and have to say good things about JoJo at the same time, but is adamant about her not being a real part of the team. The writing is on the wall. Abby will never make it in L.A. There are too many people that don’t want to work with her just as there are too many really great teams out there.
    I agree that as much as I dislike Jessalyn, at least she didn’t make JoJo watch Carrie. I saw it when it came out in the 70’s and had nightmares even though I was old enough to see it. JoJo is way too young to see a movie like that. It’s rated R for crying out loud!! Just shows how out of touch Abby is.

    • It was actually Holly’s father in law, but yeah that can really make someone over emotional and edgy. Absolutely, I think you hit it right on the head regarding Abby’s crazy behavior, she’s in self-sabotage mode and will gain back every single pound she’s lost if she doesn’t get some control and help with her emotional eating. I’ve seen Chloe’s videos and she’s sooo much happier now, it’s really great to see her dancing with pure joy now rather than walking on eggshells waiting to be screamed at. I also watched the original Carrie, and too had nightmares for months, still creeps me out and as I told Lori in a below post, just the sight of Sissy Spacek freaked me out afterwards for a long time lol.

  3. I actually like Jojo, I apciate a kid who’s got a personality…albeit she has a mouth and if I was her mom or sister I’d probably pop her in mouth a few times for being smart but her mom Jessalynn…homegirl is a bit too much, although if only little Sarah was older, her and Christy would make the best sparring partners cuz its like a blonde/brunette through the looking glass moment. #ShadeFest

  4. Does anyone have any insight into Abby’s seeming breakdown? I can’t imagine it is real or it would have made the news. It feels like a bid for sympathy because she and Lifetime realized people were siding with the Hylands and Lukasiaks . . .

    • I’m chalking it up to something to do with the lawsuit with Paige, Abby is way too vain to let herself be seen unkempt unless it was out of her hands. If it were anyone else, I’d feel sorry for them, but not Abby.

  5. As far as the dances go though, Kendall did great, my thing with Kendall is mostly her face, she always this doll look on her face, she’s gorgeous but there’s no depth cuz she’s anticipating that next step but I noticed she’s smiling more, and that’s definitely helping, and her technique is beautiful, and when her music down, I thought for sure she was getting first cuz she deserved it! Jojo…jojo and these headlice….let’s address that first…if she did catch it from the other girls…wouldn’t the other girls have it?!?!?! Jesslynn brought that on herself. her dance was…different…interesting, keep me engaged at least…kudos to Jesslynn for not letting her watch the movie…although she could’ve watched that whack version they made like 2 years ago!

  6. I think Holly was right to yell at Abby in the room, the kids weren’t around, Abby had sent them out remember? Could they have overheard? Of course, there’s a chance but no more than when they were in the Pittsburgh studio and they yelled behind closed doors. I think Holly had just let this build up, I mean that week before Abby tried to sabotage her daughters audition directly to a director, and now she sees the writing on the wall of her to be the next Kelly for telling Abby to back off her kid, or to be the next Christi for interfering or “sabotaging” her opportunities, and she’s like no way we’re not getting cast in those roles. Plus I think Holly (as well as us) kinda know the order of importance to Abby, she knew Nia and her were the next target, just like if they left Kendall and Jill would be the next target, so she’s trying to stop the cycle before it even gets there since they jut got to LA. To be honest though, this seems like the most attention Abby has EVER paid to Nia, even though it’s negative. Abby told the moms to be movin and shakin for their kids and that’s what Holly did, I would love to see if Abby would’ve allowed Holly and Aubrey to hook if it had been done the “right way”. But you guys are right about the Café scene, it was either stage or Mellissa was pourin some of that white wine in2 Holly’s coke while she wasn’t looking cuz I was like geez Holly!

