5 Questions with … General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco has starred as Sam McCall on General Hospital since 2003 and wowed audiences in 2005 as Dancing with the Stars‘ Season 1 victor. Now, the brunette bombshell is taking a step away from Port Charles as she appears on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy in the first part of a General HospitalBaby Daddy swap. (Baby Daddy stars Derek Theler and Melissa Peterman will return the favor when they appear on the Valentine’s Day episode of GH on Feb. 13.) While Monaco and Theler swapped stories from their visits to each other’s sets, Monaco took a few minutes to answer our 5 Questions.

1. You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. Which ones do you choose? 
I would pick something to do with cooking, something to do with decorating, and then something with really hot chicks in it.

2. What  shows are you currently obsessed with watching?
I love Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. I like cooking and traveling shows. I’m not a big TV watcher — I work a lot! But I love a good old-school movie.

3. What three things do you have to have in your fridge or pantry?
Oh, my gosh, food! I’m a vegetarian, so I limit my options. I have popsicles — always. And milk and eggs.

Monaco_Instagram4. What has been one of your strangest fan encounters?
Recently I was at an event — I have a fan who is a wonderful woman, she is one of our regular fans — and she got my face and my name tattooed on her arm. My whole face on her! It’s incredibly flattering. I put a picture of the tattoo on my Instagram account.

5. Tell us about a time when you were starstruck.
I get starstruck at the big events and the awards shows. I’m very appreciative of other people’s work, and when I am around fellow entertainers, I feel so in awe of them.

Kelly Monaco stars on General Hospital weekdays 3pm ET
Kelly will appear on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy on Wednesday, Feb. 4 8:30pm ET
Baby Daddy stars will appear on General Hospital on Feb. 13

Kelly Monaco image: © 2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Tattoo image courtesy of Kelly Monaco’s Instagram account.


  1. I agree 100% with Kate. I have found Kelly Monaco’s voice to be so irritating. I enjoy GH, but please get rid of Sam McCall’s character as I fast forward every scene she is in.

    • If you can stand to listen to Becky herbst than you should be able to stand anything, one more thing,I understand you may not understand English but KeMo has a really nice voice, and her fans love her.

      • Re: not understanding English…I am UK born and bred so that blows your theory. KeMo as you so ? cooly abbreviate may have one fan who loves her voice, but I am one of many who do not.

    • Probably do not know how to use a dictionary or any of the search engines or just maybe there is no free WiFi in the TP!

  2. I can’t stand the character of Sam and think Kelly Monaco is a poor actress! She mumbles all the time, doesn’t show much emotion and is difficult to become invested in. The producers seem to love her and give her the best romances and storylines but I despise her! As for this interview – if Kelly Monaco was really a vegetarian she would know that vegans don’t eat eggs! Or doesn’t she understand that an egg is just a not quite formed baby chick? I wish GH would kill Sam off!

      • I agree 100% with Kate. I think Kelly Monaco’s voice is so irritating. I enjoy GH, but please get rid of the Sam McCall character.

      • Sam is a today’s woman. She do not sit around cooking. She is a nice person unless she hit her, than she will kick your ass!If you awas smart you would know they do eat eggs.Its not a baby chick, therefore its not meat. But I know TPT wouldn’t know that!

    • So Kate, stop the hate, she is a good actress and thank goodness thousands can see that and you probably wouldn’t be watching to much more GH if she did leave GH!We were hoping that would kill off BH(Liz)!

    • Oh your definitely some pathetic liason/becky stan, grow up you dont know this woman in real life to be attacking her the way you all do, general hospital is a fictional show im so sick of it every time theres an article or blog mentioning Kelly one of you comes in bashes her your disgusting!

      • Just in case comprehension is not your forte, it is Kelly Monaco’s character that is most annoying. What the hell is “today’s woman”????

        • Dummy i didnt call her Todays woman , so who lacks reading comprehension again? Try replying to the right person next time

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