Shameless Season 5, Episode 5: “Rite of Passage” recap

Marriage, $121,000 benders, fight club, drug dealings, infidelity, parents approval and craziness all prevailed last week. Here’s what happened this week on Shameless Season 5, Episode 5: “Rite of Passage” Warning: get your hanky ready, there are some tearjerker moments this week. Well, at least for me.

Sammi trying to butter up the realtor
Sammi trying to butter up the realtor

Frank: After last week’s expensive bender, Frank is trying to crash at the Gallagher house. Sammi moves her broken trailer on to the lot next door. Some strange man, who turns out to be a realtor, comes up while Sammi is trying to keep up with her now decrepit trailer and informs her that she is needs to move it since the lady who owns the land wants to sell it. She tries to use her womanly charm to buy some extra time but he’s not having it. Sammi in turn barges into the house to pester Frank as to when he is going to buy her that new trailer he promised her. Frank, to get her off his back, says today. He leaves the house to find new digs to live in so he goes to his liver donor’s family and somehow weasels his way into staying there. Things just get a little freaky there as they are still distraught over losing their son. Frank milks it for all it’s worth by agreeing to go play catch with Wade and takes it a step further by dressing in his son’s clothes. When his wife returns home she is very upset with this and says Frank has to leave. After a midnight fling with her she has a change of heart about keeping him around so he stays. Debs in turn has to break the news to poor Sammi that she got played, just as they all have, time and time again. Debs tells her she is now a true Gallagher and tells her where he is. Sammi storms over to the donor’s house and tries to attack him with a knife and while a foot chase ensues he tells her there will be no trailer, there was a mixup so there is no money. Wha wha.

Episode 505Fiona: After a whirlwind of a faced-pace marriage, she realizes that she and her new hubby don’t really know much about each other. So they try and get to know the little details, like, oh, what’s your favorite color. He also seems to notice that she seems a little hesitant to tell her family that they have gotten married so she promises Gus have a family dinner that night to break the news to everyone. However plans of that don’t happen since her co-worker Jackie went MIA before her court case to get her daughter back. Shawn in turn needs Fi’s help to find her. Turns out that she OD’d and they race her to the hospital. Jackie turns out to be ok and after Fiona finally is able to connect with Gus, they both admit their fears of the marriage being a big mistake to each other. They also agree to make the best of it while they figure things out. Meanwhile, with all this other chaos going on, the strange rich diner woman returns again. She makes a comment about to Fiona about now wearing a wedding ring so Fi tells her she got hitched. She congratulates her and leaves, only to return the next day. This time she has a friend with her. Can you guess who it is? Yep. It’s Steve. My heart is still in my stomach after seeing that scene.

Episode 505
Deb strikes her revenge on the meangirls

Debs: Now that she is feeling all bad-ass with her new training routine, she wants to bulk up even more and is trying to find ways to make some money so she can start “juicing.” Speaking with Carl, who is in the same dilemma of needing to make money, they set up a little underground boxing match for her to beat up the mean girls.

Carl: Still struggling with the mathematics of drug dealing, he also needs to make some money fast to pay the drug dealers back.

Ian & Mickey: Looks like Mickey’s last business venture with the moving truck scam is over since there are wanted posters floating around for him. He’s upset that this new gentrification of the hood is messing with his entrepreneurial skills. Also concerned with Ian’s mental health, he goes to Lipp just kind of hinting at the fact that Ian may finally need some help. Later on Mickey goes to look for Ian at the club he dances at only to find out he is gone off with some guy who offered him money and is nowhere to be found. Ian, finally returning the next morning, tells Mickey that he was off making a porno since they need the money. Mickey tells him he needs to pack his crap cause he is sick. He either needs to go to the psych ward or the ER but either way he is going to a doctor. Ian, seeing how upset Mickey is, agrees and tells him let me just take a shower and we can go. In the background we hear the baby crying and then all of a sudden baby is no longer crying, and the door slams shut. Mickey goes to look and Ian is gone, along with the baby and runs out the door to see Ian driving down the street.

Episode 505Lipp: After nearly getting killed on his construction job and trying to prove to Mickey that he’s still Southside and failing, he decides to go back to school early. He can move in early if he becomes an RA. As he is leaving he has one last encounter with Fiona where she fesses up to him that she got married, only because he guessed it. She asks that he doesn’t tell anyone else just yet.

Kev & V: In order to level the playing field with V’s “cheating” she insists that Kev goes out to get some action himself. His first attempt to pick someone goes awkwardly wrong, since he is at a playground and comes off as a pedophile and gets maced. He eventually gets the deed done and returns home only to find Veronica is more upset about it then either of them thought she would be. They proceed to get in a big fight about how things are much different now with the babies and that she is no longer still first to Kev. As the babies start to cry, Kev goes to console them and she threatens that if he goes to look in on them she will be gone when he comes back.