Jane the Virgin Chapter 11 recap: Daddy Drama

On “Chapter Eleven” of Jane the Virgin, Jane is faced with  a life-changing decision before the baby arrives. With her assistant teaching position coming to an end, Jane gets the good news that they’re offering her a full-time position. They even offer to keep Jane’s spot for her once she returns from maternity leave. Everything seems to be going to plan with her life — until Jane meets with her father on set. He too has a surprise for Jane —he has arranged for his daughter to intern as a writer for his hit telenovela! Since Rogelio didn’t ask Jane if she wanted the opportunity in the first place, she now has to dedicate her time to both positions. Rogelio good intentions always come at the worst of times.

Jane-the-virgin-ep11-jane-rafaelJane knows that Xo doesn’t care for Rafael, but she’s determined to change her feelings towards him before the baby arrives. Jane has Rafael come over to her house for dinner with her mom and abuela, making sure to get Rafael prepared with a study guide including what things to avoid in conversations and what things he should make sure to mention. Xo tries to sneakily tell Jane in Spanish that she’s not dumb enough to fall for the study sessions, but Rafael responds to her in Spanish, saying that he agrees that she isn’t dumb enough to fall for it. Way to throw it back at her, Rafael!

Xo tells Jane that she needs to choose between the two job offers. Abuela thinks Jane should stick with teaching; Xo and Rafael surprisingly agree that Jane should follow her passion for writing and intern with the telenovela. It’s not until Rafael makes the stupid mistake of mentioning money that Xo gets upset. He tells Jane that she shouldn’t worry about money because he’ll support her. Xo definitely doesn’t want to hear a man talking to her daughter like that and things quickly turn sour. So much for winning over Xo.

On her first day at the telenovela, Jane offers some ideas to the writers on what they could add to a scene that they seemed to to love her idea. However, when Jane went to set to see her idea come to life only to be disappointed, she confronts Rogelio about making the writers lie about loving her idea. He confesses that her allegations are true, and to make it up to her. Rogelio agrees to read a scene written by Jane to let her know if she has the capability to write or not. Presented with the scene, he tells Jane that there isn’t enough drama for a telenovela

Jane-the-virgin-ep11-jane-setWondering if teaching might be a better option, Jane arrives on set to tell Rogelio her decision and is confronted by Dina, the head writer. Dina mentions to Jane that Rogelio’s assistant, Nicholas gave her Jane’s scene she had written for Rogelio and she genuinely loved it. She continues by saying that thinks Jane has some real potential in the business and Jane decides to pursue her true dreams.

After Jane tells Rogelio the great news, we see Dina and Nicholas in Dina’s office. Both seem happy that Jane is staying — but not for the same reasons Jane is. Nicholas mentions that Rogelio won’t see what’s coming and proceeds to make out with Dina. I doubt this means anything good for Rogelio and Jane, but what exactly are these two up to?

What were your thoughts on “Chapter Eleven” of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Xo and Rafael will be able to get along with each other for Jane and the baby’s sake? I’m sure things will change once the baby arrives. Do you think Jane made the right decision by staying as an intern writer for the telenovela or should she have stayed being a teacher? Clearly something bad is about to happen with the way Nicholas and Dina are discussing Jane’s decision. Since Nicholas is a desperate actor who hasn’t booked anything yet I’m sure he’ll want to take Rogelio down. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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