Jane the Virgin Chapter 10 Recap: The Search for Sin Rostro

Amanda Watter

The CW’s Golden Globe-nominated dramedy  Jane the Virgin returned last night with an emotionally charged episode. Right from the beginning, I was in tears seeing a helpless Alba (Ivonne Coll) in the hospital as Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Jane (Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez) surrounded her. This reminded me of seeing my own abuela before she passed away in the hospital and brought back some tough memories.

Jane knew how important it was for Alba to use her rosary when praying, so she heads back to the hotel to search for the rosary in hopes of earning a miracle. The only problem is that there’s a massive tropical storm headed straight towards their location.

Meanwhile, Michael (Brett Dier) and Nadine’s (Azie Tesfai) search for the mysterious Sin Rostro leads them to a secret passageway they’ve just discovered under the hotel bathtub, calling in cops to help them open another secret room underground. Once the room is open, the officers are stunned at what they’ve uncovered. It’s not the secret hiding spot for drugs they were expecting, but rather some sort of surgical room.

I imagine that Sin Rostro — “The Man without a Face” — would really benefit from having this sort of room, and it doesn’t help the detectives that basically everyone in Miami has had some kind of plastic surgery done. Looks like this new discovery hasn’t made the search for Sin Rostro any easier for Michael and he accuses Rafael (Justin Baldoni) of being involved.

Rafael is put in charge of the hotel while his father goes away on a business trip. Unfortunately for Rafael, this entails managing the hotel during a tropical storm and firing 15 percent of its employees. When word gets around to the employees that jobs are at risk, Jane’s friends go to her for help  As if this isn’t enough pressure on Jane, she’s now trapped at the hotel by the storm, leaving Xo and Abuela alone at the hospital. Without the rosary.


Back at the hospital, the doctor tells Xo that they’ve discovered that Alba isn’t a legal U.S. citizen. What that means for poor Abuela is that, once the storm ends, the hospital will have to contact deportation to have Alba deported back to Venezuela to continue her treatment.

When the storm cuts off the hotel’s power, Jane winds up trapped in an elevator with Michael — in typical telenovela fashion. She tells Michael about Abuela’s accident and tells him how she can’t get back to her bedside due to the storm. Michael is nice enough to contact a cop at the hospital on the radio which allows Xo to talk to Jane. Since Xo doesn’t want the cop to find out about Abuela’s possible deportation situation, she talks to Jane in Spanish.

While my own abuela was in the hospital, my family made the mistake of assuming that security didn’t know Spanish and wasn’t listening to our conversations in the first place. In my case, it meant I could no longer visit her in the hospital because of my age.

Jane translates Xo’s heartbreaking news to Michael, who  comforts Jane with a hug and the assurance that everything will be okay. This is a cute scene but also a little awkward since they were once engaged … and Rafael opens up the elevator doors just in time to see them sitting on the floor cuddling. Jane’s lucky Rafael isn’t the jealous type.

Xo takes it upon herself to start praying to God without a rosary, making promises to Him that seem a bit too good to be true. As Xo rifles off the list of promises, Alba wakes up but keeps this from Xo in order to hear what she has to say. Alba is a huge fan of the promise Xo makes saying she’ll never let a man near her again without a ring. Finally, Alba grabs her daughter’s hand. It’s a miracle in Miami — but Alba doesn’t seem to remember the accident or who pushed her down those stairs. Petra (Yael Grobglas) and evil mother, you’ll get yours soon!

Speaking of suspicious mothers, Rafael’s step-mother Rose (Bridget Regan) did some digging on her husband after hearing him talking on the phone about moving $5 million out of his account and fleeing to his home in Croatia. Rose goes to Rafael with the information and suggests that his father might be involved in some criminal work. Then she takes it a step further and wonders if Rafael’s father might be fleeing the U.S. because he’s actually Sin Rostro. I don’t know if Mr. Solano has a penchant for plastic surgery, but it would make sense. Everyone started dying once he showed up and Rafael needs to watch out because he might pin everything on his son. This is a telenovela, after all.

Jane-the-virgin-Michael10Just as the episode is about to end, Jane finally makes it to the hospital and is able to reunite with her Abuela. Xo steps out of the room and calls Michael to thank him for stopping Alba from getting deported — turns out, once Alba woke up, the doctor told Xo that the situation was taken care of and Alba could stay. Xo knew it had to be Michael since he was the only other person that knew Alba was in the hospital, and indeed, Michael told the hospital that Alba needs to stay because she’s an eye witness to  a crime.

Still, Michael doesn’t want Xo to tell Jane what he did because she might think he did it in order to win her back. Xo sees that he acted out of his love for Jane, and Michael tells Xo that he’ll always believe that he and Jane were meant to be together, until the day he dies.

The episode ends with the narrator explaining that Michael truly believed this as long as he lived and until he drew his last breath. Oh oh. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Michael too much longer.

What were your thoughts on “Chapter Ten” of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Alba will ever remember who pushed her down the stairs or did she never get the chance to see who did it? Throughout the episode all of Jane’s friends and fellow employees kept saying Jane had changed. Do you think she’s changed in any way and how so? Clearly she has more of a maternal instinct since she’s about to have a baby but I don’t think she’s become a snob. She’s still humble and hasn’t allowed dating Rafael or having Rogelio as her dad change her mentality into a rich snotty brat. What do you think is going to happen to Michael? Is he really going to die soon or am I reading into the narrator’s words too much? Michael has been getting more and more involved in this Sin Rostro case which can’t end up being good. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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