    • If Nia really did leave ALDC last July to work at another studio, as is rumored, that means Holly no longer pays Abbs for dance training. Just like Chloe’s last months, that means the only time she is at Abby’s studio is when the Lifetime cameras are rolling. Abby is under contract to Lifetime, too, so she can’t exclude Nia arbitrarily. That may be why she has to create all this crazy drama with Holly in order to bump Nia from dances. It must annoy the hell out of her to have to work with Nia when there is no longer money going from Holly’s pocket directly into hers. So long as Kendell does not withdraw to another studio, Abbs will probably keep her as her #2 or #3 girl.

      • You know Kendall is number 3…she got bumped the minute Kalani came through the door! And it’s no fault on the kids it’s where Abby places importance! Oh man if she did leave then it’s the writing on the wall, for the same thing with Chloe at least leaving the studio, I don’t know if Abby could really say something to Nia to have her crying like Chloe was because Holly has raised Nia with some really thick skin and to show little to no emotion with Abby (around her mom or when Abby leaves the room is something else but around Abby she gives her nothing which also drives Abby crazy). Well we’re coming around the end of these contracts soon so I suppose it’ll be the game next year if Nia/Holly decide to stick around (lifetime would probably have to pay them double for that type of madness) for the people who love the Dance Moms crew or if she keeps getting options outside of it enough to leave. Either way the girl has left her mark. #TeamNia

  7. I still maintain that Abby would behave better if the moms would just leave her alone. She has her reasons for what she does, even though they might not make any sense. She will do what she wants especially when the moms drive her up the wall. They never learn how to treat Abby and their kids are the ones who suffer. There is so much jealousy on this show but there is so little tact!

    • It’s the moms’ job to hassle Abby and it’s her job to bully the living daylights out of them and the girls. That is what Lifetime, its advertisers, and its viewers are paying them for! Miserable as they claim to be, that Lifetime paycheck will make these women eat Abby’s dirt and make their kids eat it, too. It has all just gone too far and no one is pulling the plug. Time to go, Dance Moms!

    • It is called “Dance MOMS.” The mama-drama is what sold the show to lifetime. Word on the street is that Abby has always been a bit rough, but nothing like now. Doesn’t matter if it is an act or her ego has gotten out of control–her “me me me . . . . oh, and Maddie” act has worn thin and the backlash is coming.

      My main hope is that these girls come out unscathed, especially Maddie. Being the favorite is not all fun and games–she gets more solos but is also under more pressure. The more she dances with real professionals the sadder her face looks each week at pyramid. So far the kid seems to have kept level headed, but once puberty starts, who knows?

      • Agreed, she is no doubt under A LOT of pressure…I mean if one of the other girls was to book a gig as opposed to her, she would be ecstatic for her friend but Abby would probably be like you let (insert name here) get a job over you and she couldn’t enjoy being happy for her friend because Abby has her stressing over what to do next. I bet when she gets a chance to sleep she is just in dreamland! I’m exhausted for her, that’s a lot of fame thrust upon a kid who’s being herself and doing what she loves, and not playing a character on tv, but so far so good, but like you said a ot of pressure PLUS puberty…YIKES!

  8. Yea, Holly was a hot mess. I’m so tired of her theatrics. Very nasty and inappropriate. And yes, she is behaving like a Christi…. Oh well, makes you wonder how much of this is scripted drama. Nia never smiles. Guess Nia and Holly only want fame, and Holly keeps mentioning Nia becoming a “star”. Nia’s voice is ok, but so many people have “ok” voices…

  9. I was surprised that Jojo’s solo did not place higher. She did a great job. Did you see those turns she did? Amazing! I also agree with one of the commenters about Holly being annoying. She allows her daughter to dance in a prior episode in a dog collar, but is suddenly upset about one of Abby’s comments? Also, that was pretty bad form to call Jojo’s mother a horrible mother.

    • Except I sorta agree on the Jess thing. She makes that poor kid put herself out there with Abby and then lets her get slapped around. Talkative or not, she has been badly treated. I don’t know that she said a word this episode except after the group dance, and then the girls put her “in her place.” Did notice that her lisp was barely perceptible–much like at the audition. I bet Jess has her talk like that because it’s “adorable.”

