Jane the Virgin Chapter 12 Recap: Adios Papa Solano

On Chapter Twelve of Jane the Virgin, Rafael’s sister, Luisa, asks for Jane to accompany Rafael for a therapy meeting. Fed up with listening to Luisa’s same “poor me” routine, Rafael tells Luisa what he’s been dealing with at the hotel. He tells her about the ongoing investigation of Sin Rostro and how their father might now be linked to it.

Luisa paid especially close attention to the fact that Rafael mentioned that a bell boy was killed with a corkscrew right outside their father’s room. Before leaving, Luisa catches Jane in the bathroom and asks for her to give Rose a letter, and that she only wants to apologize to Rose. Of course Jane is more sensitive to these things and takes the letter without mentioning anything to Rafael. Unfortunately, Rafael finds the letter in Jane’s purse and refuses to give it to Rose. Who knew a letter could be so harmful.

Jane-the-Virgin-ep12-Jane-RogelioJane isn’t enjoying her new internship position at “The Passion of Santos” like she thought she would. Instead of getting a start on her writing career, she’s too busy getting coffee and making lunch runs. (Lucky for me I don’t know what that feels like. Maybe Jane should think about writing for Channel Guide!)

When Jane is finally told that she’s going to be given a whole episode to write for the show, she cannot believe it. However, it doesn’t look like anyone is messing with her. Of course Jane is ecstatic because Rogelio didn’t ask for any favors, meaning they gave Jane this opportunity because they believe in her writing skills. Since the show is a telenovela, it wouldn’t be right to keep the drama only onscreen. Because this will be the last episode for Rogelio as his character Santos will be killed off by his son in the next episode. I guess the writers thought they’d lessen the blow to Rogelio if his daughter wrote the episode.

Rogelio is beyond furious but later realizes he could see his face in the movies instead of only on a puny television screen. He asks for Jane to write the episode and loves what she’s created. It does hurt that his assistant, Nicholas, gets to play his son in the episode when he’s the one who basically got Rogelio fired. You can’t trust anyone in “Hollywood.”

Petra gets a surprise visit from Milos, but he’s not there to kill her like she’s thinking. He tells her that his intentions were to splash acid on her mother and not on Petra. Milos said the reason Petra was unharmed was because of the coin he threw on the ground. He knew Petra couldn’t resist picking up coins, so he was actually saving Petra by throwing the coin on the ground as they walked by. He also tells Petra that her mother is a big fat liar, by the way. Milos knows that she can walk and wants to prove this to Petra. He grabs Petra and makes it look like he’s slit her throat, killing her. Petra’s mother immediately gets up from her wheelchair revealing the truth behind her lies.

Who knew the big bad Milos was actually nice and cared for Petra?

As the hunt for Sin Rostro continues, Emilio makes a surprise early visit home. He startles Rose with his early arrival and announcement that the two are about to leave in a couple of days for a lengthy secret getaway. Rose immediately warns Rafael about his father’s suspicious actions and the clues only seem to pile up against Emilio. Rafael and Rose catch Emilio paying and speaking with the subcontractor that was in charge of making the tunnels in the hotel. Michael also couldn’t resist on keeping tabs on the Solano family by checking into the plastic surgeon connected to the subcontractor. Turns out Emilio has accounts and payments connected to the plastic surgeon in question with Sin Rostro.

Rafael finally sees things clearly once he reads his sister’s letter to Rose. In the letter, Luisa warns Rose about her father after hearing about the corkscrew. She writes that earlier that day of the murder she had used a corkscrew in her father’s room but when she returned it was gone. Luisa thought it was strange at that moment and now is concerned that this means her father is a killer.

Emilio meets with Rose outside the hotel and tells her that their plans for their secret getaway have been pushed up to that very night. Rose seems worried —then all of a sudden she pushes a button and wet cement pours down on Emilio, encasing him completely into the floor. At first I thought it was a dramatic means of self-defense but then she made a fake alarming phone call to Rafael, leaving him a voicemail saying she was concerned that he hadn’t shown up to meet her and that she thinks Emilio might have already left the country.

Turns out Rose is actually Sin Rostro and not poor newly deceased Emilio. And here’s the thing about that message. If Rose was so terrified of Emilio like she made it seem she was, I’m not sure why she’d tell Rafael she is worried about him. Wouldn’t she be happy he took off without her?

What were your thoughts on Chapter Twelve of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Rogelio will get his revenge and get his face on a 3D screen? I’m sure this isn’t the last time anyone will hear of Rogelio de la Vega. I hope Nicholas gets what’s coming to him after what he did to Rogelio! What are your thoughts on Milos? Is he not as crazy as you thought he’d be? He helped prove that Petra’s mother was a liar so it looks like he’s trying to help Petra out versus kill her, for now. Did you see the twist of Rose being Sin Rostro and not Emilio? I feel bad thinking Emilio was Sin Rostro now that he’s dead. I can only imagine how his kids are going to feel after they find out what happened. Let’s hope Rose doesn’t get away with this! Leave your thoughts below.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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