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American Idol

American Idol? That’s the show with William Hung, right? I haven’t watched the show with any regularity for nearly 10 years. I saw 10 minutes of Idol the other night and I felt relieved that I’ve missed absolutely nothing in that span.

American Idol is a dead TV show that keeps walking somehow. It hasn’t produced a major superstar since Carrie Underwood in 2005, and it stopped being culturally relevant when Simon Cowell left. It set off a chain of events that somehow led to Clay Aiken running for public office. FOX can keep propping AI contestants up to sing the national anthem at NASCAR tracks all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t matter who wins this thing. Look at the list of Idol winners. I couldn’t pick most of them out of a two-person lineup.

Season 1 (2002): Kelly Clarkson
Season 2 (2003): Ruben Studdard
Season 3 (2004): Fantasia Barrino
Season 4 (2005): Carrie Underwood
Season 5 (2006): Taylor Hicks
Season 6 (2007): Jordin Sparks
Season 7 (2008): David Cook
Season 8 (2009): Kris Allen
Season 9 (2010): Lee DeWyze
Season 10 (2011): Scotty McCreery
Season 11 (2012): Phillip Phillips
Season 12 (2013): Candice Glover
Season 13 (2014): Caleb Johnson

The only thing keeping AI in the public consciousness is the constant tinkering with the judging panel or mentors or whatever they have now. Still, it was somewhat interesting to listen to the AI Television Critics Association panel approaching their jobs with such enthusiasm, like they’re groupies for the musicians on the Titanic.

I’ll lazily let my colleagues on Twitter share the highlights of the happenings on the panel:

Photo: Credit: Matthias Vriens-McGrath FOX. © 2014 FOX Broadcasting Co.

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