      • yep I noticed that too, unless the production people made the girls retake it until the lisp was gone, that wouldn’t surprise me.

  10. OK….so what makes Holly think the other mothers would stand with her when they stood by for several seasons and watched Chloe being mentally abused by Abby….and said nothing. None of them supported Christi…or Chloe for that matter…when Abby was doing her best to crush Chloe’s spirit and confindence…they were just happy their daughters were not the target. These women will do anything to make their daughters famous and if that means sacrificing one of the other girls…then that is what they will let happen…at least JoJo’s mom is open about it.

    And yes Holly….you are the new Christi and Nia is the new Chloe. Abby always needs a target…someone to be mean and petty to and you guys are now it. Kendall is Maddie’s new BFF and Jill seems content to just sit back and hope a few opportunities are thrown Kendall’s way. I think Jill is hoping Kendall becomes famous through her association with Maddie. Abby sees the other girls as the backup dancers to Maddie….just go along and don’t screw anything up for Maddie…and maybe you will get a little opportunity along the way.

    I did not think this show could get any worse….but it has. I do not even watch anymore….just read the recaps and watch the dances on utube if they sound interesting.

    • Thanks for reading, Julie. I’ll go back to throwing in videos of the dances on Wednesdays when they’re available.

    • Yup, I completely agree about no one standing up to Abby while Holly was being berated. But really, what can she expect? She didn’t do it either with Kelly or Christi, but expects the others to have her back? I think what she meant though by saying she isn’t the “new Christi or new Kelly” is that she isn’t going to leave the team, not that she and Nia are the new targets. Still makes me want to smack her though……lol

      • In fairness, of all of the mothers, Holly has stood up for Nia in the past seasons and had voiced support for Kelly’s and Christi’s girls–at least, more so than the other mothers did.

        • Oh yeah she’s stood up for Nia, there’s no question. I guess none of the instances stick out in my mind, its too hard to keep track of them with there being so many of Abby screaming at the girls and the mothers cowering and not doing anything.

  11. Feb 11
    I am numb from last night’s show. I want so much for Dance Moms to continue but we are definitely in the valley of despair. I still can’t where we are headed with Abby’s disinterest in the developing the dancers’ skills and measuring their improvement with completion results. You can clearly see the results of the past years work put in by each dancer. They don’t get raddled, can pick up new choreography quickly, and execute during competitions.
    Ms. Holly – I like what you are saying but am very disappointed in the delivery. Way too much emotion, take the high ground and do not fall into the SHOUT and RUN method.
    Sorry, but I am just OK with Nia’s singing. Sounded to me that some audio mixer tricks were needed to improve the quality of the singing. On a more positive note, it was a great first effort for Nia. I am sure if she continues to work at learning the craft of singing she could reduce the need for special effects. But what I was really impressed with was the song that Nia wrote. It was from the heart and told the listener about what is (was) important in her life. I am looking forward to hearing the entire song.
    The performances were interesting. The group dance was OK but you have to give it to Mattie, she always dances as if this is the last time she will ever dance. She ALWAYS stands out (not because she is in the front). It is hard for me to describe but she is fierce but delicate at the same time, she floats through the air with ease, she shows emotion, just amazing!!!! I need one of you dance teacher to comment on Mattie’s technique in last night performance. She seemed to be mixing in ballet moves in her routine. Not sure what it called, but she would “hop” and quickly move her feet back and forth before landing. I don’t see any of her completion doing those kind of moves. The always beautiful Kendall did a great job of overcoming distractions (costume, music, etc.) to give a superior performance. I like Jojo but a little Jojo goes a long way. She did a GREAT job given the choreography she was given. There was too much rolling on the floor for my taste. I was hoping that she would get some of the strange body position and turns from the GLAM performance.

  12. Am I the only one who wanted to reach through my tv and just smack the bejeebus out of Holly???? I really hope that all this money and exposure for her daughter is worth it, she has officially sold her soul to the devil. Shame on her, she’s a freaking TEACHER, if she treated even one of her students’ parents like Abby treats her and Nia, she’d be out of a job so fast it would make her head spin (even faster than Carrie’s lol). No, she may not the the new Kelly or new Christi, but at least THEIR kids are happy and away from that monstrous Abby. What a hypocrite, that literally made me want to throw up.

