On the set of “Jane the Virgin” — Jane Loses Her Virginity?

Jane the Virgin cast on the CW hit's set Lori Acken

The Golden Globe-nominated show Jane the Virgin returns to television tonight with its Globe-winning star Gina Rodriguez. At a recent press event with the Television Critics Association that was held on the Jane the Virgin set, Rodriguez credited her fellow cast mates for fueling her award-winning performance: “I am nothing without my cast.”

Jane the Virgin

The entire Jane the Virgin cast attended the awards ceremony and Rodriguez was thrilled to have them celebrate with her. “To have them there with me through that experience was remarkable; to know that the show was recognized as well is remarkable and brought me so much joy,” she smiled.

She was also excited that her entire family could join her to celebrate her win.

“I was told that if I had a Golden Globe we could get into anywhere, that it was, like, Willy Wonka — the golden ticket. So my 700 relatives all came,” Rodriguez joked. “We just went to one party in the hotel, kept it super simple. I got to be with everybody.”

Rodriguez says one member of her family was especially proud — and protective. “My father was guarding the trophy with his life,” she laughed. “It’s very interesting, though, ’cause you get it and everybody goes, ‘Oh, let me touch it. Let me touch it. Can I hold it?’”

There’s no doubt the cast shares a special connection with each other. When asked how she felt about Gina’s win, Andrea Navedo — who plays Jane’s mother Xiomara on the series — couldn’t help but tear up. “It’s a dream come true,” she said, looking lovingly at Rodriguez. “She inspires me. I super-admire her so much. I tell her I want to be her when I grow up. Seriously, I do.”


Since Jane the Virgin is a new age telenovela, executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman mentioned that Spanish might be popping up more in the episodes.

Rodriguez added that she and her character are similar with the way they respond to their Spanish-speaking elders. “My grandmother spoke Spanish… but for me, I identified with my American culture.” Urman said that the show currently includes Spanish as a “tool for privacy” to keep things a secret from other characters — and she personally knows this experience, having grown up with friends who would do the same.

Justin Baldoni (Raphael) leads a tour of the Jane the Virgin set.

When asked what would happen to the show’s title when Jane finally does lose her virginity, Urman joked that they’d put a line through the word “virgin.”

However Urman was quiet when asked about giving details of this title-changing event, saying simply, “The plan is right now for Jane to have sex when she gets married. And that is — that’s her plan. That’s important to her. That’s not something that we’re going to throw away.”

Rodriguez added she doesn’t know much more information about the special situation than the fans do, but she’s enjoying the journey.

“I think it’s very interesting the idea of her being pregnant and going through this pregnancy and not having had sex — that that’s very interesting to me,” she said. “I’m very excited to see where their awesome minds go.”

New episodes of Jane the Virgin premiere Monday nights at 9/8CT on The CW.