Rokerthon is back, with a special Blizzard 2015 edition

The Northeast is gearing up for what sounds like it may be a truly epic snowstorm (possibly among the largest in New York City history, as an example of its potential). Needless to say, media outlets are practically drooling over the idea of covering this latest “snowpocalypse” (The Weather Channel has named the winter storm Juno, even though few other news outlets use its naming conventions). NBC News is one of the outlets gearing up for cross-plaform coverage, including a digital redux of last year’s popular “Rokerthon,” which featured Al Roker setting a Guinness World Record for the longest uninterrupted weather broadcast (34 hours).

The Blizzard 2015 special edition of Rokerthon will air online as a joint effort between and (time will be “announced shortly,” an NBC release says). As the weather story unfolds, Al Roker will provide continuous forecasts, analysis and video while interacting with the audience on social media.

Other NBC News coverage of Blizzard 2015, as described by the network:

Anne Thompson, Harry Smith, and Kate Snow will cover the emergency response in the New York City area. NBC News will embed with a police operations team in Suffolk County. Ron Allen will ride out the storm in Long Island and report on storm surge.

Miguel Almaguer and Dylan Dreyer will report from the streets of Boston as the snow piles up. Kristen Dahlgren embeds with a family in Canton, MA, as they hunker down and prepare for the storm. On the roads, Rehema Ellis will report on driving conditions in the Providence, RI area.

As the storm creates air travel problems up and down the east coast, Tom Costello will report from LaGuardia Airport in New York, with Luke Russert at Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C. John Yang reports on travel as he is en route to Maine.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman will offer important tips on emergency preparedness, including essential supplies to have in your home and car.

Coverage will continue on “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” tonight and tomorrow on “TODAY.”