TCA: To Cos or Not to Cos? That was no question.

Ryan Berenz

AMERICAN MASTERS “August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand”

There have been many good questions asked by reporters at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. There have been many so-so questions that elicited good answers. And there have been questions and answers that can only be described as “Wha?” But today, the story might be the question that no one asked.

During the PBS session for American Masters: August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand (Feb. 20), Phylicia Rashad was present to discuss the documentary about “America’s Shakespeare,” August Wilson. Informed and astute questions were asked about the documentary, but simmering underneath was Rashad’s response to the rape allegations against her Cosby Show costar Bill Cosby, and many of us expected/dreaded that someone would seize the opportunity to ask her about it or give her the opportunity to respond further. But no one did.

There was generally a sense of relief that no one threw down the gauntlet. The discussion about August Wilson’s work and legacy was engaging, and this seemed hardly the time or place to bring that subject into the mix. Part of me felt as though we collectively backed down as reporters; the other part felt pride that the TCA members showed restraint. Rashad did respond and clarified her response, and to press the issue seemed pointless.  It is the final day of the conference, and those of us remaining for the PBS sessions aren’t going to stir up shit for the sake of shit-stirring. Were we wrong?

Here are some other highlights of the panel as so eloquently composed by the TCA Twitterati:

Photo: Credit: Rahoul Ghose/PBS

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