“30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men”: The Soviet side of the Miracle on Ice

30 for 30 Soccer Stories Ryan Berenz

Americans know the USA’s 1980 Winter Olympics hockey “Miracle on Ice” win over the Soviet Union as one of the great Cinderella stories in all of sports. ESPN’s new 30 for 30 documentary “Of Miracles and Men,”  (Sunday, Feb. 8, at 9pm ET) however, looks at the Miracle on Ice from the perspective of the seemingly unbeatable Soviet team before, during and after the seminal game.

Director Jonathan Hock says:

“Of all the 30 For 30 films I’ve directed, ‘Of Miracles and Men’ is the most ambitious. I was raised in the 1970’s on the notion that Soviet hockey players were robots, part of a machine that played a heartless style of hockey. But given the beauty and creativity of their game, that never made sense to me. So I wanted to discover the truth about the men on the other side of the ‘Miracle on Ice’ game. It took us two years to dig up all the archival footage and find all the players, filming across seven time zones in Russia from Moscow to Siberia to Vladivostok. What we discovered was that, both before and after Lake Placid, something miraculous happened on their side as well. This is their story, about their ‘Miracle.’”

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