    I LOVED Jojo’s solo, if any kid was made for dramatic roles, it’s her; she makes Maddie look like an amateur and I love it. Now, if only we could sew her lips shut, as well as that horrible mother of hers, she might be watchable every week.

    Good for Kendall for continuing her solo when the music stopped, a few years ago she would have run off the stage sobbing, but she did a great job. Did anyone see those red marks on her back from that costume? No wonder she was in tears, they were cutting her circulation off!! And it didn’t really go with the theme, is that what Bollywood dancers wear? I thought it was more harem-y, flowy type thing, not little costumes held together by strings tied so tight they’re cutting into her skin.

    I didn’t care for the group dance, more of the same moves, just set to different music, Maddie up front turning and doing the faces, blah blah blah.

    But…..on a positive note, where the blazes did Nia get that voice???? Who knew she was a little soul sista!! LOL I’d much rather listen to her than Mack Z, or Brooke, can’t wait to hear more of her.

    Okay, I’m done now, great recap Lori!!!

    • Thanks, Michelle. I still don’t think an 11-year-old kid should be doing a Carrie-themed dance, but at least Jessalyn didn’t actually sit her down to the movie. You’re right, though, said kid did a great job with what she was given.

      • OMG I know what you mean, I saw the original Carrie when I was about 9 or 10, and it gave me nightmares for MONTHS lol. For years even the sight of Sissy Spacek freaked me out hahaha.

        • I saw it when I was 35. I’m still recovering. Or maybe not, judging by my reaction to this solo …

    • I have to admit some disappointment in Holly this season, and the last part of last season. I have only been watching since fall 2014–I looked up the kid in the Sia video. But I binge watched all the seasons and I really expected Holly to be the one who said “We’re out” first. She was so grounded and I never had the sense she wanted to “make Nia a star.” Where is that coming from? I’m not sure Nia wants to be a star, just not treated like an also ran. And, honestly, this type of dancing is not something she is likely to get much better at (and she has improved a lot since season 1) if only because she is clearly growing and may end up as tall as Holly. She will remain graceful and able to dance, but her height and body type will be better suited for other things. Compare her at 13 to Brooke at 13.

      I am totally team Nia and I want her to be healthy, happy, and well-rounded. Holly used to want that to–what happened?

  13. Next week on Dance Moms: Jojo performs the *Exorcist* tribute dance, but Abby is disappointed when Jojo’s head falls off during head spin.

    • bahahahahaha…..actually, now that you mention it, I wonder what ever happened to that little guy Jalen….

  14. Hello again Mrs. Acken! Wonderful recap, albeit I found it a tad bit short.

    The group routine was interesting, and actually was called War Torn. It was okay, but I’m getting sick of all that flexed foot choreography with the fan kicks and turns. It’s just not appealing at all.

    Kendall’s solo was beautiful, and I loved that costume. Did you see her turns? They were fascinating!!! Her music did stop in the filmed version of the routine, but during her judged routine it did not.

    I liked Jojo’s solo better than Kendall’s because of the music, costume, her turns, and her facials. The show did not give her solo justice and show all the best parts.

    Did you notice Tracey Reasons sitting behind Abby and the moms? Her daughter was Sarah R. on the select team. Kalani’s normal studio, Club Dance was at the competition and lost to the ALDC in the groups.

    A LOT of good dancers were at this competition like Sarah Reasons (Club Dance/ALDC New Team), Kaeli Ware (Studio Bleu), Haley Huelsman (AUDC), Bostyn Brown (Club Dance), Brynn Rumfallo (Club Dance), Alexa Moffet (Club Dance), Payton Ackerman (ALDC), Jenna Valuenza (Club Dance) and many, many more dancers!

    Can’t wait for next week, wonderful job again!

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