TLC invites you to get to know Our Little Family (video)!

If you’re a fan of the weekly dose of inspiration and sweet family fun that is TLC’s The Little Couple, the network is about to deal you a big dose of happy.

On Feb. 17, TLC will introduce America to Dan and Michelle Hamill and their three adorable blond kids, 6-year-old Jack and toddler twins Cate and CeCe, all of whom live with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism.

Dan, MIchelle, Jack, Cate and CeCe Hamill of TLC's Our Little Family.

Throughout the series, Dan and Michelle tap into their own experiences to help their kids adapt to the world around them, while celebrating the milestones and celebrations that make being a family so special. Among them — choosing a mutually agreeable theme for the girls’ third birthday, hitting up the pumpkin patch, braving the Thanksgiving turkey and taking their first vacation as a lively family of five.

Dan and Michelle also enjoy a romantic night out for their seventh anniversary, leaving Michelle’s seriously outnumbered brother to tend the tots.

Potty training and boo boos happen, too.

Our Little Family premieres Tuesday, February 17 at 10/9CT on TLC.

Photos and video: TLC

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  1. I was surprised that Michelle was upset that people were taking pictures of them when they visited Washington. Once you put your children on a show like this it opens up their lives to many people who want to take their pictures because they are excited to see them in person. 19 KIDS AND COUNTING is one show similar to this one and they seem to handle others wanting to take their pictures. It’s going to be inevitable , so I say just relax and enjoy the attention. I think your family is adorable and your children so precious.

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