Shameless Season 5, Episode 2: “I’m the Liver” Recap

While the season opener was a little lackluster to what some fans were anticipating, I think it was just the start of a buildup of things to come. Now that we have seen Frank get all schnockered on his contribution to mankind,  “Milk of the Gods” beer, what can possibly happen next? Well, it’s Fathers Day, things can get nutty! Of course there is your usual Shelia moaning about Sammi, but other craziness endures…

Frank IS the Liver
Frank IS the Liver

Frank & Shelia: The two lesbians canvassing the area are buying up houses and offer Shelia double her house’s value. Shelia is beyond ecstatic about the opportunity and wants to take it so her and Frank can ditch the Sammi and Chuckie situation. All Shelia blabs about is getting an RV and doing these crazy, weird roadtrips. Frank is adamant on not selling, making his beer legendary and not seeing the destruction of his hood. Meanwhile, the father of Frank’s liver donor, is looking for Frank. He and his wife would like to host a special Father’s Day dinner for all the recipients of his sons organs. Sammi keeps trying to invite herself along and takes measures into her own hands to make sure she is at that dinner.

Fiona breaks herself free from the shackles
Fiona breaks herself free from the shackles

Fiona: Now off house arrest and not wanting to wait for the probation office to open, she finds a way to jimmy it off herself, no, not Jimmy the guy. Still working real hard at getting boss-friend Sean’s attention, he  turns her down saying she is too dangerous for him, that chaos follows her and he can not get involved. Considering he almost pummeled some really large customer for lack of leaving a tip for her, we see that a realtionship between the two might not be so good. Now free to do what she wants, and feeling a little dejected, she decides to give it a whirl and wants to go see Davis’ band. After almost everyone turns her down she drags a sexy new-looking Debs with her, which can only lead to trouble.

Svetlana showing of Deb's new look
Svetlana showing of Deb’s new look

Carl & Debs: Again on that mission to see who can lose their virginity firs, they go to the public pool since chicks love guys in a wheelchair. Debs discovers that she may need to a little bit of a makeover on herself.

Kev & V: Not wanting to deal with the babies, V goes to work again at bar. Kev has a major baby bonding moment, in more ways then one, at the park with Mickey’s hooker wife Svetlana and decide to take the play date to his house. Debs then shows up all upset from her encounter at the pool and Svetlana — you know, Deb’s brother’s lover’s baby mama — gives her just what she needs; some advice and a makeover. Kev gets one too, and needless to say V is none to pleased at many of these turn of events.

Mickey trying to cool Ian down at the funeral from the gay protesters

Ian & Mickey: At a funeral for a fallen soldier, Ian goes a little ballistic over the anti-gay rally going on at the service. Mickey devises a plan for his sister Mandy to pose as a loving Christian girl to try and swoon said pastor to come to her house for a little action. Meanwhile, it’s all a setup. However, we can now really start to see the manic coming out in Ian, that boy needs help and soon!

Lip: Doing some hard-ass manual labor that is only meant for convicts and immigrants, Lip is finding maybe he should have taken up Amanda’s offer to go to Florida after all. He still tries to whimper through it and show Tommy and crew that he is a lot tougher then they thought he would be. He at one point does happen to run into Mandy while dressed as her little church girl routine and there is still that little sparkle of them caring for each other there.

Again though, no Jimmy/Steve. Whatever is on deck for him must be good — er, I sure hope it is!

Frank questioning Chuckie's mentality over the lovely Father's Day banner he made
Frank questioning Chuckie’s mentality over the lovely Father’s Day banner he made

Things might not be going as fast-paced as people want, but I still find there are always some good chuckles. There were a few scenes that just had me in stitches with Frank this week: Chuckie’s Fathers Day banner, talk of Burning Man and of course the dinner! Oh, and of course all his ramblings of gentrification coming to the hood is realized at the end, cockle doodle doo!